UFO Photographed Over
Middlesbrough, UK

From Eric
I live in a town called Middlesbrough in the Northeast UK and I thought you might be interested to hear about a multiple UFO sighting witnessed by myself and my girlfriend on Thursday 16th Sept between 6:30 - 6: 50pm. Conditions were bright and fairly clear.
I had just walked out from my kitchen onto our roof garden (we live above a shop) to take a closer look at what i thought might be possible chemtrails (I'm not totally convinced of this phenomonon yet but I am pretty suspicious, and keep an open mind and a watchful eye open). Upon looking upwards I almost immediately spotted an unusual object passing almost directly overhead and flying due north.. It appeared to be a shiny silverish cylinder, rounded at each end, and with a narrower black 'waistband' about 35-40% along its length. It had no apparent wings and no sound that I was aware of. I'd say it's speed was about 70-80% of that which you might expect to see a small 2seater cessna-type aircraft flying at - a fairly leisurely pace. In terms of its apparent size it was about the size of a centimetre at arms length when it was direcly overhead and i'd guess, less than 3000" high.
I shouted for my girlfriend to grab the video camera, but by the time i'd got it set up the object it had disappeared into some cloud and I was understandably somewhat fustrated. However within a few minutes I spotted another apparently identical object, slightly to the south of my position, flying at a path at right angles to the first object, ie. crossing the sky in an easterly direction, (perhaps 25 degrees from the vertical). This time I managed to grab a few minutes of video footage and although camera shake was a problem I did reduce this a little by steadying the camera on a nearby post, and was able to continue filming until the object was out of sight. This second object left a faint contrail (visible in the 2nd pic)


As if that wasnt enough a few minutes later yet another one of these objects appeared from the direction in which the first one had disappeared (maybe the same object? ) this time travelling south and again passing almost overhead (10-15 degrees from the vertical).
I got the camera onto my tripod but had difficultly locating the object through the viewfinder and by the time i succeeded it was fairly distant - appearing as a small dot with a faint contrail, disappearing into the distance.
From the decent footage of the 2nd object, I have enlosed a still which shows the object looking from a side on view of maybe 40 degrees. One can easily see the dark "waistband", and also it appears to have an unusual 'w' shape at the rear.
I have no idea what these aircraft were and have seen nothing like them before. My best convential guess would be some sort of airship - but if so, its a damn wierd shape.
Hope this may be of use to you. If you want the video footage just let me know.
Best regards - Eric



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