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From Brian Vike, Director
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Queens, New York Rounded Triangle With U.S. Markings
Date: 1993 or 1994
Time: Between 3:00 - 3:30 a.m.
I read one of your recent reported sightings and it reminded me of something strange that happened. It was the sighting that happened in the UK with the craft over the hospital. I read it on Anyway about a week ago I was walking my dog about 3-3:30 in the morning and I didn't see anything, but I heard something. It sounded like something massive was passing overhead but I couldn't see it. The strange thing, was a sound you had to focus your attention on. Reading about that sighting reminded me of the incident. Another weird thing is that on that same block 10 years ago, I saw an anti-gravity craft. Well, when I described it to someone with a site... that's what they said it was. I saw it very clearly, it was about 40-50 feet up in the sky. Just a few feet above a 3 story building. It was so visible that I could make out the writing on the side, it said U.S. It was shaped like a rounded triangle and had rocket type things on the bottom but it was flying sideways. I followed it till I couldn't see it no more. It was loud, too. Funny thing, I was the only one outside at the time. It's weird because I live in Queens, New York and it's not a quiet place. But I will admit it really slows down at night almost dead-like. So, this was probably in 1993 or 1994. Can't recall the exact date. The time was between 9 and 10 pm.
Well that's all I can remember right now. If you have any questions feel free to me.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
"Weird Photo - Beam Of Light And Possible Figure ?
Newspaper article and photo.
Also story and additional location pictures can be found at my website:
HBCC UFO Research Note: I became aware of this story due to the kindness of one of the residence from the area who passed the story along to me. Also he ran out and took the below four pictures of the area where the beam of light was filmed. I would like to extend my many thanks to the fellow for doing this.
Also after I received the story I immediately called the newspaper to enquire about the story. I left my contact information with the paper in hopes the reporter who wrote the story would contact me. He did not 15 minutes or so after I left a message. The reporter and I had a nice conversation about the article. He confirmed that he did go to the Photo Lab where the picture was developed and they folks at the photo lab told him that the picture was not tampered with, and not the product double exposure or of any technical defect that they could think of.
Note from fellow who took location pictures for me: Just came back from the site here are some reference pics the building that at the time of the pic was not there it was just breaking ground is the Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witness.
Vernon in Connecticut Flickering Lights
Date: 2004 (continuing)
Time: After dark.
Message: Hi. I don't know if this means anything to you or not, but we didn't know who else to contact with regard to what we've seen lately. Over the past year we have seen strange flickering lights over Vernon in Connecticut. They seems to vary in number depending on the clarity of the night sky. However, they remain in a symmetrical pattern at different heights. Over a period of hours they move gradually higher and higher until they can no longer be seen. They only appear on clear nights when most stars are clearly visible. After watching them for a period of hours my husband and I have noted them moving higher and higher until no longer visible. They kind of sway like in a hovering motion. Initially we thought they were helicopters but they made no sound. There is a direct flight path on the route that they take up and it appears that when a plane enters their line of sight that that move quicker in altitude as if to get out of the way. Have you heard of any other such sightings and how can this be explained in a logical fashion as we're really quite scared. Please get back to us if you've heard of anything similar.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Phoenix, Arizona Night Orbs And Large Triangle
Date: April 2004 (continuing)
Time: 2:55 a.m. - (Triangle) 3:53 a.m. - (Bright Night Orb)
Hey Brian! How are you today? Hope all is doing well.
When I first talked to you in June I told you about the night orbs and the big triangle I recorded. I just realized that you never saw it! I am sending you these two clips that are awesome.
The first clip is the big triangle. I was out in the morning hours walking my dog as I have been doing for weeks. Since April of this year I have been recording these lights in the sky on a regular basis but this night was special.
I usually get single orbs that look like stars but disappear and re-appear anywhere in the sky and move in straight lines. Some are brighter than others, some flash, some fast and some slow. This night was different.
At first I thought I was seeing things but since I recorded it I couldn't have been. I thought for the first time I was getting 2 orbs at once but it was actually 3 in a triangular formation. It came from the South and was moving about 20-30 mph(guess). Altitude is unknown because it looked like 3 stars in a triangular formation so it was hard to tell. It was heading right for me and than veered to the East.
