Overthrow of the American
Republic - Part 62
Buying & Selling Elections

By Sherman H. Skolnick
History is a war-game. Played out, it is, on a field so vast, so intricate, that only independent score-keepers, in their bunkers of the media underground, really know what has transpired, what is happening, and what is about to unfold.
Some nations are the loudest in proclaiming that their elections and selections for high office are pure and honorable, when, too often, they are the most dirty. A few examples from the secretive score-cards.
Swept into office by what became the worst Depression in U.S. history, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt knew that to save those of the ultra-rich, like himself and his family, he had to somehow subdue the angers of the unemployed, the farm and residential property foreclosed, and the hungry. His family fortunes were at least two-fold. First, from the proceeds jointly with the railroad robber barons of the 19th Century into the 20th Century. Secondly, from his mother's family, Delano, and their interlinking to the British Monarchy and massive dope trafficking through the Orient. Such as through the British royals and their Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank.
FDR was the greatest Counter-Revolutionary in the history of the West. By emergency ordering the 1933 Bank Holiday, he destroyed local community banks across the nation while saving the hindquarter of the Rockefellers, the Mellons, the Marshall Fields, the British Monarchy and Vatican Treasury bankers the French Rothschilds, the pro-British House of J.P. Morgan, and others of the Ultra-Rich.
With the vast number of immigrants in the U.S. through the influx in the 1920s, FDR made them supposedly satisfied to be in America, even to sleep under bridges when it rains.
FDR felt certain to gain a second term in 1936. But a positive virus of populism was sweeping the nation. Promoted it was by the drum major of "Share The Wealth", and "Every Man A King" U.S. Senator Huey P. Long, known as "Kingfish" (D., La.)The movement was overtaking Roosevelt's giving out bags of flour to the famished and promises of better times.[By 1941, after a decade of Depression, prior to U.S. entry into war, by way of the prior knowledge of the Roosevelt White House of the Pearl Harbor attack, the U.S. enemployment remained a troublesome 14 per cent.]
In 1935, FDR had Huey Long shot to pieces, barely surviving. Like other political assassinations in U.S. history, unlike in Europe, it was falsely blamed on a known malcontent. Apparently corrupted doctors finished off the "Kingfish" in the hospital. [Similar it was to the murder of U.S. General George Patton. At the end of World War Two, Patton was rabidly anti-Soviet. Victim of a staged traffic accident, he was snuffed out, like Huey Long, in the hospital by doctor-conspirators. Many of the books about "Kingfish" mention FDR but conveniently censor and sidestep the role of FDR in the assassination of Huey P. Long.]
In 1960, the Democrat Party Convention was in Los Angeles. John F. Kennedy was a realist. He knew that in a contest, Convention delegates had to be paid. Brother Bobby was in charge of "The Boiler Room Women". They had color coded cards indicating how the various delegates could be bought. With hookers, with cash, with guarantees of jobs in the new Adminstration.
Obstructing the schemes of their father, Joseph P. Kennedy, was Lyndon B. Johnson who wanted to be slated as the Vice President candidate. The Kennedys did not trust him. He summoned them to his hotel room. If he is not made the v.p. candidate, he said, he was going public with the specifics of the Kennedy Family and their Nazi connections.
[See, for example, "The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben" by Joseph Borkin. The day before JFK was assassinated, LBJ told his mistress that "after tomorrow, that bastard Kennedy was not going to insult me anymore". See, "Overthrow", Part 42. By 1969, JFK and Bobby Kennedy having been assassinated, and in 1964, brother Teddy having been a survivor, thereafter with a backbrace, of a sabotaged plane crash---Teddy was framed for the drowning, in Teddy's car falling into the drink, of one of "The Boiler Room Women", Mary Jo Kopecne, at Chappaquiddick. ]
The 1960 Election JFK versus Richard M. Nixon hung on the essential Electoral College vote of Illinois. Old Man Kennedy, through Chicago mobsters and Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley, arranged eight thousand fake paper ballots. JFK became the national "winner".
