YOU, Your Water & Agenda 21

By Ted Twietmeyer
Groundwater is often quite old, and can range from a few days old to more than a one thousand years. The deeper the well or source, the older the water usually is. In the late 70's, a Roman bath in Bath, England [1] (see photo below) was found to be contaminated with an amoeba that caused fatal Menningitis in bathers.
These baths were drained and decontaminated of a deadly amoeba (a one celled animal) about 20 years ago, after some swimmers contracted fatal Menningitis. Inflammation of the Meninges (the membranes that cover the brain) of the brain can also be viral or bacterial, and is often fatal. The incoming ground water was also carbon dated and found to be far older than expected. These baths are continuously fed from underground acquifers many miles across, where water moves very, very slowly. The water source at the bath was traced to the nearby mountains. Scientists expected the water to be perhaps 100 years old, but found it to be more than one thousand years old. The deeper the ground water, the older it usually is. The waters at the ancient Roman bath truly re-define the term "old water." [6]. Acquifer water is very resistant to drought, but may not be resistant to over - pumping. Ground water can ony be drawn at a rate equal to or less than it is being replenished. This replenishment is from underground or above ground natural sources. No one on earth needs the UN to tell them that. But as we shall see later, the UN thinks they know best for the entire planet.
Almost all people receive their water either from a lake, stream, river, or well. Water wells in America's past were hand dug and often just a few feet deep. Surface water and rain kept them almost constantly filled. But the water table has been dropping for hundreds of years. Back in the 1980s, a home we rented in western NY state had a 4ft. deep hand dug well dating back to 1820. This well was unused for many years. Into the very same same well another well was drilled. The modern well is 600 ft. deep, and requires a two stage 1Hp. submersible pump to bring the water to the surface. This home was located close to a tiny town named Springwater, so-named because of the high water quality in the area even for deep wells. The above story about a deep well is a perfect example of the dramatically dropping water table, even though Springwater is far from any desert area. In the southwestern US, water wells 2,000 feet deep or more are not uncommon.
Some mid-east countries have been forced to build desalination plants to remove salt from seawater, since groundwater has become almost non-existent and insufficient to support massive population growth in some areas. But the real concern today should be about the proliferation of water wells drilled into acquifers that can't possibly support the pumping rate.
Such is the case with India, where it is claimed more than one million new wells a year are being drilled deep into the water table with almost no regulation at all [2]. Its inconceivable such growth can be supported. Personally, I question that giant number for economic reasons. India is not a rich country, and most of it's population could hardly afford the $600.00 water pumps, electricity to operate them or the cost of drilling a well. Some wells reach down to a depth of one kilometer. Its also well known that most people in India don't even earn $600.00 a year. Unless of course, the UN or IMF is subsidizing the drilling...
A hidden hazard exists which raises its ugly head from time to time, and is rarely spoken of as a result of depleting acquifers - sudden sinkholes that appear without warning that swallow up people and homes. Such events have already happened in the American west. When ground water is removed faster than it is replenished through natural means, a large underground cavern is formed. If this occurs near the surface, the ground will collapse into the empty cavern taking everything on the surface down with it. In India, it boggles the mind to image the scope and size of the acquifers they are depleting, and what may happen one day. I wonder which one of the Indian gods will get the blame for that...?
It's time to look at Agenda 21 and what it really means. It's a form of racism relating to water, land control and wealth transfer. A bold statement ? Yes, but to the point. The UN globalists do nothing to hide this. It's all about stealing from those that have, and giving to the perceived have - nots. The UN Agenda 21 plan makes Robin Hood look like an altar boy.
An example of what water taxes will be like, can be found with mileage taxes. To collect these UN mileage taxes (proposed to be 65 cents per mile) the UN will demand and enforce collection from everyone in North America. They will not NOT give any of this windfall to the nations they extort it from. Instead, it will go to third world countries. A satellite tracker box in every vehicle will enforce collection of UN revenue. When you don't pay it, a satellite command signal will be sent to disable your vehicle, no matter where you are on the planet. This is the same method used to enable and disable satellite TV receivers.
The collected funds will be given away to "poor" nations. This welfare state mentality encourages people NOT to work harder to make their own country better, for any country receiving the handout. Developed countries will stagnate, realizing no real reward is possible for any accomplishments, and third world countries will just sit back and collect. Taxation is UN - speak for "re - distributing the wealth of the world." Most of Americans should know that two of the founding principles of America are NO DOUBLE TAXATION and NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. The UN could care less, since they are both the controllers and originators of this new revenue stream, created on the backs of ALL those that work.
Hence, re - distribution of wealth as dictated by those who are already wealthy. Such will be the water taxes and other related dictums, too.
