The Creepy Sides Of The
911 Truth Movement

By Angie angie.
Discussing first possible motivations for the 9-11 Attacks, then possible motivations of those wanting the 911 Truth exposed. New 9-11 books and film also touched upon... ____
Watch your back, ladies and gentlemen, there are some people with creepy agendas in the 911 Truth Movement, movers & shakers, and people with money.
So, you say you want to help expose 911 because you think it's the crime that will wake people in the U.S.A. up? Make them, in some vague way, rise up against it all?
Well, watch out for the people who have much more focused, organized, funded, and creepy visions of what to do once the truth is exposed. Don't assume everyone in this movement is in it for the same reasons you are. There are people who seek to expose 911 for reason X, with reason X being their true agenda. We should look at some of these reason "X's".
Previously on this website, I've cautioned that just because someone wears a 911 Truth Movement hat and identifies themselves as working for the cause doesn't mean they really want 911 truth exposed as their actions and their words may belie that label if you look close enough. And although there are more examples of that all the time, in this piece, I'm cautioning you about something different, to realize that just because someone wears a 911 Truth Movement hat AND may want the 911 truth exposed, doesn't mean they want it exposed for "good" reasons. (It's possible you could want it exposed and still be a bad guy.)
We need to know what some might have up their sleeves if what we all hope for comes true, that we succeed in getting the 911 truth exposed. In this way, we are preparing for success, preparing for the next step in the process, the process, yes, of solving the ills of the masses of humanity, by also preparing ourselves to combat the next steps of those whose solutions we feel would cause harm and who have a leg up on us in their planning.
To examine the agendas of the movers & shakers and the wealthy 911 Truth Movement activists, it helps to first examine what activists believe was the motivation for the 9-11 attacks themselves. Many in the movement have answered this question, of the motives for the attacks, differently.
Most note that the attacks have made the responding "war on terror" pretext a household phrase. We've now got a brand new war to fight, to pour all our resources into, the one that won't end in our lifetimes. And the new enemy is not located in any particular country. First, they're here, now they're over there, so it's a carte blanche enemy that the attacks have engendered, a powerful motive for those who profit from war and misery. And this new enemy may be right beside us in sleeper cells too, so we've got to watch each other and be watched, which will become more helpful to the powers-that-be as more and more of us become disgruntled.
Some believe, on the other hand, that 9-11 and the "war on terror" is really "all about oil", and to those, I recommend Jared Israel's piece debunking Michael Moore where he demonstrates that's simply not factual, see
Also, while most in the movement admit that the USA created Osama and the Mujadaheen in the 80's, they think we're talking about ancient history and that the 9-11 attacks were only staged to defame Muslims. In fact, the USA has never stopped sponsoring Islamic fundamentalist terror (as you'll see if you read the links at the end of Jared Israel's Michael Moore debunking article cited above, which also discusses the reasons for this sponsorship). And you can see how this rings true and explains a hell of a lot when you examine, for example, what's currently going on in Iraq, city after city, and also how the USA is on the one hand portraying Sadr as the enemy, while on the other, its building him up. And a devastatingly successful attack on the USA even against its Pentagon, being billed erroneously as being conducted by Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists, can aid in the USA's continued recruitment and sponsorship of same, making for an effective sales pitch to those with legitimate grievances against the belly of the beast because the cause, fighting the u.s., doesn't look hopeless after all, considering what they supposedly accomplished against the USA on 9-11.
Of course, there are many in the movement whose only agenda is to tar Bush and the rest of his Republican administration, the 'anybody but Bushies', who want nothing more than a superficial changing of the guard even though manufactured terror is nothing new to Democratic Presidential Administrations and even though the attacks must have been planned pre-Bush, see
It's disheartening to see so many clueless. It's as if some people just started reading the newspaper or looked outside themselves beginning in 2001.
