What Bush Really Means

By Budd Saunders
Online Journal
Years ago I wrote an article titled "What The Captain Really Means." A fighter pilot flying in the 2nd Indochina War is being interviewed by a reporter while a public information officer is explaining, "What the captain really means is... It's not publishable here but readers will get the idea. Keep in mind that when Bush or his Handlers say anything, the MacScottie Potty Factor activates.
"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful and so are we. They never stop thinking of new ways to harm our country and our people and neither do we." GW Bush
"...a catastrophic success." GW Bush, referring to Iraq.
McClellan responded that anyone speaking with determination and intensity would misspeak themselves at times. Oh?
"The world is a safer and freer place under my leadership." GW Bush. I'm yet to hear an explanation on that one. Iran is building nuclear warheads and North Korea is, also, and has delivery capability.
Bush said we would win the war on terrorism, then said we can't win the war on terrorism and then said we are winning the war on terrorism. Is that political pragmatism, flip-flopping or just plain dumb? The explanations by his handlers defy any understanding.
But I know what he means by "catastrophic success." The national debt is the highest in our history, domestic programs have been virtually eliminated by billions in cuts in funds. Our civil liberties have been destroyed by the USA PATRIOT Act, millions are unemployed, millions have no medical insurance.
Here are a few statistics. In the first year and a half after GW took office, 4.3 million more people dropped below the poverty line of $18,660 for a family of four. That is a total of 12.5 percent, or 1/8th, of our entire population! The number of children living in poverty increased by 11 percent. And in the first seven months of this year job growth has not kept up with population growth, which means that more people have sunk into poverty.
"Outsourcing" has eliminated hundreds of thousands of jobs, our borders are broken, illegal aliens are swarming in like locusts and Bush wants to make them legal. Drugs are costly and 44 million people are uninsured. We can't import cheaper drugs, but corporations can import all sorts of products we used to make for ourselves. Tax cuts benefit only the wealthy elite so that now the middle class pays more in taxes than the wealthy. The economy is a disaster.
Then there's the elimination or revision of environmental protection laws destroying our forests, polluting the water we drink and the air we breathe. And so on, ad nauseam.
So what he meant by catastrophic success is that his strong, bold and determined leadership has led our country successfully into a catastrophe.
Governor Steroid of California said that America was great because of Bush. This is the guy whose hometown is a few klicks from Linz, Austria, (Hitler's hometown) and who once said he admired Hitler. Remember that Bush has said three times that he would like to be dictator. Considering some of his self-praise about his achievements he could have said the following: "I'm convinced of the powers of my intellect and of decision . . . none have achieved what I have achieved..." Adolph Hitler, 23 Nov. 1939.
Considering that Grandpa Bush made the family fortune by violating the Trading With The Enemy Act with uh, well, Zeig Heil, Grandpa!
Last September TIME ran a piece titled The World According to George Bush, his Weltanschauung (world view). Considering his "achievements" here and abroad, it should be Weltuntengang (end of the world).
And back to the steroidal governor for a moment. On that all important issue of gay marriage, his definition will get your head spinning. He said, "I think that gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman." Has he been in California lately?
"I looked into his soul." GW Bush about Putin.
"I looked into his soul." Zell Miller about Bush.
They sure do keep the McScottie Potty Factor busy.
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