Makow - Bush Victory Could
Foil Occult Plot
The 'Crown' And The Masonic Temple

By Henry Makow PhD
A Bush victory in November could upset a timetable for nuclear world war in 2012. Unfortunately, it may result in a smaller nuclear conflagration next year.
This is the view of Tim Rifat, a British Intelligence analyst who unveils the invisible forces behind current events. (See "Rothschild Targets Putin, Bush-Cheney" Note - You can hear Jeff's interviews with Tim
exclusively on the Jeff Rense Program and in his program Archives.
He says John Kerry is an agent of the "British Crown," the ten trillion dollar cartel controlled by the Rothschilds, the Windsors and the City of London.

Rifat says the goal of this cartel isn't comprehensible in normal terms. As Freemasons, they worship Lucifer and intend to establish a world government and religion based on the occult.

They are planning to rebuild Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem and sacrifice millions of Israelis and Moslems to their evil deity in a world war scheduled for about 2012. This human sacrifice is extremely important in occult terms because the souls of the dead somehow will consecrate the temple.

The "Crown" wants Kerry to be elected because Bush's plan to attack Iran next year would derail this master plan. (See "The Countdown to World War Three"

"Bush will set the occult plan back 200 years because the temple hasn't been rebuilt yet," Rifat says. "It has to be reconstructed in order to receive the sacrifice."

I know this is extremely bizarre and distasteful but unfortunately there is solid supporting evidence, which I will present later.

If Bush is re-elected, Rifat says the U.S. will launch a nuclear attack on Iran. This will also defeat the Iraqi resistance by eliminating their main source of support.

Rifat believes Bush represents American-based elites that do not accept the subordinate position planned for the US in the New World Order. They want to translate US military and economic advantage into global hegemony while they still can. This requires aggressive action before Iran and possibly other countries can acquire more nuclear weapons and ICBMs.

The fall-out could extend farther than expected. China and Russia both have ties with Iran and are not going to be pleased. Nor will the UN and the EU which the "British" control. China may get their client North Korea to attack South Korea. The plasma bomb explosion in North Korea that created a mushroom cloud may have been a warning.

If Kerry is elected, Rifat says he will get the United Nations to take America's place in Iraq, and the Rothschilds will get the oil. We will enjoy another few years of Clinton-era stability. This will give Iran and China time to prepare for World War Three, which will destroy Iran, Israel (but not Jerusalem) and the U.S.

This may explain why UN Secretary General Kofi Annan declared last week, 17 months after the fact, that Bush's Invasion of Iraq was "illegal."

It may explain why John Kerry leaked Bush's plans to call up additional reserves immediately after the election.

It may explain why there is a spate of probably true but incriminating information about Bush's service record and the Iraq war plan predating 9-11 emanating from the Rothschild-controlled press.

Rifat believes the "British" will do everything in their power to elect Kerry.


The British "Crown" does not refer to the Queen of England. It is a private club that embraces the British and European aristocracy and Jewish finance. Called the "Club of the Isles," it is the most powerful financial and political force in the world. Its members are worth one trillion dollars, and control a corporate empire of some $9 trillion. Based in the City of London, it functions as a supranational entity owing no allegiance and not accountable to any nation.

Over the centuries, "British" imperialism has been synonymous with the predatory clutch of this Lucifer loving clan. The New World Order represents so-called "British" imperialism in a new guise. (See "The Jewish Conspiracy is British Imperialism"

My source of information is /" Who is Sparking a Religious War in the Middle East?"/ (2000), a Executive Intelligence Review Special Report by Jeffrey Steinberg, Salvatore Montagna, Scott Thompson, Michael Minnicino and others published by the Lyndon Larouche Organization. While I disagree with some of LaRouche's positions, his research is generally inspired and indispensable.

Members of the Club of the Isles fill the uppermost ranks of the "United Grand Lodge of England" (UGLE) the "mother lodge of world freemasonry." The entire Masonic hierarchy is based on aristocratic rank and fortune.

Freemasons believe they are descended from the original Phoenician stonemasons who built Solomon's Temple in the 8^th century BC. Although they frequently cloak themselves in Christianity, their occult belief belongs to the Gnostic heresy bitterly opposed by true Christians since ancient times.