And there are those who use 9-11 seeking to advance an anti-Semitic agenda. I've never in my life come across so much anti-Semitic material as when I joined the 911 Truth Movement, and sad to say, it comes from those I would otherwise term most militant in the movement.
Common too is the pointing, by people who should know better that the evidence demonstrates 9-11 was an inside job, at countries other than the u.s. as being the true culprits, creating motivations for the u.s. to attack other countries. Think Michael Moore and the Saudis; or Pakistan and Paul Thompson, whose timeline based solely on mainstream corporate news reporting (you know, what we've all learned to trust so much :-) has just been released in book form. "Paul says either the US government was directly involved with Pakistan and other countries in the 9-11 plot and allowed it to happen or helped it to happen, or the US government was taken for fools and afterwards covered up their foolishness"
Here's to hoping that ridiculous conclusion isn't published in the Thompson Timeline book, which I've just purchased but haven't yet read.
A quick aside - I note with distress that the forward to Thompson's celebrated 590 page book was written by Peter Lance who is also making the rounds at 9-11 truth movement events himself, pushing his own new Terror Cover Up book. Here's an excerpt from an interview with Lance promoting his own new book: "Lance doesn't subscribe to the notion that U.S. authorities intentionally allowed the 9/11 attack to occur in order to justify the Bush administration's new, aggressively unilateral approach to world affairs, explaining, "I'm not some conspiracy guy, I'm a hard-bitten journalist." Instead, he attributes the cover-up to the oldest motivation in the book - covering one's ass . . . [over] screw ups".
And sad to say, here is Paul Thompson in his book's introduction, speaking not of governmental complicity or of an inside-job, but of failures: "Who in our government failed in their constitutional duty to 'protect and defend' us from these attacks? And how can we ensure that such failures will not occur again? We must find answers to these questions. The United States will remain vulnerable - we are not safe and we will not be safe - until we can answer these questions, until we can call to account those who have failed us, and until we repair institutional dysfunctions that contributed to this failure." Simply outrageous!!
There's also been another possible motive for the 9-11 attacks that I've speculated about since the beginning. Have you ever wondered why the 9-11 official story was so implausible and so sloppily put together? (you know, the simultaneous hijacking of four different planes by people armed with mere boxcutters, the suicide notes found in luggage that inadvertently didn't make it on the planes, Arabic flight manuals left in cars in the airport, and a million other things they did which seem like obvious plants, or things they didn't do or create which would have squelched many of the 9-11 skeptics early on.) It's as if they want us to see through the whole thing. Could the perpetrators, in fact, want a 911 Truth Movement to flourish? And if so, why?
Perhaps the perpetrators are deliberately setting up the U.S. to be the bad guy to the rest of the world, perhaps to give the rest of the world the notion that they'd have to consolidate to fight the sole superpower, getting us that much closer to a one world government that so many global elite long for. Perhaps the 'transparent 9-11 inside job/ mass murder deliberately painted on others for a non-ending war pretext' is just a part of that, part of the intentional plotting to have the U.S. be seen as the real rogue nation that others must get together to fight against.
Everywhere you look, it seems, the U.S. goes out of its way, against its interests, to put itself in the worst possible light. The U.S. could easily have, for example, planted weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to make itself look better, but it didn't. And the U.S. could perform identical horrible actions around the world without the seemingly intentionally abrasive and arrogant foreign policy pronouncements which alienate our allies' populations. And why has the U.S. media and even governmental officials taking a liking recently to reporting on war prisoner abuse when they've never paid such close attention to it so close in time to it before? It's hard to believe that the sloppiness of 9-11, and these other items, are just due to the incompetence of those in charge, and so I speculate.