The sighting lasted just over 5 minutes until I lost it in the clouds some 15 miles away. The funny thing about this was that during the recording I thought there were only 2 orbs so most of the video shows the 2 lights in the front but since I panned back a few times to show the object passing by the stars I noticed that there were 3 lights in a triangular formation. That's the clip I am sending you.
The other clip is a bright orb captured around the same time but the night after. I captured over 30 or more of these single orbs but this one is the brightest. Also on the night that I taped this single bright orb I captured 7 of them in one half hour! Coming from all directions all different speeds.
Pretty cool.
I hope you enjoy the clips and give my best to all, Thanks again,
Thank you to the gentleman for all of the clips and report.
Video clip and pictures are ©2004RichG.
Video clip #1 Night Triangle Phoenix, Arizona 3.00mbs
Video clip #2 Bright Night Orb Phoenix, Arizona 3.58mbs
To view video clips please visit:
Phoenix, Arizona Sky Worm
Date: August 25, 2004 Time: 1:01 p.m.
Brian, I am sending you a clip of these worm-like objects I am getting on tape lately. This is the first one I captured a few weeks ago. They start out like this but eventually gain altitude and turn into balls, weird.
I just want to let you know a few things about these worms in the sky. For one, I thought it may be a kite but there is no string. Second, it went directly over my house and stayed over it for 20 minutes just moving a few feet here and there but staying in the same general area over the house. Also I don't know of any kites that turn into a ball and then head off somewhere.
I just want to let you know a few things about these worms in the sky. For one, I thought it may be a kite but there is no string. Second, it went directly over my house and stayed over it for 20 minutes just moving a few feet here and there but staying in the same general area over the house. Also I don't know of any kites that turn into a ball and then head off somewhere.
For all I know I may be wrong. There may be a logical explanation for this weird worm in the sky but I have several of them on tape from different parts of the valley up to 45 miles from my house. So it's not just over my house. I also noticed that they are around when there are chemtrails present and we've had them the past few days.
I thought it may be a plastic bag from a grocery store but I followed one for almost 2 hours until I ran out of road. It never raised in altitude (so it seemed) and when it slowed down it looked like a worm on pavement. When it decided to move it rolled up into a ball and went on its way. Like I said it did this for at least 2 hours that I saw it. Stopping, moving, stopping, moving. Very subtle, very hard to see if you don't focus the right way. I mean, it's 108 degrees outside who wants to be outside? Again, weird...
But all this stuff is weird and maybe someone can let us all know what is actually up in our skies. I'll catch up with you later.
Thank you to the gentleman for all of the clips and report.
Video clip and pictures are ©2004RichG.
Video clip Sky Worm Phoenix, Arizona 3.33mbs
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Phoenix, Arizona Object In Vicinity Of The Plane
Date: August 28, 2004
Time: 12:39 p.m.
Hi Brian,
I took this video about a week ago and forgot to send it to you before I went out of town.
I spotted this object by accident. I was following an airplane with my camera when I saw a light reflection in the vicinity of the plane. I panned back and saw this object heading North at a fast pace and I knew this was not a plane. It had no wings as you can see and it was spinning. It must have been over 10k altitude and speed is unknown. The winds that day were West to East about 5-10mph but this object look silver metallic and you can easily see it rotating so balloons are ruled out. It was also moving very fast(much much faster than the breeze) and on a straight path North.
There was no erratic behavior no right angle turns and no stopping on dimes with this object. It just kept going on a straight course North. I wish it was more but I think this is still a good sighting.
Hope all is going well. Thank you Brian.
Thank you to the gentleman for all of the clips and report.
Video clip and pictures are ©2004RichG.
Video clip Extremely Bright Orb Phoenix, Arizona 2.08mbs
To view the video clip:
Kodiak Island, Alaska Stationary Object Over Coast Guard Base
Date: September 8, 2004
Time: Between 2:00 -3:00 p.m.
Dear Brian, I'm here on Kodiak island, Alaska. Yesterday we went river fishing for salmon nearby the Coast Guard base, COMSTA --Communications Station--and I lay on my back in the warm weather watching contrails from departing Anchorage jets flying SW towards Hawaii or the Philippines (?). Anyway, I noticed the SAME exact silvery dot maintaining a precise location in the sky while the contrails drifted and the lower clouds scurried over the mountain tops. I thought a weather balloon would drift, even a short distance in mild weather (It was almost windless) but I thought it peculiar anyway. It may well have been a weather balloon. Still, it was in the contrails and out but never moved anywhere across the sky. Too high for a tether too--!
