New Crop Circle,
Miamisburg Mound in
Miamisburg, Ohio
From Wilson, Jeff

Dear all,

Here is a photo montage of the latest crop circle reported in the USA. The formation was reported September 1, 2004 just to the southeast of the Miamisburg Mound in Miamisburg, Ohio. The Miamisburg Mound is the largest conical burial mound in the Eastern USA constructed approximately 2,000 years ago - and is about seven stories high.

The formation is in 7-8ft corn (maize) and is swirled generally clockwise. The formation is approximately 200 ft in length (exact measurements are in progress).



The formation is NOT aligned through the center of the mound, but looks to be tangent to the mound on the eastern side:


The formation is not aligned with the rows of corn in the field, but 'offset' by about 30 degrees. The corn stalks in the formation were found lying flat to the ground but unbroken, without any scuff marks on any stalks discovered (no mechanical damage discovered so far). A modest amount of photo/gravi-tropism recovery has taken place leading us to believe that the formation is at least a week old, and possibly older. The stalks in the smallest circles are curved to make the central swirl of the lay. Each of the circles has a single, standing stalk of corn left in the center:



"Veil"-like effects were noted in the adjacent sections of the formation - with a section of stalks only 3 deep left standing in this photo:



Things are very busy at the moment, investigations are ongoing, and there will be more details to follow...



Jeffrey Wilson
Director ICCRA
Independent Crop Circle Researchers' Association [International]
(cell) 734-891-2689




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