Embedded Code Broken?
Next 911 On September 27?

From Eric May
Illuminati Warning After Publication Of '911 Code'?
From Eric May
Welcome to my world, Ghost Troop. Please read and enjoy the kindest death-threat (or was it just a friendly warning?) that I've received yet! I guess this is a ghostly treat after we spent the weekend spooking the War Cabal by busting up their code -- and it serves the bastards right!
To Kucinich staffer Gail Heyn (inter alios):
Ma'am, thanks for your prompt reply. We have been circulating this Ghost Troop analysis/prediction based on the embedded code over the weekend, and by now it has reached a million. Please give this matter utmost emphasis. The War Cabal cannot continue with its emergency empowerment activities if the analysis of the code (rather simple, actually) gets out -- and by now it has gotten out.
Beneath the corrected version of the analysis/prediction is a copy of email showing that Ghost Troop's early cryptoanalysis was the reason the FBI had to put up a Gulf Coast terror alert on March 25, 2004 -- and their complicity in covering up what happened (within 24 hours of the Ghost Troop time prediction; within 30 miles of the Ghost Troop location prediction) makes them complicit in the terror/fear operation, which is nothing more or less than Operation Northwoods, the 1962 fake-terror operation plan put to Kennedy by the Joint Chiefs (cited below). Regards, Capt. May, MI, USA
GHOST TROOP, all-important that you forward to all contacts, worldwide!
The email extract below was written by Army Intelligence officer, Captain Eric H. May, on a mission of conscience, in obedience to his oath to defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The recipients are expert members or associates of Ghost Troop, a group of former military and concerned citizens who have been successfully picking apart flaws in the cover-up of 911 and the Middle Eastern War since April 5, 2003. Indeed, before founding Ghost Troop, Capt. May began working on the prospect of an attack on the Houston Petrochemical area six months before the FBI put out its summer, 2003 warnings, by publishing an op-ed analysis of the attack scenario in the Houston Chronicle, Feb. 23, 2003. (it is one of five Houston Chronicle war essays by Capt. May at
Since his initial analysis of the prospects of a Houston/Pasadena strike, Capt. May has worked extensively in many areas military intelligence and media analysis, but Ghost Troop only returned to Houston/Pasadena target analysis after the Madrid bombings of 3/11/2004. They were very interested in the numeric oddity that there were 911 days between 911/2001 and 311/2004 ñ and that the media were not reporting it. It was at this point that Capt. May changed his view of the 911 event, which he had previously believe to be a foreign terror event, and came to believe that it was a staged event, under orders by the Bush White House, intended to start the war in Iraq (and the Middle East at large). This was, after all, the goal that Bush and the Neocons had the day they came to office ñ but simply had no excuse to enact. For confirmation of this view, refer to the same site of his five war essays, and read his July 8, 2003 op-ed, in which he quotes General Wesley Clark's comments, who expressed the same view on CNN Crossfire, June 25, 2003. For an example of the US Government's willingness to do this in the past (1962, vs. Cuba), refer to the ABC News report on Operation Northwoods
Using basic numerological ciphering techniques, Capt. May and his associates, Ghost Troop (you can find them under the search phrase, Ghost Troop) alerted the FBI, Homeland Security Agency and many Houston-area police departments that there would be a terror event against a Houston-area petrochemical target on 3/31/2004. After four conversations with three FBI agents, Ghost Troop was threatened with prosecution if it did not desist from its predictions. In response, Capt. May called several Houston-area media outlets, most importantly news radio station KTRH, which in turn called the National FBI. At this point the FBI issued a warning, carried in national media, on 3/25/2004 They changed the Ghost Troop prediction by saying that there were "unspecified, uncorroborated, foreign reports" that Al-Qaeda was intending a refinery strike to interrupt the US elections, just as they had done in Madrid on 311.
The strike, contrived by the Bush White House, occurred in Texas City (30 miles from Houston) on 3/30/2004; the Capt. May/Ghost Troop prediction had been accurate to within one day. Although the FBI assured worried Americans that the event was not intentional, the world oil markets believed Capt. May and Ghost Troop, and gasoline futures reached their highest level in history the next day. The news of a terror strike (and its prediction) became a major point of anxiety in the annual OPEC conference, according to Forbes Magazine The international markets clearly thought the FBI story was a lie ñ and it was.
