Armageddon In A Box
By Kirwan
"This time we're going to win it" says Bush: just letting us all know that he knows, that he has yet to win an election to the presidency. Now the culprits are promising to torture us with two more months of lies, from Cheney whom no one has seen for most of the three years and nine months of his "service" to Halliburton, that he calls being Vice-President.
When the Coup was completed by the theft that Bush himself now openly refers to; most on-line writers began to dig for the facts behind the huge disparities, between the slogans coming from the White House, and the truth of whatever the situation might actually have been. Now facts are in abundance, but the White House is in complete and total denial of all evidence, regardless of topic. The truth is not only "out there" it's everywhere-yet few care enough to read-much less act upon what those facts so clearly show the world. Here's a sample:
This nation has changed, and all of its agencies and functions have been drastically altered to conform to a fraud that wears the mask of universal terrorism. For proof just look closely at the faces of our uniformed enforcers of the peace, as they go about their daily routine of 'national security.' Once these men and women were there to protect the public, now they're there to threaten, in that stance that dares anyone to challenge anything they might want to do. The body armor and their heavy presence is meant to protect not the public, but those politicians and the elites they serve, from the public that is under constant attack at every level of this society.
The 'playing field' of daily life is out of balance and headed for disaster, because both the criminal elites, and the public institutions have been turned into scavengers of all that was once in the public domain. The law, the civil institutions and the government no longer challenge crime or the major criminals, instead they create and protect both, in the pseudo cloak of legal sanctions supported by a media semi-blackout.
The destruction of our protections range from the electoral process itself, to the courts that have become nothing but legalistic engines that enforce those imbalances of policy, to protect the real thieves and criminals, from the public that has been fleeced. Our criminally liable Supreme Court is the same court that appointed Bush to office in 2000. Since the top court in the land held itself above the law, everything within that system falls under the same dark cloud of illegality. So the courts were brought into the cabal and they are adding their rulings to the intolerance and greed of those they now openly serve. The public is not protected; and has instead become the target of choice for budget cuts, and highway robbery, as well as seizures by faceless security agents that roam at will through all that once was held to be private. This covers everything both electronic and physical. Who stands against this aggressive government invasion of our lives ­ no one of national stature at the moment! So there are now clearly two Americas.
In every area of life and business this government and all its legions are waging all out war upon the people of the United States-and this they call 'protecting us from evil'!
In banking, accounting, credit, law, medicine, education, social services, insurance; this list covers virtually everything the government touches-their goal has been to seize whatever they can and deny all redress of any grievance. The real kicker here is that we're also paying them to do everything they can to reduce us to wage slaves (if unavoidable), to homelessness, or to death. According to the latest polls about half the country wants this tyranny to continue, if you believe in polls.
The other half is being painted as traitors, hell-bent on damaging this country at home and abroad. Just as in Iraq there is no room for those who simply want to have their country back; here there is no room for those who demand that their government abide by the pre 911 laws of this land.
Now the presidential underlings are holding their convention, a thoroughly useless gesture, since party insiders with the blessing and manipulation of the media at large, selected both major candidates long before either Convention was held: So much for input from the people.
Bush cites his 'unparalleled leadership' in this time of war: when it should be pointed out, that if he had done his job there would have been no need for either war. The presidency of the USA is code for "Armageddon in a box." That means that the entire nuclear arsenal of the nation is within 30 feet of the president at all times. Because of this he is supposed to respond to anything that remotely might resemble an attack upon the nation ­ within minutes of being notified. That did not happen on nine eleven. Had he done his job, perhaps only one tower might have been destroyed, maybe a whole lot of people might not have died-but then that attack would have been treated as a crime, and not an act of war. Still, that would have required an investigation and a reasoned and clear response to the facts of the matter: not just the knee jerk opening round of two invasions under very suspicious circumstances. It was this unilateral and illegal act that resulted in the permanent damage done to our national credibility around the world.
Time has proven that Bush and the Bandits were wrong about everything they said and did since September of 2001-yet we are still killing people and losing our own, and we're awash in debt with no end in sight. No one has yet been disciplined for the massive government failures of 911-and it appears that no one (here) will ever be found to have been even partially responsible for all the death on that day. But there is a price for that, and it will be paid.
We are still in denial about Viet Nam. After that war, ten years passed before we could begin to discuss what happened, but to this day, we do not acknowledge that we were there illegally. This was exactly the same kind of war as Iraq turned out to be. We had no national interests at stake in Viet Nam. "The Domino Effect" our 'justification,' was just another right wing fantasy, and we lost that war just as like we're losing this one. Did we learn anything-obviously not, because we're still chasing the same arrogant military fables, in exactly the same way. The world is not as naïve, but the stakes for the US, are far greater now than they were in Southeast Asia.
Bush is laying claim to the fabulous economic situation that he says the country is in. One glaring problem with his assessment is that in the last six months alone, the US dollar has lost 40% of its value against the British pound. That trend will only get worse, as long as we remain in denial. No doubt Cheney-Bush will chalk this up to the French or our other former allies, because in his mind-set, they probably just envy us our freedom and democracy. The truth is those who do not travel in the world won't notice too much now, but the damage is universal, and it will affect the price of everything we make or sell or buy in this country!
The national media has been complicit in keeping this administration in power. They have dutifully responded whenever the White House needed a big push, with on scene coverage, war movies, imbedded reporters, and gun camera shots of death from 30,000 feet. They have masked the flaws, covered up the lies, and generally done everything that a good lap dog always does for an errant and out-of-control master. What they have chosen never to do: Is to tell the public anything about what really goes on anywhere, either here or overseas, until long after that information is leaked from other sources. This should be viewed as a crime of omission, to be added to the list of the crimes they have committed, as well as those they have colluded in creating.
As an example, there were prison scandals in Texas in 1996, when George W. Bush was governor. This involved the same kinds of treatment of prisoners, in Texas, as was done to the prisoners in the recent terrorist scandals. There is a videotape of that, and still it has not made it into the American media, except as a footnote. Add to this the cover up of the known background information on those the DOD put in charge of the prisoners in the Middle East, and the patterns thus exposed are clearly not the result of "a few bad apples," but form the basis for the planned treatment of those prisoners we took around the world.
The mass media has forgotten their own first rule: "give the people what they want." People now, want and badly need the truth, and when they realize the extent of the complicity and lies, they might want a lot of changes to be made. The decisions made by corporate media executives were made to placate their own personal financial interests-and had nothing to do with coverage of anything that might be newsworthy. This has increasingly become the case, since "news" was generally absorbed by the entertainment sections of most corporate networks. Also, the national airwaves need to be paid for, as those belong not to the media but to the people of this country. This is particularly true now, as most of that massive amount of political money raised is being spent on "air time," and the public deserves their share of all that profit.
Any nation that cannot get the truth ­ will not remain a country for long. We are no different. We must get to the point of striking against the major corporate interests here, at the risk of being fired, or we will soon not have anything to look forward to with any certainty: because unless one begins to take real risks for the freedoms that we think we have-soon we will have those freedoms no longer.



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