Close-up Sighting Of A
Black Triangle UFO
By Gary Val Tenuta
The following is a true and accurate account of my sighting in Seattle Washington which occurred in 1993. I believe it was in the month of November.
It was a Sunday night about 9:30. I often had occasion to be driving north about that time of evening on Sundays and I usually took the I-5 freeway. This time, however, I knew the freeway, northbound, was jammed up due to an accident. So I took an alternate route which eventually led me to what I think was East Marginal Way, right next to the main Boeing Aircraft facility in Seattle.
As I was traveling, northbound, I noticed three red lights low in the sky ahead of me and to my right. They were moving in unison, very slowly across my field of vision from east to west. At first I thought they must be the lights of a low flying plane, perhaps about to land. Then I thought, no, they must be helicopters because a plane, even if it was landing, wouldn't be moving that slowly. The trouble was, I couldn't actually see the craft or crafts that the lights were attached to. They were, maybe, a half mile ahead of me, about 30 degrees to my right. Normally, I wouldn't have paid much attention to this because I'd been making that Sunday night drive past Boeing (although via the freeway) for twelve years. This is also not too far from the Sea-Tac Airport.
In all that time I'd seen plenty of airplanes and helicopters flying low in this area. But something was different this time. It took me a minute to realize what it was. It was the fact that the lights weren't blinking. I thought that was odd. It seemed to me every airplane or helicopter I've ever seen flying at night had blinking lights. I squinted my eyes as I drove toward the lights, trying to see just what I was actually looking at. Although I was now only about two blocks away from being directly under the flight path of these lights, I still could not make out what they were attached to. However, from their slow, steady movement, in unison, I was pretty sure all three of them were attached to a single object rather than being independent of each other. By the time I was directly in line with their flight path, they were about to enter the airspace above Boeing Field to my immediate left. At this point I was convinced it was a single, low-flying craft of some kind and I knew there was something very odd here. I pulled my car off to the side of the road and rolled down the window to get a better look. But the craft was now directly overhead so I had to get out of the car to see it.
I opened the car door and stepped out. Craning my neck to see the craft as it passed slowly directly over my head at an estimated altitude of less than 500 feet (Note: at the actual time of the sighting my impression was that the craft was perhaps only about 150 feet above me) I could see it was a gigantic black triangle. There is no other way to describe it because that's precisely what it was; a huge, black, triangle; not just "sort of" triangular shaped, like one of those stealth jets I'd seen photos of. It was just one big, three-sided, cookie-cutter-straight-edged, black, geometric shape; a triangle with one large, round unblinking red light at each of its three corners, flat up against the underside of the craft. There was a high, gray cloud cover that evening, subtly lit by the Seattle city lights in the distance. I could clearly and unobstructedly see the object like a huge, dense black silhouette against this gray ceiling.
I stood there almost not believing what I knew I was seeing. I actually said to myself, "Ok. What, exactly, are you seeing? You're going to want to remember every detail of this! Just the facts, now. What, exactly, do you see?" I made a mental inventory. "Black triangle. Red light on each corner, flat up against the underside of the craft. They don't blink. ...(Note: at this point it has proceeded on past me and was now over Boeing field) ...It looks like it's about seventy-five to a hundred feet above one of the main Boeing hangars. It's moving very slowly. Maybe five miles per hour. It's heading west. It appears to be about the size of a football field."
Suddenly I realized, as I stood there in the dark on this quiet empty street, the object didn't make a sound! Maybe more than anything else, that's what made the whole thing so eerie. Something that huge, that close, moving through the air at a snail's pace should be making some kind of a sound. A hum. A rumble. Anything. But, no. It just moved across the sky like something out of a Steven Spielberg movie with the volume turned off. I looked up and down the street to see if anyone else was witnessing this silent event, but the street was dark and empty in both directions. It occurred to me, however, that the thing had just passed directly over hundreds of cars on the freeway which was only a few miles east of where I was standing. I looked up again at the mysterious craft now blending into the dark horizon. I watched it until I couldn't see it anymore and then it was over.
I got back into my car and closed the door. The window was still open and I took another look. Nothing was there but the gray night sky, softly aglow from the distant city lights. It was as if nothing had happened. All the way home I just kept asking myself, "What the hell was that?" I'm still wondering.
The weekend following my sighting (referenced above), I told my ex-wife about it. We're on good terms and I was either picking up my son for a weekend visit or returning him. I can't recall which. In any case, her response to what I told her was rather shocking but it may be significant to note that she has no interest in the UFO phenomenon and is not prone to making up such stories "off the cuff".
She works as a cocktail waitress and has conversations with many people during the course of her work. She told me that one of her customers, a Boeing employee, told her that there was an underground manufacturing facility located somewhere on the Boeing property where they were building a huge, triangular craft. Supposedly this was a "secret" underground facility that no one was really supposed to know about. I asked her what else he told her but, having no real interest in such things and being very busy that evening, she didn't bother to ask any questions or in any way follow up on the conversation. As I recall, she didn't know who this fellow was as he was apparently not one of the "regulars".
I don't know if this story has any merit or not but I did find it very curious, especially coming from her and especially since I did see the craft cruise slowly, directly over the Boeing manufacturing plant. Also of interest is the fact that Boeing made big news in 2002 when a story hit the press that they were experimenting with anti-gravity propulsion. Later, however, they denied it. I recall, however, that some researcher (I think it may have been Bill Hamilton) actually saw a 45 page document from Boeing pertaining to the anti-gravity research. It occurred to me at the time of the sighting that the craft seemed much too big to be able to cruise that slowly without just falling to the ground. In fact it's more accurately descriptive to say it was "floating" rather than flying.
