Circular Politics - How Left
Became Right

By Ted Twietmeyer
The circular disease extends even beyond politics into every aspect of everyday life, as we shall see.
Many of us recall when we were younger how political views worked. Today liberals are as reactionary as their conservative counterparts, more accurately called "neocons" because of their cheap imitation of conservatism. The dictator that runs America today, is the epitome of neo-conservatism. His massive debt took skill, cunning and daring. But he is no different than those that do base jumping...sooner or later, the parachute doesn't open.
There have been attempts to define circular political structure, such as a book called The Circular Structure of Power: Politics, Identity, Community. A link to a scathing review of this book has been written on this book. [1] Also, a film was made called "The Last Supper" (not related to the real Last Supper 2,000 years ago) that also attempted to illustrate it. There is an unkind review of this yawner. [2]
And it doesn't stop there - A planning lesson for teachers from Bonn, Germany in 1994 taught that circular politics was preferred over a linear one. [3] One must ask, "what are they teaching the teachers now ?" Do we dare ask ? More globalist thinking ?
I have first hand evidence globalist brainwashing is taking place in elementary schools now. It has already been done to my grandchildren. Not long ago, my daughter would smile when I was on the globalist subject and its subversion in schools. I pointed out the GLOBES the children colored displayed in open house. ALL 35 OF THEM WERE COLORED TO MATCH THE US WORLD NORTHCOM MAP. After her "discussion" with the principal listening to him uttering UN-trash-talk about how good globalism is, how our grandson must be a "global student" (direct quote) her entire opinion has changed. Independent thinking is outright discouraged.
Thinking in groups IS now the order of the day. This is what "no child left behind" is - the children can't fail because now they are actually taught exactly like this: "There is no such thing as a wrong answer. Some answers are more correct than others." Something like a hive mentality is being fostered. I can see a record number of failed space missions on the horizon, too. Spacecraft trajectory calculations won't be "wrong" - just not as correct as they should be. What's a few billion dollars and a few lives ? Again, wrong becomes right.
In the past century, America generally consisted of:
1. "Right-wingers" - people who were often viewed as hard core Constitutionalists, patriots and defended liberty. These people were sometimes associated with the administration.
2. "Average American" - a typical law abiding, God-fearing American. These are people who never missed the nightly network
news, and solemnly and religiously believed that "if it's on TV, then it must be true or they can't air it."
3. "Left-wingers" - those who often were considered communists, socialists or those who were sometimes branded with this label simply because they disagreed with mainstream thinking. Hippies and others like them, which refused to subscribe to the "system" were automatically classified in this category.
If one envisions the classic number line from math, the left wingers are at the extreme left end. Average Americans hovered around the center (or zero) mark back then. Right wingers were at the extreme right end of the line. But this has radically changed. We are now told (to directly quote the dictator) that "war is peace." It's quite difficult to imagine how such thinking can make any sense. That is, until we examine what the average mentality of Americans has both voluntarily and involuntarily morphed into since 2001. The stage for line bending was set long before that year.
If the history of America were a project chart, 2001 would certainly be considered a milestone year. The end game has always been a police state, and may always be such. This will be far more advanced than the dark, dingy mundane existence as described by Orwell. If you watch television (note the keyword here - "watch") then you have already been manipulated toward the circular paradigm, and you didn't even know it. Like Oceana in the book/movie 1984, conformity is mandatory to control the masses.
Today so-called "style" and "fashion" are in reality, another form of mind control, but few will agree with that. Fashion is only a higher-power, more sophisticated version of "fitting in and acceptance" which we all went through in grade school. 'Reality' shows like "Cops" and other so-called 'law enforcement' programs, are aired to get you to accept uniformed door kickers and learn that being slammed on the ground for a simple traffic infraction is a good thing. Few people noticed the change from 'peace officers' to 'law enforcement', with emphasis on the word 'enforcement.'
Law takes a back seat when the clubs, mace, green lasers, sticky foam, stun guns, pry bars, night sticks and battering rams and other toys come out. The 'law enforcement' officers get a sudden case of amnesia. Yet we never hear about the dashboard cameras that suddenly for some unexpected reason, malfunction at just the right time.
To create a new police state the popular, perceived and established paradigm of life must be changed. All must be made to believe that the government is here to protect us from an artificial threat that they created (for our own good of course.) This is a good example of social engineering. Changes to society are done incrementally by the social engineers to protect them from public exposure, and the subsequent wrath which would follow. Problem - reaction - solution, an effective conditioning method for the masses has been used for decades. It certainly did not begin in Sept. 2001.
With regard to that year, there is no mistaking the artificial terror threat (read "problem.") It was on that terrible date three years ago that social engineering took a jump forward. Just one small part of the economic "fallout" from that year, are people being laid off at an alarming rate. No longer like days long past where one could think "when the economy comes back I'll get my job back." Today, when people are laid off they KNOW their job is gone forever. Jobs have always been a keystone to economic recovery. Without jobs, how will goods be purchased - even if they are all made in China ? One facet of the game is to return America to an agrarian society.