After the 1063 assassination of President Kennedy, every occupant and tne resident of the Oval Office thereafter was part of the cover-up.
LBJ as mentioned, And that followed by Nixon who met with the murder-conspirators, prior to the bloody deed, at the mansion of a Texas oil tycoon. As President, Nixon was replaced, without an election upon his resignation in 1974, by Gerald Ford, who earlier had been a member of the Warren Commission proclaiming a "lone assassin" killed JFK. Ford's unelected but appointed Vice President was Nelson A. Rockefeller, who had been confronted by JFK's plan, scrapped by his murder, of issuing genuine U.S. paper money, not Federal Reserve Notes. Jimmy Carter continued the whitewash.
As California Governor Ronald W. Reagan refused to permit the extradiction of a key witness to the JFK Aassaintion probe in New Orleans by District Attorney Jim Garrison. Reagan's Vice President, Daddy Bush, was implicated in the JFK murder cover up. [See FBI George H.W. Bush document, attached to series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush", ]
The Big Fix in the year 2000 Presidential alleged "Election" was patterned, almost identically, to the corrupted election of 1876. The book "1876" by Gore Vidal was re-issued in paperback in the Spring of 2000.
In 1876, Samuel Tilden won the popular vote. The Electoral Vote was corrupted by way of the FLORIDA Election Board officials along with the corrupting of the high court in Washington and Congress. Troops blocked the street so that Tilden was prevented from approaching the Inaugural Stand. Thereafter, the election thief, Rutherford B. Hayes was called Rutherfraud. And we, similarly, call George W. Bush, simply, Bushfraud. LikeTilden in 1876, Albert Gore, Jr. was the duly elected President NOT inaugurated.Gore never conceded defeat, merely stating that he is permitting Bush to occupy the White House.
The recount of the Florida ballots as to Gore, was stopped by corrupting, among others, various South Florida DEMOCRAT Party officials. And after that, corrupting "The Gang of Five", the 5-Judge majority on the U.S. Supreme Court sparkplugged by Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, a latter-day Fascist, known for his arrogance as a :"Go To Hell" Judge.
[See, "Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts", part 9, ]
The Big Fix for the year 2004 Presidential Election was put together four or more years prior to 2004.
The deal was started at least with Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of convenience of Senator John F. Kerry (D., Mass.) She has been a vicious, ultra-right wing long-time Republican, more accurately simply described as a Fascist, rule by the Iron Fist. Her first husband of convenience was U.S. Senator John Heinz (R., Penn.) Senator Heinz should have known better not to ask questions of fellow U.S. Senator Arlen Specter (R., Penn.) Specter had been part of the Warren Commission Staff and postulated the ridiculous idea that one magic bullet, Warren Commission Exhibit 399, had gone through Governor Connolly and then through President Kenndy. The bullet, in perfect pristine condition was apparently "found" on a hospital cart by CIA Dallas (formerly Chicago) Mobster Jack Ruby.
Wags claim that the establishment continues to assert that the bullet is still circling the planet, going through every political assassination victim, shot there by the latest "lone assassin".
In 1991, to shut up Senator Heinz's questions of Specter and others as to the murder plot against JFK, Heinz was was murdered by a strange helicopter coming up and under his private plane causing the fatal crash. Shortly thereafter, Senator John Tower (R., Texas), well-informed of the JFK murder plotters which included Daddy Bush; Tower was assassinated by a sabotaged plane crash. He had headed the so-called "Tower Commission" whitewashing the treasonous role in the Iran-Contra Affair of Daddy Bush. The Elder Bush as President appointed Tower as Secretary of Defense. Then Bush released records defaming Tower as a boozer and womanizer, causing Tower to withdraw from the appointment. Considering how Tower had covered up the traitorous dealings of Bush, Tower considered he had been stabbed in the back and was about to say so publicly just as Daddy Bush was getting set to run against fellow CIA operative William Rockefeller Clinton.
