Bush Has 'Fired' Millions
Of Americans From
Their Jobs

By Michael Shore
It doesn't take a flaming genius to figure out that if a $60,000 U.S. job can be outsourced and performed in India or China etc. for only $10,000, then the U.S.A. and all other western Nations are in for the biggest deflationary DEPRESSION since 1929, in order to adjust the global disparity of wages! This Illuminati generated global economic collapse will also make trillions of dollars for the Illuminati and their banker members, who are on the final leg of their attempt to achieve a global fascist police state dictatorship to control all the human beings in the entire world, while at the same time NOT permitting any dissent or opposition to their "rule".
America is in debt and getting deeper and deeper in debt by the Bush Junta, called the Republican Party, who normally are the political party supposedly trying to "balance" the budget. But the ILLUMINATI MANIPULATION is so blatant that it is the Republicans who are voting for more and more government spending, creating bigger and bigger deficits.
Doesn't anyone remember that Bush {an Illuminati controlled puppet} inherited a projected budget SURPLUS when he took over from the Democrats and President Clinton {another Illuminati controlled puppet} just four years ago. Bush's first move in the White House was to give a $1.3 TRILLION dollar tax cut to multi-millionaires and billionaires in America, of which the Bush's and Cheney's are a part of. Bush will not rescind this tax gift to the rich, which would once again help to bring the budget deficit back into surplus territory. The biggest SECRET being kept from the American people is that the projected U.S. government debt is over 7 TRILLION {not billion} DOLLARS, which can never be repaid without getting TRILLIONS of tax dollars from rich individuals and corporations and reducing government spending. So in essence the U.S. government is literally BANKRUPT at this time!
On top of all this, the American people are voting in a FRAUDULENT ELECTION, controlled and financed by the Illuminati ; and the American voters are not aware of what is going on. THE ILLUMINATI FINANCE AND CONTROL BOTH THE REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATIC PARTIES and CHOOSE which candidate will carry out their agenda. Just call David Rockefeller today if you'd like to know who will "WIN" the U.S. election.
No matter which candidate "wins" the election, the economic collapse of America will happen unless Americans WAKE UP and overcome their brainwashing and mind control. Bush and Kerry are both Scull and Bones Yale University fraternity brothers. No matter which Scull and Bones man is "elected" in this election, America is on the verge of going into a depression that will make 1929 look like a picnic.
Major STAGED 911 STYLE "TERRORIST" ACTS, on American soil and the soil of other western Nations will most likely be blamed for the so-called cause of the coming global economic collapse. Inflation in America has been proceeding along at a rapidly rising pace for the last 5 or more years. A TEENAGER working in a hamburger "joint" in the U.S. can make almost $10 an hour or $80 for an 8 hour day. ADULTS in India make about $2 A DAY for an 8 to 10 hour day! Americans haven't a clue as to how high an inflationary rate has been "SNUCK" upon them by the EVIL ILLUMINATI TERRORISTS. $50 to $100 barrels of oil will cause American inflation to go through the roof!!!
Can you imagine a U.S. DICTATORSHIP forced upon the American people by FALSE STAGED "TERRORIST" MASS CASUALTY EVENTS IN AMERICA/??? And uncontrolled rampant inflation caused by a rapidly declining dollar. Add to this the GLOBAL ECONOMY that permits American corporations to get $60,000 a year jobs done in foreign labor markets for only $10,000??? Does anyone get the picture yet??? Do you realize how many more millions of American workers will lose their jobs in the next few years? AMERICA CAN'T COMPETE IN THE GLOBAL MARKET!
And it looks like almost every American cannot begin to see what's in store. The Illuminati corporate controlled media obviously is not telling Americans what's in store.
Can a brainwashed mind controlled American people WAKE UP and see the light?
Let's bless them and hope so. The whole world is depending on them to WAKE UP to help stop the ILLUMINATI TERRORISTS from destroying humanity and our world1
Michael Shore



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