What Ted Kennedy Is Handcuffed
From Saying About Bush And
Domestic Nuclear Terrorism

By Joseph Ehrlich
SenderBerl's Sept 19 analysis argued that nuclear terrorism was a given on Bush's re-election. Senator Ted Kennedy today de facto verified it but is politically handcuffed from expressing what we have: that it is highly likely only under a Bush victory not a Kerry victory!
Ted K: Bush fosters fear of nuke 9/11 By Andrew Miga Monday, September 27, 2004 WASHINGTON - Sen. Edward M. Kennedy [< M. Kennedy>related, <>bio], aiming to rattle President Bush [< Bush>related, <>bio] as the first presidential debate nears, today plans a new line of attack on the White House - warning Bush's blunders in <>Iraq have left America more vulnerable to a terrorist nuclear attack.``The greatest danger we face in the days and weeks and months ahead is a nuclear 9/11, and we hope and pray that it is not already too late to prevent,'' Kennedy said in a draft of his speech today at George Washington University. ``The war in Iraq has made the mushroom cloud more likely, not less likely.''
SenderBerl Detailed the Point on September 19, 2004
The Crossroads to the Future Unfold on November 2, 2004
By Joseph Ehrlich
September 19, 2004
Kofi Anan certifies that war against Iraq illegal. While it is true that he made this remark only after official release of report that Iraq had no WMD, Sender, Berl & Sons Inc. believes he made this remark posturing him against the Bush oligarchy because Anan is trying to do the USA a favor. He is fully aware that the war, that Bush's war is not really a war but a creature of Bush design. Anan understands that if the American people do re-elect Bush that aside from it being clear that Bush will move against Syria and Iran the Islamic nations will in fact have to go to a real war with Bush and thus the USA. Americans do not understand war at home. They do not even appreciate the connection between Charley, Frances and Ivan and the abuse of power seen in the shock and awe campaign against a defenseless Iraq to predicate its destruction and rebuilding. Now, Anan is de facto saying, look, what Bush did was clearly illegal, thus there is a wrongful occupation, and you cannot move forward to colonize Iraq and other Middle Nations with your self created pre-emptive facade for waging war against nations not at war with you. Now, if the American people ratify Bush's pre-emptive doctrines and wrongful design there is little question that there will not only be significant domestic terrorism but it will be nuclear. When Bush thereafter says we are at war, the American people will understand the difference between Bush's war and real war.
Why will the terrorism include the use of nuclear weapons? Those behind the NWO control of US government care little for loss of life unless it is their own. Large scale terrorism that takes out masses of people does them a favor: depopulation. However, what this NWO leadership who will hide offshore and on their yachts and ships and in their vacation hideaways when things turn ugly cannot tolerate is anything that destroys the value of their financial assets. Nuclear weapons may render their assets and property holdings near worthless. This is why they are on a tear against nuclear weapons. They don't care if there is a twenty or thirty year battle as long as they benefit and nothing impedes their control and their wealth. However, use of nuclear war changes their preferred equation and forces them to resolve the war and conflict. Thus the use of nuclear weapons is nearly assured. Of course, this has been our position for quite some time. Now, the think tanks are in full agreement that the use of a nuclear weapon is highly likely within a four year time span. Our point of course is that if Bush is re-elected it will certainly be sooner than later as the Islamic leadership finds itself compelled to go to war and use the stratagems that are effective
Didn't Islamic fundamentalists declare war against the USA on 9-11? This disinformation is being spread to the entire USA community. The acts of one group of people first of all is not a declaration of war by all of Islam against the USA. In fact, despite a host of grievances for many years, the reaction of the Islamic nation has been mild when one considers that the NWO design was to secure Islamic oil and thus required to intrude and provoke a necessary environment to effectuate the design. However, the most important counter to the disinformation is that the NWO controlled media does not allow the issues raised by 9-11 families themselves aside from those committed to the US Constitution, its Bill of Rights and our heritage, to be addressed or answered. Our lead page contains all the links that prove beyond a reasonable doubt Bush complicity in 9-11. Washington knows it, sophisticated and thinking Americans know it, but everyone seems to stand stupid dumb and blind to the reality that 9-11 was a Bush cabal act of terrorism and treason against the USA than any act of Islamic fundamentalism. SenderBerl recognized implosions that signified internal explosives and escalation of whatever terrorism was in fact planned and in play,and albeit we gave Bush the benefit of the doubt the facts over time spoke unequivocally that it was part and parcel of a strategic design against the interests of the USA by a shadow government in control of the overt White House administration. The question we posit at the start of the lead page is central because it shows that the USA is no longer the USA because it is in control of those seeking to maim and weaken it as we have publicly expressed and articulated since 1997. When you have a leadership removed from G-d, who use G-d's name to wage wrongdoing, who shower abuses that mimic another dark time in history, you must recognize there is a problem. Many of the previous failures to remove shadow government leadership had to do with an increasingly corrupt and inept Congress. But here now in November 2004 YOU the American people have the ability to remove evil from our government. Buy their false arguments that they represent good and you have entered without question and doubt the portal to what domestic terrorism will be in fact when the Islamic nations have to give the green flag to the use of terrorism and nuclear weapons to boot. The future is in your hands. Many things have to change. The first thing that is required is that Bush be booted from office. You fail to do it and SenderBerl is done. If the American people cannot deal on the most elementary level with evil in their midst, then they have de facto accepted it as their government, willingly and foolishly giving up everything won from our historic enemy to the enemy that has recaptured control of this country. Their posture that the American people are fools will be proven and we will have no choice but to agree.
