The Coming
Balkanization Of America

By Edgar J. Steele
"We must understand clearly and firmly that the dominant authorities...not only do nothing to conserve what most of us regard as our traditional way of life, but actually seek its destruction..."
--- Sam Francis, Revolution from the Middle, (1997)
"Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning..."
--- Thomas Paine, Common Sense (1776)
(This is an excerpt from Chapter 18, "New America," of Defensive Racism by Edgar J. Steele, due to be published in October 2004. Visit <> for other excerpts, further details and, when available, an order blank)
I've heard it said that anybody with a globe and bottle of whiskey can be a geopolitician. Though I drink very little these days, I do own a globe. Let's test that thesis. My best take on how things might go in America when the dominoes start falling:
The battle lines will be drawn along what will be perceived to be defensible borders, coincident with natural impediments like rivers and mountain ranges. The lines will be drawn racially at first. A great deal depends upon whether America's metropolitan areas are left intact.
Aztlan will become a reality in those days and there is not a thing that anybody can do about it. In truth, there is little that could be done about it today, if the militant Mestizos occupying the future territory of Aztlan wished to take it now. Judging strictly by current population makeup and proximity to the Mexican border, Aztlan's border will stretch from the Pacific coastline across northern California , bisecting Nevada and Utah. The southwestern portion of Colorado will be included, along with much of Oklahoma and Western Texas. Arizona and New Mexico will go entirely, of course.
When reports of the carnage against non-Hispanic residents of Aztlan reach the rest of America with latino populations, the reprisal killings and violence will precipitate a headlong dash for the new border by all Hispanics not already in Aztlan.
Simultaneously, a similar scenario will be playing out in the deep South, where Blacks simply will up the already-simmering race war to a full boil. I expect that border to enclose the already-huge Black populations of eastern Virginia and eastern North Carolina . All of South Carolina will go, together with all but the far northern reaches of Georgia and Alabama. All of Mississippi and Louisiana will be included, together with eastern Texas, southeast Arkansas and southwest Tennessee . For lack of a better term, I have dubbed this new region, due to become a country unto itself, "New Africa."
I see a strong possibility, born of necessity for a gulf coast port, of New America dipping down through eastern Texas in a swath that encompasses both Dallas and Houston, thereby dividing Aztlan from New Africa.
Florida will become a special case, due to its large population of Cuban and Caribbean extraction. How it will shake out is anybody's guess, but it will end up being a White "no-go" zone, of that you can be sure.
Buffer zones of varying widths naturally will arise along the de facto borders of Aztlan, New Africa and what will become New America. Those will be the only relatively safe areas for those who find themselves welcome on neither side of the new borders, as with mixed-race families.
There will be outposts, strongholds if you will, of Blacks deep in what becomes White territory. Detroit comes to mind as an example. What comes of them at first is anybody's guess, but, eventually, those people will migrate to New Africa.
If America undergoes change as a result of war, it likely will have been a part of World War III, and many of America's cities will have been reduced to rubble. Regardless, intact cities will become battle zones with the suspension of food deliveries, particularly, and devolve to the control of street gangs. The populations will spread into the countryside, where refugee camps will be erected and where the street gangs will be met and destroyed as they emerge, both desperate and hungry, from the cities.
If America is not preemptively decapitated, it will have responded in kind and national borders all around the globe will shift. The Chinese will move into all of southeast Asia, Indochina and, possibly, Australia and New Zealand. China can be expected to swallow Japan whole and take most of Russia east of the Ural Mountain range.
Alaska possibly will be seized by the Chinese at first, given China's burgeoning demand for oil and the prospect of its salvation looming just over the rise, beneath the Northern Slopes. China possibly even could establish a beachhold in the far west of Canada and the northwest tip of America, including Seattle, a region already home to a huge Asian population. Should this happen, expect general reprisals against those of Asian descent throughout what remains of America. They will, of necessity, flee to the far Northwest.
If a general war has taken place, Canada's capitol will be laid waste, as well, with the rest of Canada likely throwing its lot in with de facto White America. Eastern Canada possibly will choose to go its own way.
South America and sub-Saharan Africa will sink into a morass of crime, revolution, genocide and intertribal warfare, once free of their Western overseers.