In an August 16 email (below) Capt. May explains to Ghost Troop why they were off-date by twenty-four hours in the email extract below, and makes a frightening prediction that the next 911 will occur on 9/27/2004 ñ the 1111th day after 911, and completely in keeping with the methodology of the time-schedule of the makers of 911 itself, and 311 in Madrid. Please forward this email, with its analysis of the embedded code and its prediction of a 9/27 staged terror event, to all friends and family, and to all local police agencies and fire departments. The more people who are aware of the methodology of the faked terror events there are, the less able the Bush White House will be to carry them out.
From: Eric May To: Neworld Order , CC:, John Spooner ,, Thomas Buyea , Adelaide Institute ,,,,,,, RADICAL PRESS Subject: Cryptoanalysis the next Al-CIA-Duh strike against the US Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 21:05:51 -0700 (PDT)
We're either closer to a geopolitical adjustment (i.e., reducing our (sinking) Middle Eastern footprint), or just that much closer to 911 (the sequel), which I've been predicting as 9/27 (i.e., 9/9, i.e., 9=9=18; i.e., 1=8 = 9). Again, 9/27 will be the 1111st day since 911 (which was 11 years from the announcement of the New World Order by King George XLI).
I'm hoping and praying that the folks who were scared of the War Conspiracy are more scared of the War Catastrophe nowadays -- but I'm not betting on it. Believe me, Boy George (King George XLIII) has a hard-on for the numerics of September 27, 2004.
Now to the matters numeric for y'all to chew on. First, a rundown on the "elevens":
3/11 (2004): Madrid Al-CIA-Duh bombings, intended to send Spain to the right but achieving the opposite effect.
5/11 (2004): Beheading of Nick Berg (manifestly bogus and post-dated to achieve the date) by Al-CIA-Duh.
7/11 (2004): End of seven-year term (initiated 7/11/97 of George Tenet (not his real name, but the name in Latin means "George Holds/Controls"). Also the Sunday on which the two parties announced on Sunday morning networks shows that Al-CIA-Duh was preparing another strike, "most likely before or after the elections, as the did in Madrid."
8/11 (2004): CIA releases information that the next Al-CIA-Duh attack will entail "political assassinations." This is the Bush Boyz way of threatening the many politicians, military and media who have become aware of the Al-CIA-Duh hoax. "If you tell, we'll kill you and say it was Arab Terrorist!" is the gist of the 8/11 release.
9/11: The granddaddy number: 9/11, 1991 is the day King George XLI announced the New World Order, as we were preparing to attack Iraq in Kuwait (whither we had enticed them by promising that little prize for service rendered on behalf of Uncle Sam when Iraq fought a war against Iran -- yep, it was a set-up, just like Saddam said). ELEVEN years later -- to the day -- it is the day of the domestic facet of the NWO. Nowadays all the media whores delight in saying "the post-911 world/reality" (meaning the police state/paranoid reality, requiring that the US dominate the world just to be safe in the world).
Bonus date: 6/11 (2004) when they buried Ronnie Reagan and Bush made his cryptic "western star rising" eulogy -- 1002 days after 911. The numbers were beautiful on that one: 911/2001, with the 911 "flipping" to 611 while 2001 (the year) reversed to 1002 (the ordinal since 911). In summary, 911/2001 = 611/1002; that one took real manipulation, boyz, and I'm sure Ronnie wasn't present in mind when the SS (as in Secret Service) physicians and agents terminated his term of years in time for the event to take place. He was an actor to the end, after, all, and his last act was to lie in state so that the New World Order could have it's black mass of a funeral -- a rallying signal for the last phase.
Oh, and a last things: I know now why the Texas City petrochemical explosion/fire took place on March 30 (2004), and must now admit that I was off by a day in my 3/31 prediction: 3/30 is the only day in the year with the supreme cult number (of the Masons, inter alios) of 33 (11x3). It is, incidentally, also the date in 1981 when Bush buddy Hinkley tried to kill Ronnie Reagan -- as a Hinkley family member had dinner with Neal Bush -- whose marriage date was two or three years before on..., you guessed it, 3/30. I've got a feeling that Neal is heavy into the crime and assassinations end of the family biz, y'all...