The Club of the Isles and Freemasons are also behind the "British Israel Movement"; a cult that claims the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic race is the true "Ten Lost Tribes of Israel." They believe the British sovereign and oligarchy are descended from King David and Jesus Christ, (who apparently was not crucified but married Mary Magdelene.)

They believe the "British" empire is biblically prophesied to rule the world. In 1919 the 40-odd British Israelite organizations were consolidated into the British Israel World Federation (BIWF), which spans the British Empire and the US.

They have fostered the powerful Christian Fundamentalist movement in the U.S. because prophecies based on the Book of Revelations fit "British" imperialist designs. These foresee the return of the Jews to Israel, the rebuilding of the temple and an apocalyptic war followed by the return of Jesus Christ.
Before Zionist founder Theodore Herzl was even born, the "British" planned to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine in order to check rival Ottoman and Egyptian interests and protect the Suez Canal route to India.

In 1865, when Herzl was five-years-old, the Club of the Isles established the "Palestine Exploration Fund" to finance Jewish immigration and settlement.

Long before World War One and Two, they began excavations designed to rebuild Solomon's Temple in time for World War Three.

Today, the Rothschilds are personally financing plans to rebuild the temple on the site of the Dome of the Rock, the third most sacred mosque in Islam, where the Prophet Mohammed rose to heaven. The proposal is to "relocate the mosque to Mecca."

This is the background to Rifat's claims. They are supported by the masonic design of the new Rothschild-sponsored Israeli Supreme Court.


My aim is to give you something to think about, not to tell you what to think.

As my archives attest, I have opposed the Iraq war and predicted the current morass. If I were President, I would withdraw from Iraq immediately. The U.S. is thwarting genuine democracy.

I do not believe Islam represents a threat to the West. The opposite is true. The "British" (i.e. Club of the Isles, Mi-6, Mossad and CIA) and the Bush administration were responsible for Sept. 11. The purpose was to justify "British" imperialism and a series of regional wars leading to World War Three.

Generally speaking, I see our democracy as a charade designed to make the rubes think they have a say. Nonetheless, if Tim Rifat is right, the result of the November election could have dire consequences.
Bush appears ready to upset the "British" timetable. If so, Bush serves the US, Israeli and world long term interests better than Kerry. On the other hand, a nuclear attack on Iran is unthinkable.

Kerry represents Clinton-era peace and prosperity in the short term, and perhaps an unforeseeable opportunity to prevent World War Three without expanding the war in the Middle East.

When Americans vote Nov. 2, it may be their most important ever.

Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the board game Scruples and author of "A Long Way to go for a Date." His past articles on feminism and the new world order can be found at his web site . He enjoys receiving feedback at Some may be posted without names.
From Bob Greenberg
Regarding Makow's Bush Claims - Before we all vote for traitor W (Makow's claim)
Early on in the piece, anti-feminist crusader Mr. Makow's primary contention is that a Bush "win" would forestall/oppose the dire and dirty schemes of the "Crown"/Club of the Isles group and Zionists, as Bush/NeoCon lunatics are so intent on attacking Iran and this would interfere with bigtime Zionist/Crown schemes. Yet Makow then goes on to assert that Bush and company were "RESPONSIBLE" the 911 attack, in collaboration with the very same aforementioned groups. How can this work both ways? That seems highly contradictory.
Further, it's incontestably proven that Bush NeoCons have unleashed hell on earth via their unprovoked attacks in the Middle East, and that more of the same -- which Makow asserts WILL happen with a post-Bush-victory attack on Iran -- will incur the brutal ending of countless more innocent human lives, and very likely the end of modern civilization as we've come to know it.
Whatever can be said about Kerry, it CANNOT be said incontestably that he will without any doubt bring on a future equally horrific or even worse to that which we now KNOW bush/NeoCons WILL seek to bring to pass.
Whatever all the arcane, esoteric (or would hat be "elitist?") information that Makow relies on may or may not put forward about myriad hidden global schemes and agendas, which impels him to claim a Bush "victory" is the lesser of two evils, Bush is undoubtedly the PROVEN evil, the proven traitor and mass-murderer of his "own countrymen" as well as the innumerable innocent civilians slaughtered in the NeoCon's deranged, eternal "War on 'Terr'" (as Bush & Co. generally pronounce it -- that is, war on EARTH and all its lifeforms!)
How can those PROVEN and KNOWN to be willing servants of Satan be the lesser of two evils?
Bob Anderson



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