Agenda 21 and sustainable development not only involves water, but also all YOUR private property and everything you see around you, both outside and inside your home. Children in schools today are being taught the failed principles of communal life - a way of life where no one is allowed to call anything theirs. Ask those of the former Soviet Union or in today's mainland China, how much they enjoyed having nothing to call their own, and no hope for happiness. Is it any wonder that alcoholism is so high in Russia, even today ? Agenda 21 also meshes with certain aspects of the Kyoto carbon dioxide Protocol as well. We will save a discussion of the protocol for another time.
Agenda 21 affects you if any of the following are true:
* You live in a country where water is not generally considered scarce, such as North America or Europe
* You own a well
* You use any water, for any purpose
Agenda 21 and other related UN documents were drawn up by the UN globalists. These laws enacted by the select rich few, are targeted at anyone who answers yes to any of the above. Remember this is coming from the UN, the very same loving people that have actually publicly proclaimed that "the family is an obstacle." [5] Agenda 21 will become everyone's worse nightmare. And this is where the race factor comes in, like it or not.
You'll benefit the most if you're in a poor Mexican, Latin American, African, mid-east, near east or Asian country. You won't have to worry about any material needs anymore. It will be the predominantly white middle class of North America and Europe that will be expected to 'smile and gladly pay' what money they have left, to make life easy as pie for certain countries. Even the unemployed worker in North America will still be expected to pay all the new taxes. Being unemployed will be no excuse to remove the meter from your water well or to not pay your share of UN taxes. This is just one small fact about hidden Agenda 21 teeth. They will steal from the poor, and give it to the poor, too...
The UN will also steal from the under - employed alike, just to give it away to another country. Bleeding heart liberal stupidity for sure, but what do they care ? UN meeting participants are all wealthy, and being a representative for their country is more like a hobby to them, or another game to play. And what about the masses who will be paying these new UN taxes ?
This bold UN is no different than that of Alan Greenspan, aka, the global - banker - mouthpiece suck up, and who illegally prints money claiming to be federally authorized. Sitting in front of a Congressional subcomittee and casually reading high unemployment figures, just as calmly and disconnected as someone on thorazine. He's numb from the neck up. Think the Federal Reserve is federal ? Guess again. Look in any phone book in a major city where one of their "banks" are, and it will NOT be located under the US Govt. The privately run group of thugs with a federal name is located in the business section of the yellow pages. Another visible arm of the globalist power elite - the same elite that are cetain that they should control the planet's water. When you watch a UN meeting taking place on television with all of them listening to translation ear peices, just remember you're looking that visible part of the NWO.
A real, simple description of what "Sustainable Development" means - As other countries develop, it is YOUR job to sustain it. Notice that in this "free and democratic world" no one asked your opinion or permission. These people appoint themselves, which is another RESULT OF INACTION by the masses.
If you live in North America, YOU will be the one to sustain the development of other countries. The US trade deficit is rapidly turning America into a third world country as most know already. But I digress - let's examine the nightmare of Agenda 21 which although more than 10 years old, is still alive and well.
Listed below are just 7 chapters relating to water from a total of 39 Agenda 21 Issues, that reach into every facet of society:
Agriculture (which requires water)
Biodiversity (which requires water)
Desertification and Drought (water control)
Oceans and Seas (desalination)
Energy (which can be generated by water)
Forests (which requires water)
Fresh Water
(For a complete list and endless hours of reading see [3].)
Here are some excerpts below on this topic alone. Note the spelling of the word programme showing the european influence and authorship. (For the full text of chapter 18 see [4].) While section 18 drags on with relentless repetition for a mind - boggling 29 pages (and you thought I was bad) I'll give you a few verbatim excerpts below. Agenda 21 is another one of the UN's "long range" plans. And to think the UN people are paid to write this "stuff"...
My translation into some of today's actual events added in CAPS. The first statement "could set the following targets" should be replaced "must set the following targets." Some items below may be behind schedule, but they are still intent on carrying them out. And the UN can use NATO forces to make it happen, even in America. Remember that ALL of Chapter 18 is ONLY about "Fresh Water."
Sec. 18.11. All States, according to their capacity and available resources, and through bilateral or multilateral cooperation, including the United Nations and other relevant organizations as appropriate, could set the following targets.