For the NWO to move forward, people must also have their mindset changed to joyfully accept the government-controls-all philosophy. Remember the "Leave It To Beaver" series ? Mom worked at home and was a homemaker. Tell someone today your wife is a homemaker, and they look at you strange and some even laugh. But these same people will boast about how many times they have been married with pride, and wear it like a badge of honor. Damaged lives from divorces ? For some, that is always someone else's problem - not theirs.
Social engineering has permeated every facet of our society. Today people emulate Satan, drink blood like fictional vampires, and dress the part of evil. Forty years ago this behavior in public was unheard of, and doing so would land you in a straight jacket in a padded room or perhaps get high pressure water hose "therapy." Now this type of human behavior is considered normal. People believe evil is good, witchcraft movies are fashionable and good for children, to believe in God is foolish, marriages should not be expected to last, children should not be told to go outside and play, and video games are a healthy part of growing up. This shows what just a few decades of well crafted social engineering can do.
We know that society has now been twisted into wrong ideals, immorality and often sick beliefs and attitudes. These are now considered as "correct and modern thinking". To those that think I'm wrong they should consider this: if society always thought this way, then the computer you are reading this on would not exist. It took millions of hours, inspiration, creativity, and many different disciplines to create the technology that built your computer. And also all of the incremental advances in human history, even the vacuum tube. If immorality, foolish behavior and lack of self discipline were practiced by everyone - then who would care enough to design and manufacture the computer your are reading this on ? So we see circular thinking has taken place in society's moral values, where wrong beliefs are now considered as correct.
This leads us back in a circle (pun intended) to the topic at hand - "circular politics." Today's politics are not an unplanned consequence of the NWO social engineering effort, but are instead a required step toward creating a one-world government. We have seen leaders in the highest levels of government speak frequently in say-nothing press conferences, to convince Americans (and the remainder of the world) to believe that which is wrong is right, and that which is right is wrong.
We have had Rumsfeld ramble on with his double-talk speech, that begins with "there knowns, and there are unknowns, and there are known unknowns..." Circular politics are work.
Numerous speeches were a lame and unconvincing attempt to make the world believe in WMDs that don't even exist, just to send more than 1,000 of our finest young men and women to their deaths. This is an act of kindness and love toward American citizens ? The sound of Geiger Counters clicking and reading off the scale in Iraq, can be heard around the world in hospitals where former soldiers are dying from different forms of cancer.
Already we have seen the large number of freedoms and liberties are already stolen right out from under us, which never would have been considered acceptable prior to 2001. Even though only a small fraction of Americans are speaking out and educating others, we can now clearly see how the perceived "right" has now completely curved 180 degrees around to meet the "left."
The classic political number line has now been replaced by a circle, and both are extreme in their attitudes. When the administration speaks of left wing radicals and extremists - the pot is calling the kettle black. Absolute power does indeed corrupt absolutely, as we have seen. This does not mean the patriot movement is in agreement with the administration. In fact, the REAL patriot movement is diametrically opposed to almost all of the administration's policies due to conflicts with procedural laws, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. There are fake movements out there, that claim to want freedom but instead, subscribe to tyranny. The NRA is a classic example of an organization that sold out long ago to gun control. Money buys moral values..
Unlike the old political number line on a piece of paper which has starting and ending points, the new circle has no beginning and has no end. Just enter the ring anywhere - you might get confused but you won't get lost. Democrats and Republicans have no real differences with each another anymore. The proof is in comparing their track record against. their so-called "platforms" where bold and big promises are made to the masses, and rarely kept. Few people that vote ever do this, and they better start. To believe differences exist between the two parties, is to subscribe to the grand illusion.
Again, few Americans have noticed that everything which we always considered "wrong" is now boldly proclaimed by the dictator as "right." As a whole, the American people should be ashamed of what has happened to our once great and highly respected country - but they are not. Football, baseball, beer, a pickup truck, remodeling their kitchen, getting a new car and keeping up with the Jones and the like, seem to be all they care about. I've often wondered if there is a stamping machine somewhere, cranking out these people at the rate of about 100 per second. Around the circular ring they go, oblivious to everything. And if you try to talk to them ? They don't want to hear it at all.
But you can bet that unemployed neighbor of yours is wide awake, and he will listen. Money buys deafness, too.
There are scientists that study the human anatomy and how it works. When cornered and asked in absolute privacy, some of these will admit they have a belief in a "higher being." I know, because I've done this and personally heard such an admission. They have admitted this when they see the fantastic, highly detailed organization of the human body. They can no longer believe in the Darwinian slime pool theory. Perhaps it is true that this really is a war against evil - a terrible penetrating evil that has invaded every aspect of society. The circular administration better remember who is up there and who is really in charge. And, the day will come for them to answer for their killings and evil deeds against all people of the world. Scull and bones won't be able to do one thing at all to save themselves from this.
More people are waking up to the truth of social engineering and police state control every day. It doesn't always require being laid off to open one's eyes.
But is it too late ? No, because it's better to have tried and failed, than to never have tried at all. There is nothing whatsoever to lose, and everything to gain.
Ted Twietmeyer
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[3] A planning lesson for teachers in 1994 taught that circular politics was preferred over a linear one



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