Thus, while it is only prudent to always ask, in any movement, where the money is coming from and what are the agendas of the prominent people in it, it is also for this additional reason that I am particularly curious about those who seek to expose 9-11, in case that was part of the plan all along . . . So, each time I come across one of the 911 Truth Movement funders or movers & shakers whose raison d'etra outside of 9-11 happens to be the advocacy of a one world government, Malthusian crap, or other weird and scary stuff, it makes me stand up and take notice because it's occurred to me to ask - what if a bottom line motive for the attacks was the very EXPOSURE of the inside-job nature of the attacks so as to justify the need for the weird and scary stuff? In other words, in the problem-reaction-solution paradigm, (where problems are intentionally created by those who seek to implement a ready made goal & their goal appears to be a natural solution to the problem they in fact created) perhaps the created problem isn't the attacks themselves, but the exposure of the attacks for what they are. To ensure that our 911 truth exposure efforts aren't actually giving the enemy what they want, we've got to closely examine what's going on.
In the 911 Truth Movement Movers & Shakers department, we've got Mike Ruppert, who will soon be releasing a new book which he says will demonstrate gov't official complicity in the 911 attacks. It's entitled "CROSSING THE RUBICON: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil", "a detective story that gets to the innermost core of the 9/11 attacks. It places 9/11 at the center of a desperate new America, created by specific, named individuals in preparation for Peak Oil: an economic crisis like nothing the world has ever seen". Ruppert appears to be a volunteer mouthpiece for the oil industry/gov't, who seeks to - through 911 truth exposure - spread the peak oil scam as well as make people believe there are no viable alternative energies worth pursuing.
(See Brian Salter's post at as well as a couple of links at
As Mike Ruppert has previously written: "[t]he truth is that the real story - the only story -- is Peak Oil and Gas, and that 9/11 was its first visible manifestation. I fight to expose Peak Oil in part by exposing 9/11 in a way that registers in the public consciousness. That is my obligation to my readers and - as I see it - to my fellow man."
And for creepiness, get this, Ruppert also wants to inform us that because of "peak oil", "population reduction" is a necessity, the only question we have to decide, he told us all at the 911 Inquiry in San Francisco, is whether we want to do it "nice or nasty".
When I asked him at the organized Q&A session afterwards, how does one do "population reduction" nicely, I expected the same answer he had written about earlier: about how he advocated "the immediate convening of political/economic/spiritual/& scientific leaders from all nations . . . [to come up with] immediate steps to arrive at a crash program . . . to arrive at the best possible and most ethical program of population reduction"
But he cleaned that up a little by San Franciso (after critics pointed out what they thought of the nations' political and economic leaders), and this time, Ruppert indicated that he 'didn't have any plan except that everyone in the world has to decide together'. Now, he's on his book promotion tour, making speeches in which he quotes approvingly from past elite funded, sick and racist eugenics supporters like Charles Galton Darwin, whom Ruppert refers to as "distinguished".
Another mover and shaker, David Ray Griffin, is the author of the book, The New Pearl Harbor, beloved by many in the 911 Truth Movement as providing a definitive 911 skeptics account, even discussing various physical evidence claims pointing to 9-11 being an inside job. Writing his book's forward is Richard Falk. They're often a team, David Ray and Richard, both one world government aficionados (and I don't know about you, but I do admit to finding one world gov't advocates creepy) who work on the same projects and write for the same publications advocating a world government solution.
Richard Falk, in fact, is a member of the CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations. He's worked on new world order projects for the CFR, like the World Order Models Project financed by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Rockefeller Foundation. What the hell is one to make of a CFR member wanting to expose 9-11? Another frequent writing/project partner of Griffin is John Cobb, former senior economist for the World Bank. Griffin and Cobb founded the Center for Process Studies which received support from the Rockefeller Foundation. Griffin and Cobb have also co-authored some materials with Club of Rome member Herman Daly. Griffin, himself, referred to as the "well known theologian", has some unusual ideas about how humanity should think about God and apparently wants us to revert to some type of mysticism on our path to the new world order. Here's an interview of him talking about it:
Continuing in the movers & shakers vein, we've got Kyle Hence's partner, Byron Belitsos, the co-founder and Board Member of Actually, we're moving into the 911 Truth Movement funders category because Byron is also a publisher. He edited and published Jim Marrs' 911 Inside Job book. (And in a Time-Warner-ish aside, Bryon writes in Marrs' book without indicating he's in any way himself connected with the organization, let alone one of its two founders: "P.S. A special note to researchers: Be sure to visit, the portal site of the leading researchers, writers, publishers, activists, webmasters, and leaders in the 9/11 truth movement.")
