3 Million More Illegals
Expected This Year

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The U.S.'s borders, rather than become more secure since 9/11, have grown even more porous and the trend has accelerated in the past year. Based on a TIME investigation, it's fair to estimate that the number of illegal aliens flooding into the U.S. this year will total 3 million, enough to fill 22,000 Boeing 737-700 airliners, or 60 flights every day. It will be the largest wave since 2001 and roughly triple the number of immigrants who will come to America by legal means, TIME reports in its cover story , "Who Left the Door Open?" (on newsstands Monday, Sept. 13th).
In a single day, more than 4,000 illegal aliens will walk across the busiest unlawful gateway into the U.S., the border between Arizona and Mexico. And many will obtain phony identification papers, including bogus Social Security numbers, to conceal their true identities and mask their unlawful presence. TIME's Pulitzer Prize winning investigative team, Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele, takes a look at the damage, the dangers, and the reasons America fails to protect itself as millions of illegal aliens pour across the U.S.-Mexican border this year, many from countries hostile to America.
Who are these new arrivals?
While the vast majority are Mexicans, a small but sharply growing number come from other countries, including those with large populations hostile to the U.S. From Oct. 1 of last year until Aug. 25, the border patrol estimates, it apprehended along the southwest border 55,890 people who fall into the category described officially as other than Mexicans, or OTMS. With five weeks remaining in the fiscal year, the number is nearly double the 28,048 apprehended in all of 2002. But that's just how many were caught.
Based on longtime government formulas for calculating how many elude capture, TIME estimates that as many as 190,000 illegals from countries other than Mexico have melted into the U.S. population so far this year. The border patrol, which is run by the Department of Homeland Security, refuses to break down OTMS by country. But local law officers, ranchers and others who daily confront the issue tell TIME they have encountered not only a wide variety of Latin Americans (from Guatemala, El Salvador, Brazil, Nicaragua and Venezuela) but also intruders from Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Russia and China, as well as people who said they were from Egypt, Iran and Iraq.
Law-enforcement authorities believe the mass movement of illegals offers the perfect cover for terrorists seeking to enter the U.S., especially since tighter controls have been imposed at airports.
Why Alien Criminals Are at Large in America
Perhaps the most alarming aspect of having 15 million illegals at large in society is Congress's failure to insist that federal agencies separate those who pose a threat from those who don't. The open borders, for example, allow illegals to come into the country, commit crimes and return home with little fear of arrest or punishment. From Oct. 1, 2003, until July 20, 2004, the Border Patrol's Tucson sector stopped 9,051 persons crossing into the country illegally who had criminal records in the U.S., meaning they committed crimes here, returned to Mexico, then were trying to reenter the country. Among them: 378 with active warrants for their arrest. In one week, said Border Patrol spokeswoman Andrea Zortman, there were two with outstanding "warrants for homicide."
Living in the War Zone
John Ladd Jr., a rancher just outside Bisbee, AZ, is forced to work the equivalent of several weeks a year to repair, as best he can, all the damage done to his property by never-ending swarms of illegal aliens. "Patience is my forte," Ladd says, "but it's getting lower." The 14,000-acre Ladd ranch, in his mother's family since the 1800s, is right on the border. Ladd says 200 to 300 illegals enter the U.S. Border crossing at the Ladd ranch each night and it is so flagrant that sometimes the illegals arrive by taxi.
Ladd doesn't blame the border patrol, most of whose officers, he says, are doing all they can under the circumstances. Indeed, apprehensions of illegals in Arizona have soared from 9% of the nation's total in 1993 to 51% this year. "I have real heartache for the agents who are really working. They track down the [smugglers], and the judges let them off, and they get a free trip back to Mexico, where they can start all over." The border patrol, Ladd feels, "are responsible guys in a hypocritical bureaucracy."
Rancher George Morin, who operates a 12,000-acre spread a few miles from the border, tells TIME, "All these people say they are coming for the amnesty program. [They] have been told if they get 10 miles off the border, they are home free." The highest levels of the U.S. and Mexican governments have orchestrated this situation as a kind of dance: Mexico sends its poor north to take jobs illegally, and the U.S., in turn, arrests enough of the border crossers to create the illusion that it is enforcing the immigration laws, while allowing the great majority to get through, TIME reports.