Israel will be turned into a giant, self-illuminated glass parking lot by the Arab states it has tormented for so long. Likely, it will take large portions of the Middle East with it as it goes down. A new, Islam-based Muslim empire will arise from the ashes of the Middle East, stretching from India in the east to Turkey in the west and from Kazakhstan in the north well into Northern Africa in the south. Internecine fighting will keep the Muslims occupied for centuries to come, just as has occurred for so many centuries in the past.
Eastern Europe will erupt into regional wars, what with the removal of American and other Western influence. It will shake out eventually, as will America , along racial lines.
Russia will become substantially smaller and be occupied with fortifying its borders, provided it is not laid waste as a part of a world at war. Russia's greatest immediate danger may well come from the nuclear arsenal of an Israel caught up in the throes of death, though Russia's long-term enemy will prove to be China .
India and Pakistan will devastate one another with their nuclear arsenals, just as they have threatened for so long.
The northern reaches of Europe - Norway, Sweden and Finland - stand a chance of coming through unscathed, as do the alpine portions of Europe.
Western European nations, which have become as racially mixed as America, will share America's fate, and for the same reasons.
As America begins the long walk back from its own troubles, I foresee a schism arising between the western and the eastern portions as ideological differences manifest. The big-government, control-freak nature of many in the eastern portion of the US, particularly the remaining Zionists, will prove intolerable to free-wheeling and independent-minded Westerners.
Depending upon how things progress, Jews could become the focus of a great deal of anger by people throughout the world, particularly in America, if they are seen as having been the source of the difficulties, particularly a war that escapes the Middle East, then engulfs the world.
While I do not foresee a breakout of hostilities between the two regions in America, I do see there being a break of the sort that should have occurred in lieu of the American Civil War of the 1860s. This dividing line could well end up being in the vicinity of the Mississippi River. There could be further splits as America continues to Balkanize, much as the former Soviet Union broke apart.
For lack of a better term, I have dubbed the far eastern portion of what will remain of America "New Israel." The size of New Israel will depend inversely upon the degree of hostility to Jews and any requirement by New America that Jews be excluded strictly along racial lines.
I do not foresee Americans actually expelling any who have attained American citizenship, nor do I advocate such expulsion. However, just as Blacks and Mestizos inevitably will concentrate themselves in those areas which they currently dominate, so will Jews concentrate into an area centering on what already has become New Tel Aviv: New York City.
Because of the violent White overreaction to the murder of Whites in Aztlan and New Africa, all Blacks and Mestizos will end up south of those borders and all Whites who don't head north will be killed. I do not foresee anything of that sort occurring with Jews, but they are likely to find themselves singularly unwelcome in what remains of America.
The region which is left, including portions of Canada, is what I think of as "New America." New America will be bounded on the west by the Pacific Ocean, to the north by the far reaches of Canada's Yukon, to the east by New Israel and to the south by Aztlan, New Africa and the Gulf of Mexico along the current Texan coastline.
New America likely will stretch right through the Great Lakes region, incidentally, and encompass much of northern New England, as well, giving it an Atlantic coastline. The people of Maine, New Hampshire and northern Vermont are, for example, much more akin to those in the western United States than those in the Boston - New York - Washington, DC nexus. Eastern Canada could feel compelled to join, as well, simply to ensure its self preservation in a hostile world.
Thus, New America becomes pretty much a White European homeland, with its borders imposed upon it by others, in the main. Only the presence of Jews may be problematic and, by far, may prove to be the single most difficult task confronting New America, even in the face of all the chaos, death and destruction caused by and on behalf of Zionists throughout the world. This moral dilemma will prove so difficult, in fact, that I believe it likely to cause a further split of the eastern region, with the smaller portion going to those who demand ethnic purity by exclusion of all Jews.
There are rumors of agents of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) buying up huge swaths of land in southern Argentina, where monstrous sheep and cattle ranches have been on the market in recent years at rock-bottom prices. This makes me think that Israel has a fall-back plan should it need to exit the Middle East altogether and in the event that America also becomes inhospitable. Thus, it is possible that we would see Jews migrating to South America in large numbers, but likely setting up a government that most American Jews would find intolerable.
While I cannot advocate forcing the outright expulsion of any American citizen save those granted their franchise by virtue of their parents illegally entering America for the purpose of having one or more children born into citizenship, certainly I can support the idea of drawing boundary lines and requiring citizens to choose one side or the other so that different political structures can be erected in different states.
New America. An idea whose time has come.
"I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth."
- Morpheus
Copyright ©2004, Edgar J. Steele
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