Besides being a self-proclaimed leader of the 911 Truth Movement, Byron is another one of these one world government people and is, in fact, releasing next month a book he co-wrote urging a world government, which he indicates in his preface to Jim Marrs' 9-11 book is meant to really supplement Marrs' 9-11 book: "I also felt directed to publish a second book, which is an Origin Press companion to Inside Job. This book is entitled One Planet: A Progressive Vision of Enforceable Global Law. I saw in an instant that these two books go together, one stating the problem in stark terms, and the other offering a visionary but achievable solution to the war system--the abolition of war altogether." Here's more from Byron, who also promotes an 'alternative bible' called The Urantia Book: "In times of great crisis, opposites often arise together in pristine purity. Unleash a great evil in one place, and its nemesis arises somewhere else. Knock a dying paradigm off the world stage, and a new one kicks up out of the blue. (PNAC-ish, right?)
. . . The Bush administration, representing the last gasp of imperialist unilateralism in an interdependent world, is perversely teaching us one such isolated truth: that firm enforcement of international law is needed in a dangerous world."
Byron has also published the book of another one world government promoter making the rounds in various 9-11 Truth Movement programs, Jim Garrison, president of the State of the World Forum. The book is entitled "America as Empire: Global Leader or Rogue Power?"
Let's turn to more 911 Truth Movement funders and examine whether they have agendas beyond the mere exposure of 9-11. Who funds various 911 Truth Movement organizations and projects, and why? It's actually not so easy to get details on this. Nicholas Levis, of NY(NewYork)911Truth and one of the regional directors of the national who also works on its website has noted, for example, that: "Donors have a right to remain anonymous. I will tell you that does not accept any money with conditions attached, except that of course all money is supposed to be spent in keeping with the group's published mission statement." (For an aside on that group's mission statement, see
Lori Price, moderator of the 911 Truth Alliance internet riseup newsgroup, (in which I used to participate until she kicked me off), also of CLG, Citizens for a Legitimate Government, believes movement funding is not a question to be addressed publicly:
-----Original Message-----
From: Lori R. Price
Sent: Monday, June 28, 2004 3:32 PM
To: Angie; 911truthalliance list; Nicholas Levis
I just want to know about it's organization, personnel and funding, something I think everyone should know about when deciding whether they want to promote an organization to others in addition to analyzing what the organization and its personnel have already put out there.
People should NOT have to reveal the funding/supporters of their website --to this list, anyway. Such a request should be sent privately, and if the website owner wants to respond, or post such info to the list, that's up to him/her to take such an action.
Well, let's see what information has been made public thus far.
Jimmy Walter of, heir to his father's company's fortune, has been pouring LOTS of money into the 911 Truth Movement lately, although I don't have any dollar figures. (Last year, he spent more than $250,000 on anti-war print ads.) You know that poll of New Yorkers you've heard so much about in the 911 Truth Movement, conducted by the famous & expensive pollsters, Zogby? Well, he sponsored it. He's also put out a huge budget for a program he sponsored, a New York 911 Event to be held on 9/11/04, and also paid for press and radio advertisements for it. And on his website, he has indicated that he would send a free copy of Eric Huftschmid's 9-11 'Painful Questions' book to any fire station, police precinct, judge, or politician."
(If anyone lets all fire stations, police precincts & judges know of this offer, have them email with their mailing address.)
