Danger Of Israeli
Presence In Iraq

By Hassan Tahsin
Arab News
In the 1940s, the British forces in Palestine made it easy for Zionist gangs to occupy Palestine. This resulted in the establishment of the racist Israeli state which evicted thousands of Palestinians from their land and turned them into refugees.
History, we must fear, is repeating itself. Iraq is in danger of the same thing happening there.
What we wonder is whether the coalition forces which invaded Iraq for no reason have opened the door to Jewish immigration into Iraq. Are they attempting to create a Jewish state in northern Iraq which is an area rich in natural resources? Is this the fulfillment of the Zionist dream to create a Jewish state from the Nile to the Euphrates? This all comes on the heels of the Israeli decision to force the remaining Palestinians off their land so as never to establish a Palestinian state and to defy all peace initiatives.
Those follow what is happening in Iraq will see that Israel has a hand in the country. Mossad, its secret service, has many operation centers both in Baghdad and in other major cities in Iraq; their job is to organize terrorist activities to guarantee that Iraq remains unstable. Mossad officials also supervise the torture of Iraqi prisoners since they gained so much experience torturing their Palestinian prisoners.
This information comes not from Arab sources but from American ones backed up by documents. An Israeli presence in Iraq is unjustified. Israel worked hard to escalate problems between Iraq and America. The main target was not to get rid of Saddam. The coalition forces could have finished Saddam off if they had wanted to after the war to liberate Kuwait. They did not, however, choosing to keep Saddam in power and use him as an excuse to stay in the region. The principal reason for the latest invasion of Iraq was to destroy the army and divide the country into a number of small states. This tragic situation is a veritable invitation to Israel to come in and use it to achieve their own dreams.
Because invading Iraq was primarily beneficial to Israel, the Jewish state played an important role by maintaining a presence in the decision-making institutions of the West, particularly the United States, until the invasion. Seymour Hersh in an article in The New York Times on 21 June wrote: There is a heavy Israeli presence in Kurdistan which aims to build a strong regional Kurdish military able to balance the growing Iranian influence in Iraq and also to balance the Sunni Baath militia in the country. The Kurds will also be used to carry out operations in Syria and Iran in order to destabilize the situation further. This is all part of preparations to establish an independent Kurdish state including all the Kurds in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey.
Once this has happened, the way for Israeli control of Iraq will be clear; the Israelis will be ready to make war and call it the "Second Liberation War " with the first being the war they waged as they took over Palestinian land. Israeli penetration in Iraq should raise a warning of the tragedy of Palestine being repeated; this would be unacceptable for all. It is a threat to international peace and raises the level of danger considerably. Israel itself is the real threat to international peace.
Ms. Jean Isachenko,



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