A) By the year 2000:
i. To have designed and initiated costed and targeted national action programmes, and to have put in place appropriate institutional structures and legal instruments;
ii. To have established efficient water-use programmes to attain sustainable resource utilization patterns;
Also from Sec. 18.12 are some other areas everyone should be concerned with:
(a) Formulation of costed and targeted national action plans and investment programmes;
(e) Implementation of allocation decisions through demand management, pricing mechanisms and regulatory measures; (MORE CONTROL OF WATER USE, MORE TAXES and MORE METERING)
(j) Development of new and alternative sources of water-supply such as sea-water desalination, artificial groundwater recharge, use of marginal-quality water, waste-water reuse and water recycling; (ALL OF US WANT TO SEE A UN REPRESENTATIVE DRINK "MARGINAL - QUALITY - WATER" VOLUNTARILY. I WOULD PAY TO WATCH THAT, AND WHAT HAPPENS TO THOSE THAT DRINK IT AFTERWARD.)
The UN wants to pump WHAT kind of water back into the ground ? They need to review the dismal record of man playing god with nature. And reuse what kind of water ? Waste-water ? Ground water has bacteria which are always present. The purpose they serve in ground water has never been fully understood (and probably no one cares.) What happens when you pump chlorinated water into the earth ? No one knows. We do know already however, that chlorinated water has deterimental health effects.
Diseases don't seem to be of any concern to the UN masters, and won't be for one reason - because POPULATION CONTROL IS ANOTHER PART OF AGENDA 21. Perhaps "recharge water" will be injected with drugs to further dumb down the populations of the world, or to create sterility or impotence. This falls squarely into the realm of social engineering. A few months aog in mainstream media, the UN proudly announced that world population growth is DECREASING at much higher rate than predicted. Are we to believe this was a voluntary act by couples everywhere, considering how much of the planet is still illiterate and reproducing like rabbits ? For many people and religions, it still is one's duty to procreate and always will be.
Psycho-tropic drugs of many kinds have been found in public water supplies all around the world. These mind controlling drugs can't be filtered out in sewage treatment plants, while others are injected into the water supply such as flouridation. Hitler injected floride to dumb-down the masses into submission, just before confiscating all firearms. Floride helps to weaken the will, teeth and bones of people. After he convinced them to register their firearms, Hitler began confiscating the firearms. Then he picked up the unarmed people marked for death. If someone can prove to me this cannot happen again right under everyone's noses, I'll gladly listen.
Who actually tests the concentrated chemicals shipped by tanker trucks to public water treatment plants ? When is the last time you ever heard of this being done ? If they are tested, what are they tested for ? Do cities just blindly trust the chemical companies ? Probably so. Chemical testing is very much like blood testing - if you don't specifically test for something of interest, you will not know if it is present. Do we really know what's in those tanker trucks and where does it come from ? Think about this the next time you fill your coffeemaker or a pot to cook pasta with.... what is it you are consuming ? Can the chemicals in water be related to increased cancers and illnesses ?
By now, you're probably wondering what this is all about. I've shown you some examples of both the shortage and control side of the water issue. My main point is that water control and conservation is something each country should do on their own. The globalist control freaks are taking over, illegally taxing the masses who are already under a strain now and creating senseless dictums for water use.
If a country wants to drain off their acquifers, LET THEM. It's their land, and the sinkholes and drought will be theirs, too. One cannot have sovereignty without making mistakes. And water is like oil - who is to say the acquifers won't replenish ? No one. For more than a hundred years we heard about oil being a "fossil fuel." No one ever explained how fossils are down FIVE MILES in geological stable zones where oil comes from. Yet acheologists will tell you that the geologic record for life stops just a few yards down in the ground ? Newer theories states that oil is in a constant state of formation. If true, this would be counterproductive to oil prices. But you can't tell that when you stare at the rapidly changing numbers of a gas pump while filling your vehicle - that are now just a blur.
Think of the hippocracy here - any globalist NWO type would have you arrested if you broke into their home. So what gives them the self - appointed right to break into your wallet ? Or make your water supply coin - operated ? My belief is that God gave us the water we need, and it's up to EACH PERSON on THE ENTIRE PLANET to think about what they are doing with it. Not some self - appointed fascist UN group to issue dictums. In reality, there really isn't anything "united" about the United Nations except to create global control and elimination of sovereignty for both nations and individuals.. They are just puppets and mouthpieces of the trillionaire families that run this entire planet, and mostpeople today know who those families are. These families are so wealthy, they make the godfathers in the mafia look like small children on an allowance. These are the REAL families that run and dictate all that the world leaders do, and must inevitably connected with global control plans like Agenda 21.
One can sit back and do nothing. This is precisely how the Patriot Act and other abominations to world freedom came into existence. Yet no one speaks up. You can drive a big pickup truck or SUV, have facial hair and wear a baseball cap to look tough.