The Heinz Ketchup fortune left to the widow Teresa was in Pittsburgh, interwoven with the doings of the Mellon Bank. Right after Pearl Harbor, the Mellons, then owners of Aluminum Company of America, Alcoa, being pro-Hitler, REFUSED to step up production needed for rapid building of airplanes. The Mellons should have been prosecuted for this treason.
Like the Mellons, Madame Heinz is a super-wealthy Fascist. The idea of linking Senator John F. Kerry, a husband of convenience with Teresa, an apparent Dyke, with Kerry to be put in a position to run in 2004 against George W. Bush for President---was arranged by long-time U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy (D., Mass.).
The Kennedy Family, with one exception, go along with covering up who all was involved in assassinating their family members. Why? For financial blackmail and gain.
With the exception of surviving daughter Caroline of JFK, the rest of the Kennedy Family wish to cover up the political murder in 1999, of John F. Kennedy, Jr., by way of a sabotaged plane crash. Teddy Kennedy issued the false report that his nephew, nephew's wife and her fetus believed to be a boy,, and sister-in-law, were all cremated and deposited in the ocean. According to the secret FBI report, Teddy actually had the bodies, in otherwise untagged containers shipped to France, presumably to be handled by Kennedy family retainer Pierre Salinger.
[Visit the series, "What Happened to America's Golden Boy?" Exactly a week prior to the murder of JFK, Jr., was an unsuccessful attempt to murder Albert Gore, Jr., as detailed in that series. ]
With the connivance of Teddy Kennedy, Madame Heinz put into play John F. Kerry versus George W. Bush. As a built-in negative, Kerry said he thought he was Jewish. Was he actually a Jew, a catholic, or really a British Intelligence agent? Kerry's waffling angered many. He was purportedly a third cousin to Bush as well as a fellow member in the satanic cult, Skull & Bastards Society.
Being slightly older than Bush, Kerry, as is the tradition, participated with the satanic ritual of initiating Bush into the cult. Namely, that they, au naturel, cavorted homosexual style in a double size open coffin filled with mud in "The Tomb", the windowless headquarters of the satanic cult on the Yale University campus.
[The one apparently having the secret video of this was Bob Stevens, the picture editor of one of the publications of American Media, Inc., in Boca Raton, Florida. Somebody sent him a strange envelope, and being short-sighted, he took off his glasses and put the envelope close-up to his face. He thus breathed directly in the spores of anthrax and shortly thereafter was dead. The AMI Building where over 500 people worked on the scandal magazines, was closed up as being anthrax-contaminated and no picture or text files could be removed or examined, by orders of America's secret political police.
[In a little-known lawsuit, the Stevens widow claimed the FBI was obstructing her as to her finding out what happened to her husband.]
The AMI Building with these apparent files remained closed. The former U.S. District Attorney in New York, later Mayor of New York City, Rudolf Guilani, is the founder and head of BioOne, a firm specializing in cleaning up sites where Anthrax poisoned up the building and area. He bought the AMI Building, presumably with all its files, for a "song". While available or at the GOP Convention, late August, 2004, Guilani was asked by a woman journalist on ABC TV Network as to his prior knowledge as to 9-11 and related matters. Guilani failed and refused to answer.
So Kerry's wife of convenience, Teresa Heinz reportedly worked the deal with the Bush Crime Family, for Kerry to apparently, like a boxer or wrestler, "to lay down and play dead", that is, not asking pertinent questions of Bush, and by example of Daddy Bush, the Carlyle Group, the Bush Crime Family, as interwoven with their role as puppets, scapegoats, and stooges for the British Monarchy and their plan, started more than two hundred years previous to break up the nation into the Disunited States of America. In plain lingo, a fixed presidential Election in a nation making so much worldwide noise about Third World countries having corrupt, orchestrated elections for high office.
No long history in the U.S. of highly orrupt elections for U.S. President? Really? You believe that? [Would I, in a moment of too much candor, justifiably describe those who heckle me, as poorly-informed know-nothings?]
More coming.
Stay tuned.
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