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By Sherman H. Skolnick
Through ups and down over the centuries, the Americans and the British, some say, are nevertheless somehow bound together.
The Founding Fathers of America, unlike more recent generations, had a classical education. What did that mean?
In those days, it meant they were trained, since about age eight, in a school, or at home under the supervision of a private tutor. Whether in school or trained at home, they were steeped in studies of Latin and Greek. The students were educated as to the leading brains of bygone eras, They became familiar with the wisdom of Virgil, Herododotus. and Thucydides, among others.
Further in their education, the students had to translate the famous sayings of Cicero and Virgil. They had to translate, out loud, passages in Latin and Greek. And then write out the translations in English and then put the passages back into the original language changing the tense.
The standards for entering the colleges of the American colonial era were very strict. Those expecting to be freshmen, had to be able to read, translate, and mouth off the classical works of Greek and Roman antiquity. The college curricula were founded on the Latin "trivium", of rhetoric, logic, and grammar, and also the "quadrivium", of arithmetic, music, geometry, and astronomy.
Of those who signed the Declaration of Independence, twenty seven were college graduates. At the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, of the 55 delegates who attended, 30 were college graduates.
The bulk of the Founding Fathers, from their studies of the Greek and Roman Republics, understood well who were the good guys and the bad guys. And they well studied the plots and counter-plots in the power struggles. They well noted who claimed to be popular leaders, posing as populists, yet bit by bit destroyed the fundamental rights of the common people. Studied were the rise of dictators long-ago.
The Founders informed themselves at what it was that poisoned up those ancient governments and societies, bringing them to ruin. The product of all this is the Declaration of Independence, explaining why and how the colonists had to cut their political ties to the British Monarchy. The Founders, as elitists, were forced to add the Bill of Rights to the basic Constitution to make the over-all organic law acceptable to the people of the colonies.
As outlined in our other articles, the British Monarchy, joined by the Jesuits, benefitted if not actually having set up, the political assassinations of SEVEN U.S. PRESIDENTS, from 1841 to 1963, many of these presidents opposed to the encroachments of those in Europe who rule by "Divine Right" rather than by the consent of the governed.
Despite all this, there has come to exist an Anglo-American aristocracy opposed to the aspirations of the commonfolk of America. These plutocrats have for more than two hundred years sought to break up the United States of America into disunited states, provinces warring with one another on petty matters. America would be weakened, Balkanized into regions without a central government, and unable to be a formidable competitor to the British and an opposition to the re-emerging, backward thinking crowned heads of Europe.
So the British Monarchy, plotting against the Americans, yet somehow by some tradition, joined at the hip with language and some laws to America, is part of a shift of power. As a symbol of the black winds blowing against the House of Windsor, a person dressed as "Batman" somehow got onto a balcony of Buckingham Palace. Did Queen Elizabeth II, get the message from this character as a champion in fiction against the big bad guys?
What is amazing, considering this background, is what happens when someone with a dissident or alternative view attempts to tell something to the press prostitutes. The media fakers usually respond by saying "We cannot listen to that. You are a conspiracy theorist". Yet, the Founding Fathers were experts on the plots that wrecked the Greek and Roman Republics, the study of which the Founders took into account to avoid, in formulating the organic law of the United States of America.
Since "nature abhors a vacuum", the impending shift of power away from the United States and the United Kingdom, must mean that in the resultant upheaval, the transfer of authority and power would go to Continental Europe, Asia, or maybe even to the Muslim World.
To destroy America, the aristocracy, right under the noses of half-awake Americans, have done, among other things, the following:
[1] Sent the good-paying jobs out of the country to foreign sweatshops or newly set up high tech offices (done by satellite);
[2] Destroyed the sovereignty of the U.S by allowing droves of foreigners to enter our land with the undermanned Border Patrol and the conspiratorial Immigration and Naturalization Service asleep or part of the plot against America as a nation-state.
[3] Killed thousands of Americans in a high-level plot, 9-11, falsely blamed on "terrorist moslems", some actually trained at U.S. Military bases or working for the American CIA and/or "the shadow government".
[4] Based on the murder of Americans, in the homeland, supposedly by "foreign terrorists". laws have been passed. some not even read entirely by the members of Congress who then voted for such, taking away fundamental rights under the organic law. And the U.S. Judiciary, riddled with politicizing and corruption, does not intend to set aside all such laws as unconstitutional.
[5] The U.S. Treasury emptied out and bankrupted by a fictitious "President", installed by a corrupted Five-Judge majority, a Military-Style Junta, on the nation's high court. This form of evil "King", with royalty forbidden in the U.S., is according to some psychiatrists, certifiably a megalomaniac, considering the world loaded with his "enemies".In plain lingo,, a mad war-monger
Will the winds of change blow away the House of Windsor?.
More coming.
Stay tuned.
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