OK, XO, Top, y'all can broadcast it as far and wide as you want -- all to support my prediction that we're headed for 911, part 2 on 9/27 or 11/11, depending on whether the Bones Boyz want to bother with the election (in which case they'll wait to see which King wins the contest) and make their move on 11/11. If they've brokered a deal, dependent on a crisis before the election (and I'm leaning that way in my prediction), then they'll go with 9/27. That date is fresher, anyhow, and has a lot more numerological subtlety in it.
POSTSCRIPT: Two days after this email extract, there was an "unexplainable" event involving a petrochemical explosion, with a 1,000-foot pillar of fire, at Moss Bluff, Texas. Moss Bluff, like Texas City, is around 30 miles from Houston, Texas. In Capt. May/Ghost Troop analysis, the significance of this event was to give the final signal for the follow-up to the foiled 3/30 event in Texas City. The date of the Moss Bluff "pillar of fire" was 8/19; 8+1=9, therefore 9/9; and 9+9 = 18; 1+8 = 9, one of the 911 "signature numbers, along with 11. (Hyperlink to the event news: The Moss Bluff explosion started out on 8/19, and was then "amplified" the next day until it reached its full 1,000 pillar of fire climax.
These numbers are the signature of the embedded code. Any Mason will be able to identify the Illuminatist numerology. IMPORTANT: Just as 3/30, the date of the Texas City event, was 930 days from 911 (9+3=12, the number of completion or perfection to Masons), the 8/19 Moss Bluff event is 39 (93(0) reversed) from the target date of 9/27, the 1111th day in the 911 sequence. Texas City is approximately 30 miles southeast of Houston/Pasadena; Moss Bluff is approximately 30 miles northeast of Houston/Pasadena; the next strike, 9/27, will be in Houston/Pasadena. Just as the media struck itself in New York to be able to deny the 911 event, and Washington, D.C., struck itself to be able to do the same, George W. Bush will strike his adopted hometown to remove suspicion of the event from himself. I predict casualties in the tens to hundreds of thousands, and an immediate willingness of the US public to stop investigating Bush and follow his insane plan to initiate the Third World War.
What to do?
Please forward this email to all, or print and mail it to people with whom you don't communicate via email. Remember, once the secret of the embedded code is out, the war conspiracy collapses. If they had the power to effect their plans without stealth, outright, they wouldn't be using the code in the first place!
Down with the traitor and tyrant Bush! Long live the United States of America!
Captain Eric H. May, MI, USA
Commander, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercavalry+
Mission of Conscience
Dear GTBuyea, here's the initial prediction, which set the national alert going when I delivered it to KTRH radio (News, Clear Channel, Houston) on March 24, 2004. As you'll note from the list of four citations (three on the 3/30 strike on Texas City; one about the Moss Bluff (8/19) strike starting the "countdown" to 9/27 (the 1111th day since 911), my email preceeds the national alert by a day. 'Nuff said? CPTMAY
I reattach the four reference articles; the email confirming Ghost Troop's initiation of the alert (and the FBI's lie to cover it up) is below:
My March warning to FBI:
Forbes on Texas City British Petroleum Refinery:
Another story about 18-year high in gas prices the day after the Texas City refinery explosion: (gives FBI public affairs person & misinformation)
Moss Bluff explosion
Channel 11 (8/19):
Eric May wrote:
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 11:42:32 -0800 (PST)
From: Eric May
Subject: ALERT: 3/31 Al Qaida attack: Houston, Texas by CPTMAY/G TP, 3/7 CAV+Cyber
Yo y'all, I know it's a grim headline, but I've been predicting a strike against Houston on March 31, 2004 since the 311 bombings -- and have been in constant communications with various police, media, civic organizations. They are all responding in classic bureaucratic fashion: Everyone is covering his ass or following orders to cover the institution's ass. All my principle contacts are going crazy since the film Independence Day aired on Fox Network yesterday, because we've been studying the theory that the film was used as a study of an empowerment scenario, embedded media and genocidal war. It also contains a strike against Houston by a "fighter pilot" president.