But if you don't speak up about this planet and country you claim to love, you're nothing but a real wimp and NOT a true American. If you're one of these people you should feel shame but probably don't, because you have been dummed down. Its time to WAKEUP and stand for what is right. Forget mind control and advertising, and get on with the job at hand.
Again, people outside the USA foolishly think the Patriot Act and other such acts won't affect them. Nothing can be further from the truth. Today, people in other countries not only don't like America's government, but now they don't like Americans. Why ? Simply because FEW AMERICANS TRY TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT THE TYRANNY. Yet in today's world, doing nothing is exactly the same as HELPING the elitist armchair globalist control freaks to accomplish what they want. Even with YOUR water, because plans like Agenda 21 claim ownership to everything you have, INCLUDING YOUR WATER.
If millions of Americans and Europeans told the UN where they could shove their total infringement on developed world sovereignty and that no one will buy into it, there would be little they could do. If one looks throughout history you will see that government has always feared the people. It has always been the masses that were instrumental in making great changes in government. And armies were always used in an attempt to make the people fear the government and allow government to have its way. Like being the biggest bully on the block.
Everyone needs to realize and understand, that GOVERNMENT ONLY HAS AS MUCH POWER AS THE PEOPLE ALLOW IT TO HAVE, AND NO MORE.
Why should any government change itself ? Consider that like countless atoms make up the computer you are reading this on, people are the smallest atoms of government. I learned a long time ago from civilian government employees, that most all the government employees see their job as just a job. These employees have NO interest in doing anything to threaten that cozy arrangement. There is an unspoken consesus among them that they can change nothing. Hence, little or no real change comes from the rank and file.
Yet to stop the NWO from taking over, it WILL REQUIRE those working IN the government to stop the madness and to stand up for liberty and freedom. I've written about this subject before in other essays, calling on government employees to ACT upon what they already know. For it is their children and grandchildren that will suffer as a result of their inaction.
But most civilian people STILL sit around, drink beer, watch television to get their dose of daily mind control, breath through their mouths and think everyday will be like yesterday, and nothing will change to upset their world. All that seems to matter to them in their little insulated lives are eating, sports and scores, having a faithful partner and/or keeping a bed warm and squeak - free, and staying employed. This is the beginning and ending of their major concerns. These are the same people that actually live by the thought that "everything bad always happens somewhere else in the world and can't happen to me." That's what the frog in the pot said, too, just before he stopped living...
The classic attitude that severe government control of water and indeed our very lives "can't happen here" is exactly what millions of civilians all around the world have thought - just before the bombs started falling from war planes, or more illegal taxation or police state control was announced. And if people continue to be non-thinkers, this inaction alone will ALLOW complete UN control to happen. The non-thinkers all whine "nobody told me !" and "they can't do that to me !" Then they wake up one day and complain when its too late. A TRUE AMERICAN CITIZEN does NOT allow this type of tyranny. If you were never told all this before, then consider yourself "told" about global control of water, you and Agenda 21.
One simple solution is to move to India and start selling $600.00 water pumps and drilling rigs, because the UN has turned a blind eye to it. Perhaps the UN or the IMF are actually paying for these wells through agencies in the Indian government. How else could these people afford it ? Maybe the idea is to HELP the Indian people to destroy themselves by over - pumping the acquifers, so the globalist NWO people can step in with iron boot to control every facet of their lives. Never put any devious plan beyond use by the globalists, and don't under - estimate them.
A better solution is to get up and turn off the TV, and start thinking about what you'll do when the blue - helmeted UN "peace troops" march down your street and pound on your door to enforce not American law, but UN LAW. A law where almost ALL of your income goes to THEM. Of course you'll take great comfort in knowing that people in third world countries are no longer starving or thirsty.
Especially when you go to your kitchen looking for something to eat and your cupboard is empty, and your water has been turned off for the day because of rationing.
Must we wait for this to happen because we simply gave it all away ?
Ted Twietmeyer
Ted Twietmeyer is the inventor of the first parallel data optical backplane, and founder of where scientific issues of global concern are explored. Access is free. The website has a means for all visitors to participate, and you are encouraged to do so.
[6] Source: A PBS special about 20 years ago about the Roman bath at Bath, England.
Update -
From John Finney
Saturday, September 04, 2004
The city of Lexington KY is trying to condemn the water company so that it can take it over and operate it as a city owned water company. There is nothing wrong with the service being provided by the water company. The city leaders are just trying to use condemnation in order to steal the company. Would this qualify as a first step in sustained development? It sure looks like it. I have called into the talk shows about this and stated that if this happens, tax payers will see water prices and taxes go through the roof. We have to have water to survive, so if it is controlled by the government they will charge any price they want.



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