What are the solutions to removing the evil from our midst? First as expressed is to boot Bush. Second, will be to recognize that Kerry himself is NWO aligned because no one who is not (such as Dean) is allowed to run from office. Third is to recognize that centralized media control is the antithesis to America and American interests; that laws must be passed that break it up and put it into smaller hands. Fourth is to recognize the importance of closing our borders, proscribing the export of American jobs, and the need to protect sovereign interests and dispel this group that seeks centralized world government. An important adjunct is to really support education for Americans, get rid of drugs, gambling, pornography and all the other vices that have moved by design this country to a pagan hedonistic culture, the antithesis of what America was all about. There are endless serious issues and thus leadership must go into hands of G-d fearing caring and loving people who are givers not takers; those who do not live to loot their own country and their fellow American citizens.
Character and honor are all important. The American people cannot allow amoral corporate America to be in de facto control of this country. They better realize that by picking a leader from a hat of selfless Americans that they can pursue a better future. Moreover, on a more elevated scale, Americans better reassess their connection to G-d and how they have been blessed and protected from a world that otherwise would be in control of Asian interests. The truly ironic dynamic not understood by the NWO itself no matter how smart they are (because they have no love or fear of G-d) is that their design gives future power to Asia who will remove them from the future equation of leadership. Jiang Zemin hates Bush for a host of reasons but ironically he hates Bush also for being a leader that sells out his own countrymen.
Understanding the truth of this assertion is critically important and that is what our long term efforts have achieved for many of you that visit this site. Many of you influence many others and thus we are at the point to herald the need for you to do whatever you can NOW to make sure that Bush is booted. Those that have put their trust in Bush will find out soon enough that they have sold out to the devil. However, by then it will certainly be too late. The line is in the sand. The American people re-elect Bush and it is over. It really is. He probably will fool the American people a little longer, but sooner or later they will wake up that they have sold themselves to a leadership detesting them and moving this countries wealth and resources overseas.
This nation will be conflicted; militarily maimed; dollar derided; debt ridden; morally corrupt; hedonistic; pagan nation and its future will be dim and dark. It is fundamentally insane for the rest of the world to see Americans re-elect Bush. However, if the case, there is war and we pointed out that a single nuclear weapon launched at the eye of a hurricane can do incredible long term damage. The bad news is that there are endless strategic designs to attack the USA. A future for peace has never been and will never be in pre-emptive war and designs. It certainly will never be in the hands and control of people that seek to remove G-d. Those that believe that Bush believes in G-d better be more specific in pursuing what god he believes in.
If we were advising John Kerry we would strongly urge Kerry to cover character and a lot of the issues by making one affirmative statement:
I want to tell the American people one thing to keep in mind why they should vote for me John Kerry. When the first plane struck the north tower of the World Trade Center President Bush knew BEFORE he entered the Booker Elementary School the morning of 9-11 that America was under attack. He didn't need Andrew Card to tell him that after the second plane struck the south tower. The 9-11 Commission testimony made that very clear. I want the American people to know that I John Kerry would have never entered the Booker Elementary School and I and those I will have as part of my administration would have stopped the second plane from striking the second tower and thus prevented the two towers from collapsing. If there was anyone aiding and abetting the enemy, it was the inexplicable fact that my opponent entered the school and stayed there when he knew America was under attack.
Let that be Kerry's clear and cogent point to the American people. Let the election rest on that single point alone! We have a second one predicated on Abu Ghraib. We have a third one based on North Korea and oil. However, this one is the one we SenderBerl want to highlight as not only the predicate for a Kerry victory but to wake up the American people from their damaging slumber



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