Back in early March a Pasadena Police Sergeant was asking me to give him a specific target for my predicted strike against the Houston/Pasadena petrochemicals district. The first thing to leap into my mind was "the San Jacinto Monument," our Texas version of the Washington Memorial. The sarge whistled under his breath and asked me if I was a Mason, and when I said no he simply said: "There's a lot of cult stuff built into the San Jacinto Monument -- I wish you hadn't said that."
On 311 "Al Qaeda Terrror" blew up the Madrid bombings. Within a day Fox Network was saying that "Al Qaeda Terror" had announced that it was 90% ready for a "Black Wind of Death" attack on the United States. (This was exactly the type of attack mentioned in my Houston Chronicle op-ed about a Houston Refinery District attack.
On 321 "Al Qaeda Terror" vowed revenge for the "targeted killing" of Sheik Yassin, and within a day (322) Fox Network had explained that "Al Qaeda Terror" has a suitcase nuke that it got from Russia -- a plausible enough scenario (supposed to be), and was vowing revenge against the United States.
On 331 "Al Qaeda Terror" will place a suitcase nuke in the Refinery District, and it won't matter if it's placed near to the San Jacinto Monument, because when the Refinery District goes up like an atomic fireball the monument will be vaporized along with everything else within miles.
Watch Independence Day, the movie we of Ghost Troop have been cracking as part of the EMBEDDED MEDIA. Before ten minutes you'll be as frightened as the gentlemen below -- on of whom is a Marine Officer, the other of whom is an Army Officer. Y'all think it's for real yet, boyz and girlz??? Yo, -- you think this is getting to be URGENT and CRITICAL yet, boy? LOL, what the hell -- be a good Christian by fighting the infowar to inform the public, y'all! I'm getting a little tired of all the "can't do a thing" attitude of the sheep -- weren't y'all trained to be rams?
Last thing, apropos of the pending attack on Houston/Pasadena: The movie "The Alamo" is being marketed already as how "a few had to die so that all could live free." The movie involves the Texan defeat of the Mexicans at San Jacinto Battleground, where they hollered "Remember the Alamo!" It was a slaughter, by the by -- a complete massacre of the Mexicans, who were clubbed to death in the shallow waters that surround the place -- I know it well, since I worked out there for years and in fact married Mrs. May there. Who'd have thought that things would come to this... Well, the movie will be released in April, just in time to push the public into a war of revenge against the "Al Qaida Terror" that did this to Houston at San Jacinto!
I can hear the trailers working up after it all goes down...
"Remember Houston! Remember San Jacinto! Remember the Alamo!"
...which all together add up to one summary:
By the way, what you're saying and I'm saying is what Alex Jones and other folks playing the scenario through were saying up in the March 20 protest against the war in Crawford. They mentioned the Illuminati, too. Y'all have all made a believer out of me.
PS: I've place the op-ed of Houston "Black Wind of Death" attack -- from over a year ago -- above the two letters.
February 23, 2003 Don't laugh at duct tape; it saves lives
Houston Chronicle Outlook, February 23, 2003
As we poise to attack Iraq, our military leaders worry that our forces will have to survive and function on the "dirty battlefield" of chemical and biological contaminants. They are preparing for that worst-case scenario, which is the best thing to do. Here at home, on the other hand, I'm afraid that too many of us are expecting the best-case scenario ñ that we will be untouched by the war - which is the worst thing to do. We are negligent in our civil defense.
Take the duct tape squabble as an example. Earlier this month, the Bush administration heightened the nation's alert status, and gave the specific advice that citizens have emergency supplies, including duct tape and plastic sheeting, in the event of possible chemical or biological attacks on American soil. Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, more concerned with the war for the presidency in 2004 than the war for Iraq in 2003, mocked the administration's ineptitude, saying that it would have to do better than duct tape to protect the American people.
Daschle is wrong. One of the first tricks of survival in a contaminated environment is to seal up a room with duct tape and plastic, breathing the ample inside air until any wind-borne toxins outside have dissipated.
Dismissing Daschle's argument, I went down to a local hardware store to get supplies a few days ago, only to learn that he had already influenced many shoppers. Duct tape and plastic sheets in hand, I asked the checkout clerk fomr the back of the line how many people were stocking up on the items. "Not many," she replied, "duct tape won't work." I explained to her why duct tape would work. To most of the shoppers in earshot, this seemed to be welcome news, and several of them went back to the shelves for supplies. The hardware store made a handful of dollars in profit, and a handful of people made purchases that could save their lives.