Additional Information:
Dear Brian---As a sometimes reader of and contributor, I find myself questioning the chemtrails aspect. And having watched the flight pattern of the Anchorage jets as they heading SW over the island on that brilliantly sunny day (with a few low clouds), it was then I noticed the "shiny dot." The late afternoon sunlight reflected off it--Had to have been about 2-3:00 p.m. and lasted about 2 hours. As I said, I was watching my brother cast for silver salmon (he got his limit) while I slapped at bugs. Reclining on the bank seemed to offer a respite from the bug onslaught-lol. Anyway, I watched the silver dot suspended there and it didn't move. Now the high altitude contrails didn't blow away either but simply expanded and grew thinner. The dot must have been quite high because it was obscured but did NOT disappear within the contrails. If it was a balloon though it would have floated even a little way and it did NOT move one way or another. However, the contrails (3-4 jets passes at intervals of 8-10 minutes) did move, widening and growing thinner, as contrails do. The dot was still visible in the same place. Now, where we were fishing was at Buskin Lake surrounded by antennae, which I believe are part of the COMSTA Kodiak coast guard base. Here is what I found on google about the lake and antennae. Website can be found at:
I'm former USAF and my brother was US Marines. I didn't point out the dot to him because he was enjoying himself and has bad eyesight--lol---I had hoped the dot would zig and zag--always wanted to see a UFO, so that is why I checked it from time to time. When we left it was still there, 2 hours at least, in the same spot. Even windless skies aren't without a trace of wind in the upper levels, I don't believe, but it was hard to tell the elevation. The few lower clouds were moving across the tops of the mountains, as I noted.
Thank you very much to the witness for the excellent report.
Escondido, California Red And Green flashing Lights
Date: September 9, 2004
Time: 8:30 p.m.
Last night I saw another inexplicable light in the sky. I was on the phone to my sister in Sacramento for about 90 minutes last night. As you may recall, I live in Escondido, about 30 miles north of San Diego. For part of the time I was on the phone, I was sitting in a wicker chair on my balcony, which faces west. I often see aircraft. There is a local airfield about 15 miles west of here, and corporate and private aircraft are always coming and going. I am a mile from our local hospital, and often see medical helicopter flights quite close-up. Sheriff's helicopters are also a common sight. In the late afternoon I even see a fair number of hot-air balloons, several miles in the distance.
Last night, as I was sitting on the balcony talking with my sister, I became aware of a light which I first presumed was Jupiter, and then I thought it was an aircraft because it appeared to be flashing red and green lights. I didn't pay any attention at first,
until I suddenly realize that it was not moving at all, simply hovering. It was high up, and too far away to be heard even if it was an aircraft. I went inside and grabbed my binoculars, and tried to bring it into focus as I described to my sister what I was seeing. Through the binocs, it seemed to be a cluster of lights, which irregularly flashed red and green. I watched it for approximately ten minutes. This was about 8:30 PM. Later on, I walked back into the apartment. After hanging up, I walked back outside to look for the object. It was gone, and I could see Jupiter in the approximate location where the object had been.
There were a few high clouds, but the night was otherwise clear. Was I seeing some atmospheric distortion of Jupiter? I simply don't know. I do know that the red and green flashes were coming from opposite sides of the object, which is why I initially assumed it was an airplane. It did not move at all, the entire time I was observing it. My binoculars are quite strong, but not enough to get a fix on any structure. Just the flashing lights. I have no idea what I was looking at, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Jupiter, as I see Jupiter nightly, and have never seen it flashing lights before.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Sumner, Washington Short Blimp Like UFO
Date: September 10, 2004
Time: 9:22 a.m.
