Iraq - A Picture Of
America To Come?
Only If You Allow It To Happen

Ted Twietmeyer
The last attack in America happened when the opinion polls on bush showed him down near the mud. And now, he's there again so watch out...
If you are one to sit back, hope for the best and believe in divine intervention you are in for a great disappointment. As a Christian, you know what may be in store. It's about to reach an entire new level. But the future can be changed if you know what's coming. Humankind has ALWAYS had the ability to change the future, but rarely realized that. If you're at an intersection and you see a tractor trailer about to run the red light, don't you stop ? You know for certain what will happen to your life if you don't.
So it is today in America - and we have had PLENTY of warning signs to date.
What we see in Iraq today is a glimpse of America's future. Keep in mind, that RED has not known to be declared in Iraq despite the conditions there. Within an hour of the next staged attack by Bush on America, condition RED will be declared. That's a promise we've already had by the administration. This will be the beginning of a new Iraq type situation. Keep in mind, that when you start seeing NATO troop movements in America we are getting close. Logistics require time to stage troops, and you'll see UN white vehicles on highways as they are deployed. This is warning sign No. 1, because there absolutely are NOT enough American forces to secure the country now. But there will be when all this is scheduled to happen. The people in Iraq today, even since the war have had more freedom than we will have as I'll illustrate below.
One thing you should do RIGHT NOW, is download the POW camp list from Although more have been added since it was written, it is a great start. Note the word DOWNLOAD because the internet WILL GO DOWN. And when it comes back up - such lists will vanish forever. Posting such lists at that time will be cause for interment or even execution.
So get it now while you can at
The first explosive fake terror event will be automatic martial law (and condition RED.) First there will be curfews under RED - if your at work when it happens, there you MUST stay. If you are at home, there you will stay. Just being seen outside by patrols will land you in a camp. Probably a one-way trip, too. This will happen on an "11" type day, connected with the date in ways other than the 11th of the month. And it WILL be on a school day, because separating the children from the parents is very important. Hitler even stated that "control the children and you control the parents." They will blindly obey out of fear, for this is what the mass media has trained people to do, is to FEAR the government.
Rationing will begin based on your driver's license, car registration or the first letter of your last name. At the store, you WILL be greeted by men with machine guns checking your ID.Think about the expansive entrances at Wal-Mart superstores. With store space ALWAYS at a premium for every business, why might this space be wasted ? Plenty of room inside to setup control points. It may be the way you'll either be chipped or given a new federal ID card. Rationing will create problems and shortages, since farmers will be crippled by this. They may ease the curfew regulations slightly to allow people to travel to and from work, after a police-state mentality has been accepted by the masses. Or so they will believe has been accomplished. Gun registration of all kinds, followed by confiscation will just create more fear. The ignorant dumbed-down masses will be told by the talking heads "this is for their own good." And only the fools will believe it.
It may be the above events of incredible stress and terror on the people by the government, or another attack that will trigger the civil war. The end of hope, will be the beginning of civil war. This is when we become like Iraq, when the government will be run by none other than dictator bush announces that RED will NOT END. Attacks on American and NATO troop vehicles will begin, and so will government roundups of the people on the red and blue lists already in FEMA's possession now. These attacks will escalate because of the roundups of Americans. It's even possible that illegal aliens will accept being drafted, or be shot. Camps will begin executing people en masse, and everyone will be left shaking their heads in the camps saying "how did this all come to pass ? This can't happen in America" as they stand in line with a tin pan in their hand waiting for gruel.
Some will say "this can't happen here." To them I always say, "prove it to me why not, and I'll apologize for ruining your night's sleep. But if you study the facts of the events of what's happening, and the Patriot Act and find I'm right, then its up to YOU as a citizen to watch the government. This IS your duty. If you don't believe me, then read the Constitution. We were flat-out warned by the founding fathers that THIS COULD HAPPEN. These great men told us that if we fear the government, that's tyranny. And why would they know ? Because that is the very government that they lived under, when the Constitution was being written. The KNEW first-hand, what living that way was like."
Few people know that not only did the king of England order people to RENT church pews, but you were expected to be IN THEM EVERY SUNDAY. In Patrick Henry's church in Richmond, VA where he made his famous speech, this law of the king was in effect. The real freedom the Constitution gave Americans, eliminated this law. Church attendance was not optional. A king is a dictator, and there is no difference between that and bush now. Who knows- perhaps people will be order to attend the first church of lord bush. He's crazy enough to do it, as his track record shows.
To those that disagree, I say to them: "When was the last bill presented to Congress that they didn't sign ? When was a bill flatly turned down presented by the administration ? Yes, we hear of disagreement on capitol hill about various bills. But they have been signed into law, even if minor wording was changed. Wording was changed in the Patriot Act the administration pulled right out of a drawer after the attacks, yet the sunset clauses on the most draconian provisions were NEVER CHANGED."
Yes, it's all about to happen here. Whether the administration will resort to non-lethal weapons, or biological and DU here is still unknown. Cancer is rampant in Iraq right now, because of depleted uranium which is FAR from being non-radioactive. "Depleted" only applies to it's former use in a nuclear reactor. It still has a half-life measured in many thousands of years. Iraq has become a radioactive wasteland, and its very unlikely anyone will bother to clean it up.
Now imagine if that horror happened HERE in America, too. Even if it doesn't happen right where you live, there is always the wind, rain and food to bring it into your home. Think about being forced to eat RADIOACTIVE FOOD. Yes, that CAN HAPPEN here in America. Think you won't be going that ? Guess again. Starving people will do anything to survive. This is happening RIGHT NOW in Iraq, a glimpse of our own future - a future of a dictator gone mad. And without a Geiger counter, you wouldn't know until the cancer symptoms appear.
Perhaps another warning sign here other than UN troop movement, will be confiscation of all Geiger counters....



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