Now is the time for all wise people to come to the aid ofÖ themselves. Civil defense, like all forms of self-defense, is an unpleasant concept. It demands that we accept our own stated reason for going to war: There are evil people in the world who hate and seek to harm us with weapons of mass destruction. We are in a war with terrorists ñ and terrorists are in a war with us. Not just with our service personnel, intelligence agencies and police forces; not just with citizens of our political and financial capitals, but with all of us. Terrorists deal in terrifying deeds. The know that a thousand civilian casualties in America are more devastating to the nation's morale than a thousand U.S. military casualties in Iraq, and may well be easier to inflict.
The Houston area is unquestionably among the top homeland targets for agents of evil. Consider:
We're the nation's fourth most populous city.
We're the home of the Johnson Space Center.
We are the declared home town of the Bush family.
We have the nation's largest chemical district.
Our climate enhances the lethality of a chemical attack.
When I was a general staff officer we routinely envisioned worst-case scenarios to test our preparedness. Let's use one for ourselves:
Early one morning there is a massive explosion in the chemical district along our ship channel. Lethal gases, similar to the ones released in the catastrophe of Bhopal, India, erupt into the atmosphere. An early morning inversion temperature gradient ñ our climatic norm ñ keeps the toxic cloud on the ground, while gentle southeasterly breezes ñ again, our norm ñ blow it northwest inside Loop 610, where our population is most dense. It may reach beyond that. In any case, the toxins would not dissipate until the afternoon, when our atmospheric conditions usually cause ground pollution to rise.
If anyone thinks that my scenario may give the bad guys ideas they haven't already thought of, think again. Terrorists like the ones who simultaneously hijacked four planes and turned them into missiles are smart enough to think of blowing up toxic factories in populous areas. They are constantly thinking of the bad things they can do to us ñ and we'd better start thinking about them ourselves.
May, a Houston-based writer, is a former Army Chemical Corps instructor of nuclear, biological and chemical warfare.
Reader Reply:
Re: Eric May 's Feb. 23 Outlook article, "A Dangerous Truth / Don't laugh at duct tape; it saves lives": May should throw out the fear propaganda. Any elected government official who promotes fear ought to be voted out of office immediately. Americans should fear nothing except the tyranny taking place in our government.
John Leonard,
Houston wrote:
Will this issue be discussed in today's debate, coming up in minutes?
From Artist
Check out the other Hollinger board members ( ALSO on 911 commission etc).
Are you aware that Henry Kissinger is a 33rd degree Mason?
He was also on the board of Lord Black's Chicago Sun-Times. Check out the other board members( on 911 commission etc).
From Ted Twietmeyer
You might recall I've also written about the "code" of 9-11 before, including a list of the 80 different "11" type days in this year alone. We are now coming down to the wire. All the numbers must "add up" to get 11. Therefore, Sept. 27 isn't likely based on more than 80 previous 11-type events.
The code simply consists of adding up the two digits of the day of the month AND the number of the month, to have a total 11. For example, 3/17 was when the war on Iraq was declared by Bush. Typically at least two or more such days exist each month. This is in addition is of course, to the actual 11th day of the month, too.
For Sept. the "11" days are: 9/2 (Thursday) , 9/11* (Saturday) and 9/20 (Monday)
For Oct. the "11" days are : 10/1 (Friday), 10/11 (Monday) and 10/19 (Tuesday)
For Nov. the "11" days are: 11/9 (Friday), 11/11 (Thursday), 11/18 (Thursday) and 11/27* (Saturday)
* Most likely they will only select a SCHOOL DAY to perform the next attack and declare condition red. I would count anything on that.
It would be prudent to be cautious about any of these days that are connected with 11. The govt. will separate the children from the parents by shipping them to camps (using FEMA school lockdown rules.) You'll also recall that school was also in session on 9-11, too.
Further, to cancel elections the next attack must take place before election day. Therefore, it is logical to assume the next attack will be between now and the end of October.
Ted Twietmeyer




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