Hi Brian!! I'm so excited because I seen another UFO this morning-September 10, 2004....I was on my way to work which is about 10 minutes from my house. They just opened a road that leads from Hwy 167 to 142nd Avenue East in Sumner, Washington. I decided to try this new road and it was 9:22 a.m., I was happy to see that this new road cut a few minutes when I put my blinker on to turn right into our driveway. Suddenly I noticed a white sort of long (maybe like a short blimp) object traveling in the cloud was pretty white but made me wonder if it were a plane but I couldn't see any wings on it but then that really didn't mean much because sometimes its hard to tell if objects have wings depending on the angle...anyhow, I'm watching it and it's floating strangely and begins to descend just a little but enough to tell me that it wasn't a plane. It stays in the cloud stream and gets less white to where I can barely see it against the cloud it was in. It heads to the ridge (I guess East) of Lake Tapps where the 8th Street intersection is and it gets real bright for about 3 seconds then dims down to a faint spot, comes out of the clouds and gets bright again, now heading South towards Sumner - it remains bright for maybe 2 seconds and then dims down so dim that it's hard to see - looks like a faint spot that almost isn't there and then it completely disappears! I'm so glad I tried this new road today because if I would've went the other way, I might not have seen it. Hope you are well - Take care
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
Phoenix, Arizona "Bag-Like" Object Turns Into Orb
Date: September 10, 2004
Time: 4:03 p.m.
Hey Chief! Today was weird. I am sending you 2 clips, both have serious distortions on the video itself. A lot happened today but when I played back the video it looks like the camera vibrated vigorously and a black line appears at the top of the video even though the camera was on the tripod and fairly still.
The first clip was of a "bag-like" object that somehow turns into an orb. When I started to tape this first object it acted like a worm in the sky. But after 15 minutes of this object meandering in the sky it took the form of a ball-like object and looked like all the other orbs I've taped. So now I am confused. Or am I lead to believe that this is a bag but it is actually something that takes the shape of a worm than changes back into an orb to travel?
The clip shows the object moving to the left and back to its starting position very fast. Now as this is about to happen the shaking begins and the clip is almost impossible to see but if you watch it over and over you can see the motion clearly. On T.V. it's very obvious because the screen is big but on the computer it's a little more difficult to see, but you can tell.
The second clip is of another worm-like object flipping over and over and over and over and over, never stopping the flipping motion even for a second! This went on the whole 20 minutes I saw this. I align the camera so a tree branch
is in view for a reference and out of nowhere (where else?) another reflective silver-metallic objects streaks right by it to the left side of the object. (facing me)
Again the camera starts to vibrate and gets distorted when another object appears. Luckily I was able to get this object passing by because there were two more right after it but the camera vibrated and you can't see them unless it's on a bigger screen or T.V.
There were plenty of chemtrails today and I am starting to see a pattern with these sightings and these weird worm-like objects appearing by chemtrails. That's a whole other theory I don't wish to get into right now. Crazy today.
Hope all is well,
Thank you to the gentleman for all of the clips and report.
Video clip and pictures are ©2004RichG.
Video clip #1 Sharp Turn Orb Phoenix, Arizona 2.96mbs
Video clip #2 Sharp Turn Orb Phoenix, Arizona 2.68mbs
Video clips can be viewed at:
Toronto, Ontario Over Clay Hills Caledon
Date: September 10, 2004
Time: 11:48 p.m.
It's 11;48 pm Fri. September 10, 2004. I've been out on my deck looking in the east sky and there it is plan as can be, it's giving off lights as bright and obvious as an airplane. But it's not! It's a star ship. It's been moving closer and it's doing the up and down and quick circular motions. I have seen it a couple of times in the same location off and on for a week. Last weekend my 75 year old mother saw the same thing on Friday night but not Saturday. The stars were all still in the same location. Anyway I'm located 1 hour northwest of Toronto Ont. I live 1/4 km. from what they call the bad lands or clay hills in Caledon. I have a very good view from my backyard.
Hopefully someone else saw this tonight and can confirm. Thanks.
Additional Information:
This UFO was in the northeast sky, coming straight across to the west sky directly above my head within a hour or so.
As I said it didn't take to long for it to get to my location as it did little up and down back and forth movements along the way,every once in a while it appeared to do a circular motion. (that's when the lights are obvious), I watched it for almost two hours.
From a distance it almost looks like airplane light,but as it gets closer you can see the difference. It doesn't flicker like a star,it flashes, the lights appear to be going in a circular motion, bright white light,red and green. It was quite high up, But I imagine by that shape it was round or oval. I heard know sound.
I do live around 26 km north of Pearson Int, Airport and there is a small flying club just 6 km. south of me.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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