Mystery Utah Explosions
Cause Huge Mushroom Clouds

From Brian Justice

see below
Note - Thanks for George Paxinos for sending this in. It came from one Brian Justice. If anyone has any knowledge of what these three LARGE explosions were caused by... each resulting in a huge mushroom cloud... please let us know right away. Something is going on underground in Utah. -ed
Mushroom Cloud
On our way back home from a family drive on 8-29-04, my wife and I noticed a peculiar mushroom cloud just east of our home in Wellington, UT.
We ran into the house and brought our both of our digital cameras and started snapping pictures. Within 2 hours there were three different "explosions" resulting in mushroom clouds.
We emailed a local news station; they looked into the pictures but to no avail. There were truck drivers parked at the gas station just down from our home, the drivers did not dare drive the road for fear of whatever was happening out there.
Pretty scary afternoon, especially during this time of heightened alert in our nation.
Brian Justice

From Dick Eastman

I say it's cumulus cloud forming over intense fire from which heated air is rising -- common phenomenon -- not someone testing 'suitcase' atom bombs after all.


Note - Yes, we've seen high-rising smoke from fires do this on occasion. However, if the witnesses are accurate, that would not explain the three 'explosions' heard before the cloud formed. No one is saying anything about 'suitcase atom bombs' being the cause...which remains unknown. If there was a large wildfire in the area, the locals would know about it. -ed


UPDATE 10.2.04

From Gary Toll

Thought you might be interested in this picture taken from the area of Pahrump, Nevada, looking back toward Las Vegas, Nevada. A classic mushroom cloud formed very rapidly, from a brush fire in between the mountains of Vegas and Pahrump. I keep my eyes open all the time toward that area, and I hope that I do not see one of these rise over the ashes of Las Vegas due to one of the suitcase nuclear weapons the homeland security keeps talking about and also has been in the news.

Gary Toll
Pahrump, Nevada




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