How Corporate America Thrives on Illegals
Investigations targeting employers of illegal aliens dropped more than 70%, from 7,053 in 1992 to 2,061 in 2002. Arrests on job sites declined from 8,027 in 1992 to 451 in 2002. Perhaps the most dramatic decline: the final orders levying fines for immigration-law violations plunged 99%, from 1,063 in 1992 to 13 in 2002. In 2002 the old Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) issued orders levying fines on only 13 employers for hiring illegal aliens, a minuscule portion of the thousands of offenders.
Both political parties and their candidates pay lip service to controlling the borders. But neither President Bush nor Senator Kerry supports a system that would end the incentive for border crossers by cracking down on the employers of illegals, TIME reports.
From Richard A. Landkamer
To Whom It May Concern:
I have long been a critic of what I have referred to as the Bush Administration's Fascist Police State With Open Borders (FPSWOB). I have read a considerable number of articles regarding the Bush Administration's Fascist Police State, although its proponents rarely ever use that term to describe or advocate what they have created. On the other hand, the Bush Administration does publicly advocate open borders, but never spells out what that really means, and how their whole concept of open borders makes a mockery of their much hyped "war on terrorism." Consequently, I was surprised that an establishment publication like Time magazine would publish an article like the following, which describes at least some of what the Open Borders aspect of the Bush Administration's Fascist Police State With Open Borders (FPSWOB) really means.
Unfortunately, it appears that the entire Time article, entitled "Who Left the Door Open?", can only be read by subscribers of Time. However, this article does indeed exist, and anyone can read the first part of it on the Time web page at The first public part of this article contains the following paragraph:
"The US's borders, rather than becoming more secure since 9/11, have grown even more porous. And the trend has accelerated in the past year. It's fair to estimate, based on a TIME investigation, that the number of illegal aliens flooding into the U.S. this year will total 3 million"enough to fill 22,000 Boeing 737-700 airliners, or 60 flights every day for a year. It will be the largest wave since 2001 and roughly triple the number of immigrants who will come to the U.S. by legal means. (No one knows how many illegals are living in the U.S., but estimates run as high as 15 million.)"
Since we apparently have to rely upon other publications to paraphrase this article in Time, WorldNetDaily published an article, based upon the above Time article, at,
entitled "COMING TO AMERICA 3 million illegals to U.S. this year."
I submit that articles like this prove that the Bush Administration's much hyped "war on terror" is largely a fraud and a sham. If the Bush Administration was waging a real "war on terror," the first thing that it would do would be to build an Israeli style security fence along most of the U.S. border with Mexico.
But don't expect any better policy from the other major candidate for U.S. President from Skull and Bones, John Kerry. As an aside, if you do not know anything about Skull and Bones, I suggest listening to a recent BBC Radio 4 broadcast at
(You must have RealPlayer installed on your computer to listen to this broadcast.)
The following Drudge Report summary of the above cited Time article concludes with the following statement:
"Both political parties and their candidates pay lip service to controlling the borders. But neither President Bush nor Senator Kerry supports a system that would end the incentive for border crossers by cracking down on the employers of illegals, TIME reports."
So how do we get rid of this insane Fascist Police State With Open Borders (FPSWOB)? My answer is to vote for any Candidate for U.S. President other than Bush or Kerry. In practical terms, this means voting for some 3rd Party candidate as a protest vote. A good place to begin your research is on Richard Winger's Ballot Access News web sites at and You will quickly discover that your alternative choices to Bush and Kerry depend upon what U.S. state that you live in. You will also discover that although the Republican and Democrat Parties prattle endlessly about promoting "democracy," they do not believe in "democracy" in the United States. If they did, they would not go to great lengths to try and suppress real democracy in the form of 3rd Party candidates in the United States, and they would invite all 3rd Party candidates to their so-called "Presidential Debates."
I live in Texas, and it appears that the only 3rd Party Presidential candidate that I will be allowed to vote for is Michael Badnarik of the Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party web site is at In general, I agree with most positions of the Libertarian Party, and I believe that the Libertarians would certainly dismantle the Bush Administration's Fascist Police State. Unfortunately, I do not agree with their open borders immigration policies, as stated at and
Another 3rd Party worth considering is the Constitution Party whose web site is at Although I agree more with the Libertarian Party than I do with the Constitution Party on many other issues, I believe that the Immigration policy of the Constitution Party, as expressed at, is much better and more realistic than that of the Libertarian Party, as cited above. There are many states in which you can vote for either the Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party, but Texas is not one of them.
Finally, as for Ralph Nader, I do not know where he stands on these particular issues.
Richard A. Landkamer




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