America's Most Urgent Crisis

By Joseph Farah
© 2004
When even Time magazine recognizes the crisis that is our immigration system in America you know the nation is at risk. That's what happened this week as Time devotes its cover story to the illegal-immigration problem that is threatening to change the very character of our country as well as endangering its security.In an investigative report reminiscent of what the New Media alone have been chronicling for the last decade, Time finds:
U.S. borders became more porous following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists attacks and the incorporation of immigration enforcement agencies within the Department of Homeland Security;
Illegal immigration into the U.S. has accelerated in the last year, since President Bush proposed a temporary worker program that amounts to a limited amnesty program that would allow millions to remain in the U.S. legally;
This year, some 3 million more illegal aliens will enter the country - "enough to fill 22,000 Boeing 737-700 airliners, or 60 flights every day for a year."
This year's influx of illegal aliens is the largest wave since 2001, and illegal immigration now represents triple the number of immigrants who enter the country legally.
While new security procedures guard our airports from illegal entry, thousands of aliens walk across the Mexican border with impunity every day.
The illegal immigrants include a growing number of people categorized as "other than Mexicans," including many from nations with populations hostile to the U.S. - Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran and Iraq. "Law-enforcement authorities believe the mass movement of illegals, wherever they are from, offers the perfect cover for terrorists seeking to enter the U.S., especially since tighter controls have been imposed at airports," reports Time. The report notes Americans overwhelmingly want to crack down on illegal immigration, but the government doesn't seem to want to fix the problem. "Bush has reaffirmed his pledge for an immigration policy that would provide worker's permits for aliens who find jobs, and John Kerry has promised to propose legislation that would lead to permanent residence for many illegal-alien workers," reports Time. "Neither candidate has called for imposing serious fines on the people who encourage illegal immigration: corporate employers." Even those caught violating the border multiple times are not punished, according to the report. Illegal immigration is driving up the cost of living for American citizens, it is making our communities less safe and it is jeopardizing our national security by giving terrorists easy entry into our country. So, why does this trend continue without any real national debate? Why are our laws ignored not only by the criminal invaders but by our elected officials? Why do both political parties pretend there is no problem? The response from the American people should be this:
* Let's try enforcing the old laws before we pass any new ones.
* Let's try beefing up the Border Patrol.
* Let's try pressuring the companies hiring these illegal aliens to hire legal Americans.
* Let's try denying taxpayer-supported social services to lawbreakers.
* Let's try deportations.
* Let's try enforcing criminal laws against illegal aliens just as we prosecute American citizens.
* Let's encourage states and local governments to cooperate with immigration to uproot the illegals - especially those who continue to break the law.
* Let's try putting the National Guard at our borders.
* Let's try bringing home more than 100,000 American troops currently guarding Germany from some unknown threat and place those troops where they can make a difference - protecting America from an ongoing invasion.
A recent New York Times poll indicates two-thirds of Americans oppose a temporary worker program for illegals. What is it about the law of the land and the will of the people that George Bush, John Kerry and most members of Congress do not comprehend? Even if we were not facing a terrorist threat from global jihadists, the immigration invasion would be threatening to our national security. America is a self-governing sovereign nation because it upholds certain principles and values espoused in our Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution.
Does anyone believe the millions of recent illegal immigrant invaders are coming here to live under the rule of law? By definition, they are lawbreakers. By definition, their first act upon coming to this country was to break the law. Do we really expect they are good candidates to become self-governing, law-abiding Americans who contribute more to their society than they take? But since Sept. 11, 2001, a graver threat has surfaced. It should now be clear to every single American we cannot absorb an unlimited and unregulated number of foreigners without paying a severe price for it. Drug runners and terrorists are taking advantage of laissez faire border and immigration policies to attack us, to undermine us, to destroy us.
You've seen the photos of Middle Eastern men walking across the southern border with their Mexican coyote guides. You've read the reports of Arabic-language literature being found near border crossings. You've seen the evidence of jihadists working hand-in-hand with Mexican activists in their hopes of creating America's own little "Palestinian state" of Aztlan in the southwest. What are we waiting for, people? Is this generation going to sit by as America is destroyed? Are you going to wait until politicians in Washington do something about this mess? Or are you going to rise up in righteous anger and demand the following?
* An end to all government subsidies of illegal aliens;
* The lockdown of our borders - no matter what the cost;
* The firing of all top immigration officials who do not enforce the laws - beginning with Tom Ridge and Asa Hutchinson;
* The recruitment of local officials and civilians to enforce the laws the federal government is incapable or unwilling to enforce;
* The building of an Israeli-style security fence along the Mexican border;
* The redeploying of U.S. military forces to make protecting the homeland the No. 1 objective.



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