In any case, as I said, My ex-wife not only has no interest in such matters, she's also not one to come up with such imaginative tales on the spur of the moment. She was quite serious when she related this incident to me. Again, this was back in November of 1993.
So, just what did I see? Was it an alien craft? A secret military craft? I don't know. We'll just have to file it into the "Gray Basket" as Stanton Friedman is fond of saying.
Gary Val Tenuta
Everett, WA
From Ted Twietmeyer
I've been to Boeing field numerous times on business back in the mid 80's. Gate C-39 is (was) the closest entrance to it. The flight test facility building with massive computing power, is just inside the C-39 entrance to the right. I was there so often as a project manager for a key switching system used in flight test and also in the radio tower, they actually gave me my own badge to come and go for a three week stay there.
There is a hangar beside the end of the runway, which at that time could easily house 4-5 jumbo jets. After vibration and modal testing was completed on a fuselage and wing section inside one end of the hangar, everyone would come to see the final test. A mechanism would begin to bend the wing tip...until it snapped off at the root where it joins the fuselage. It sounds like an explosion and always manages to scare the daylights out of everyone. Although FAA regs. only require about 4ft before breaking, Boeing's amazing planes would make it out to 12ft. or more before a wing broke off. As I recall, the 757 test made it to 14ft.
The field is the main take-off and landing strip for EVERY plane Boeing manufactures. Every plane must pass through a rigorous flight test. A large tracking dish on the roof about 25ft across will lock onto the plane after takeoff, and receive downlinked telemetry from every single part of the aircraft. New aircraft at that time were built with more than 9 miles of special bright orange wiring, the purpose of which is only for flight test certification. After the test is over, a crew goes in and rips out everything orange.
A large bundle of orange wire also connects to all tires and wheels. Inside the plane, only a handful of seats are installed. The remainder of the space is taken up by data collection and telemetry systems, and banks of beer-keg like barrels which have water pumped from one group to another during flight to change the center of gravity. I suspect this time honored method is still used to test aircraft trim. The dish can track the aircraft over most of northeast Washington state, receiving a commutated (multiplexed) data stream on every possible part of the aircraft, including stress sensors bonded to the inside of the outer skin. When testing was complete, the wires to the sensors are cutoff, and the sensor left in place. Then the insulation and inside wall panels are installed. The racks are removed, the plane cleaned and all the remaining seats are installed as the plane is readied for delivery.
This entire test procedure is performed on EVERY plane built, to receive the required FAA flight worthy certification.
FAA people have their own offices right there at Boeing Field.
There is a steep flight of open steps that leads to the radio located on the top of the hangar building. 110ft. to the top. These steps were located inside the hangar, and looking down from 11 stories up on the open steel stairs would give anyone vertigo. An open elevator outside the building was where you put equipment and briefcases, so you wouldn't have to lug them up the steps. It was forbidden to ride the single cable elevator platform with no safety braking system. Interlock switches and a chain link fence prevented anyone from doing so. One would walk out on the roof from the rear of the control room over to the elevator, and open the interlocked doors to access the cargo. The top of the hangar was painted with airfield red and white checkered blocks, because many years ago a confused pilot *attempted* to land his plane on the roof. That landing didn't go too well, because of air conditioning ductwork and antennas on the roof...
I was at Boeing Field about a month. Not once did I see any triangles, but that does not mean they don't exist. It is well known they do exist, and I personally know former airforce officers that know about them and saw them close up. The propulsion system has been upgraded, and the 60ft. highly pressurized gravity shielding ring that reduced most of the vehicle's weight to zero, has been replaced with another technology no one is talking about.
I also know from first hand knowledge that black triangles play a key role in abductions. They can hover silently, and almost always only fly at night in between 2AM and 4AM before any dawn light appears. The question always is - WHO owns them, and WHERE are they from ? I strongly suspect the triangles built by Boeing are clones of a vehicle that crashed which either wasn't invented on earth, or it came from our future. The latter is more likely. There are some reports these were used in the mideast war, and were firing (chemical) lasers at Iraqi targets. Chemical lasers require almost no electricity at all, since the laser functions much like a rocket does, with a fuel and oxidizer. Just large tanks are all that's needed and some type of control and tracking system.
The airforce space command has a collection of advanced vehicles they can do nothing with, because they foolishly have tried to use 'standard' physics to analyze them. That is, Hawkings-type mainstream physics. This has been changing, however. Some vehicles use materials not available on earth, or cannot be made repaired or fueled here for other reasons. Its most likely that given the quantum leap from jet aircraft to black triangles, that the Nellis people or space command gave Boeing the contract to build them. The triangle is most likely based on at least one crashed vehicle that didn't use any materials that couldn't be fabricated. At more than 1 billion dollars each, it's long been suspected that the secret government (which doesn't exist of course) owns some or all of them.
I've commented in a past rense article about NASA, that because these triangles DO EXIST that the shuttle has been, and is, OBSOLETE. And the one department of the government you almost never hear anything about, is the Space Command. Especially their crash retreival teams...
Most generals are nothing more than big kids with expensive uniforms, who have scratched, butt-kissed and clawed their way to the top. Oh.. the price of fame...
Even with the well-established flight history of the TR3 series black triangles - we continue to send astronauts into space on rockets and they die.



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