His Excellency

By Kirwan
The UN moderator introduced Bush yesterday, this way:
"On behalf of the General Assembly, I have the honor to welcome to the United Nations "His Excellency" Mr. George W. Bush, the president of the United States of America and to invite him to address the Assembly."
The term 'Excellency' should be used only for royalty, and never for an elected person representing a so-called free Republic - but then Bush wasn't elected, so maybe the moderator was only catering to another of this outlaw's fantasies?
Here are some things that many of us have overlooked about our self-proclaimed leadership and their recent efforts to take over the world. Perhaps the first order on that list ought to be a reminder that the Outlaws are incompetent in every way. If they were even remotely capable of doing anything at all - then we'd all be in the FEMA camps or dead by now.
If they could function at all: then the disputed states of Iraq and Afghanistan would both be really exemplary puppets, as opposed to failed states, and the oil in both places would be flowing freely to Israel, and into the US supply chain, while the profits from this venture would be safely in the knarled hands of private corporations, which could then have been carrying out the next two wars in this never ending chain of wars-the wars that were designed to end all the freedoms in the world. This did not happen, only because of the extreme ineptitude and the total lack of planning by the satanic forces of our dictators. Seeking global control is one thing, actually doing it is quite another.
When seen from this angle one becomes clearly aware of the fact that nothing undertaken by this administration has succeeded.
The "attacks of 911" which were orchestrated and carried out from secret war-rooms in the Pentagon and the White House - succeeded in the sense that the targets were destroyed; but their aftermath is unraveling in every other detail. Phase two sought to use this attack as the battle cry for unilateral attacks on other nations, this also initially succeeded-yet ultimately both actions fell flat, as it became clear that neither war had a legitimate point or purpose. Now as the entire situation is in complete disarray, with chaos completely in charge instead of the vaunted US military, the final excuse has come down to an obscene denial of reality in the overwhelming face of mounting resistance everywhere, to everything we said we wanted to do.
Yesterday Bush lectured the UN, about the needs of the Iraqi people - these are the same Iraqi people that we routinely slaughter in bombing raids, and mortar attacks, not to mention our middle-of-the-night round-ups that imprisoned nine-tenths the civilian population we arrested for no reason whatsoever. If we really care so much about the Iraqi people why do we not bother to count how many of them we are killing, everyday, in order to free the survivors of our aggressive invasion?
The Iraqi workforce we "employ" to fix the infrastructure is now one third of what is needed, because they fear for their lives. Electricity, water, and reconstruction have been reduced to less than what it all was before the war, and since we are now practicing torture along with deprivation of the populace, there is no longer any difference between our regime and that of Saddam's except that perhaps his was more predictable than ours.
All of this on top of the failed US economy, a system that is hopelessly strangling the social order here, while a full-blown class war is under way. The nine-tenths of the population that have to work for a living, are definitely losing in every area of life that they care about - while "they're betters" have found a Nirvana that is seemingly unending, complete with annual tax-breaks that continue to increase the size and scale of their own obscene wealth.
The trials of those who created the national scandals in energy, in bookkeeping and on Wall Street have only just begun, with no major figures yet actually charged (their property and their wealth remains intact): After the election they will all no doubt be pardoned.
Meanwhile medical costs continue to skyrocket, the benefits for seniors are becoming a national horror story, and education has dropped to 10th place among civilized nations. The "safety-net" that was created after the stock market crash of 29, is now nothing but a shredded rag that has been thrown away, to make way for ever greater profits and ever-greater excesses for those who steal from others for a living.
In case anyone may have missed it, the political conventions were canceled this year, by the media (who made the decisions for the delegates) long before they were to be held. And since neither party wanted to question the legality of our stance in the world, of unilateral pre-emptive strikes, or the war in Iraq, or the dire state of the economy: there appears to be no further need for the trappings of political parities and their so-called dialogue that leads to "consensus."
Both the administration and the country seemed to be hooked on the phrase. "Let's move on." That really cannot be done, until we have dealt with what we've allowed to happen to this point. Nothing above is going to fix itself. And the relatives of the people we have murdered all over this planet are not going to simply forget their loved ones, nor will they forget who did that to them. The past is huge and ugly, and can be denied only momentarily.
Bush says that he is the WAR president; He proudly claims that he "owns this topic." Then he should be made to wear this war for the hair shirt of blood and guts and human excrement that it truly is, because these actions of this 'war president' - stink to the highest of heavens. We have invested over 17,000 casualties in this fantasy of his, and the people we have been killing have been dying in huge numbers since 1991. These crimes must be answered for - and that must be done NOW, not later.
This government is now bringing charges against big tobacco, in court. The charges involve lying to the American people for the past 50 years, deceiving the public about the safety of their products, and the merits of their claims, as well as committing fraud. These are the same claims that need to be brought against this administration, as they are the current descendants of the government that has been doing these same things to the American public for at least the last 50 years.
The point of the big tobacco case is to bankrupt the cigarette manufacturers since it is impossible to simply outlaw cigarettes. The monetary damages being sought exceed $280 billion. In the case of the US government the point of bringing such a case would be to punish the behavior, and prosecute the leadership, for that which it now seems impossible to do (the ballot process having been corrupted, along with the voter registration rolls and the state government oversight of all of that), in the otherwise normal process of elections.
The US government has no friends that we haven't purchased in the community of nations, and our policies have become the laughing stock of the entire world. It is a real pity that so many Americans are afraid to say what they think, or to do what their gut says they should do - which is get rid of these outlaws - legally and permanently. Some will see this as proof that we are really very lucky that the Outlaws are so completely without talent or abilities of any kind. However - what will soon become evident is the extremely high price that all of us will pay-for this continuing silence of the lambs.



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