So, what's Jimmy Walter's agenda? Well, check out his website,, but beware that your creepy-ometer will skyrocket & the hair on the back of your neck will stand up. At least that was my reaction. It seeks to promote "rational, planned and sustainable cities" and it promotes its model to everyone, even fascists. "Libertarians, socialists, objectivists, communists, fascists, capitalists, or a combination of economic systems can use our hypothetical city-factory-machine." As Brian Salter has advised me, "Walden3 is not a new concept. It fits a history of communitarianism and "sustainable development" used as a cover for feudalism." What's involved in making these "sustainable cities" work? Here are a couple of excerpts from the website:
"The school and socialization systems train citizens in Rational Emotive Behavior Theory [REBT], the modern, scientific combination of Stoicism and Epicureanism. This teaches rational acceptance of life and one's self, and how to control emotions, preventing or correcting emotional and thinking problems early."
"When people give up these exaggerations, they acquire high frustration tolerance, which encourages them to accept (not like) life's hardships and other people's imperfections."
Previously, Jimmy Walter has put some of his stuff into practice with his Life Skills Foundation which took in over $3 million dollars in 1998 but may now be defunct. It gave "Life Skills" training to inmates at more than 60 locations in 11 states and Great Britain:
"We believe that if you change the way people think, you change the way they act and consequently you change their destiny . . . The Life Skills Foundation believes that the first step toward creating a better future is motivating people to take personal responsibility for their lives and emotions and educating them in cognitive thinking and life management skills. . . . Our successes have proven that society does not have a high school dropout problem, an education problem, a job market problem, a drug problem, a crime problem, or a street gang problem. These and countless other "problems" that society focuses on are, in reality, merely symptoms of motivation, cognitive, and life skills deficits."
No job market problem? Yep, it's all in our minds. It's how we react to those jobs which are offered, that's the real problem, I guess :-).
So, is the 911 Truth Movement taking Jimmy's money without promoting his Walden3 stuff? No, it's not. His sponsorship and website are listed in promotional material for the 911 projects he supports and mentioned at said 9-11 events, so his promotion of 911 Truth exposure will draw attention to his Walden3 "philosophy". He's also donated tons of anti-bush t-shirts which contain his walden3 web address to NY911truth which sells them to raise funds. (Another group to which he has donated these t-shirts is moderator of the 911 Truth Alliance, Lori Price's 'anybody but bush' CLG website organization. You can buy them here: )
Thus, in return for his funds, the 911 Truth Movement is itself promoting his stuff.
Next, we've got 911 Truth Movement funder John Gray. You know him, he's the marriage counselor/author of "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" and other worldwide bestsellers, who does all those info-commercials. He's helped financially support the Toronto 9-11 International Inquiry, has lent money to its organizer, Barrie Zwicker, and also will be putting out television info-commercials advertising Zwicker's just released 9-11 documentary, "The Great Conspiracy", perhaps in a bundle with other films or materials. As Zwicker has noted: "John is helping out financially with various aspects of the 9/11 skeptics movement. In my own case there are no gifts. The money has to be paid back."
I saw Zwicker's new film tonight. Lots of great stuff in it, but along the way, he sells the "peak oil" scam; and that it is the primary motive for the attacks; sells Ruppert -in fact, it's an unabashed commercial for Ruppert, whom if I heard right Zwicker refers to as the very first 911 skeptic in the world; sells Ruppert's soon to be released new book; and sells the wargame confusion air force defense line
(see re: wargames),
each of which made me more than cringe.
Well, what is funder John Gray's line on 9-11? I've transcribed from audio posted on the internet his response to a question at the Toronto 9-11 Inquiry. You can listen to it here:
Question from an audience member:
"John, in conclusion of your speech, I understood you to say that we could heal ourselves by forgiving the government for letting the terrorists commit the attacks. My question to you is what makes you believe this long after 9/11 that the terrorists who committed the attacks weren't within the U.S. government?"
John Gray's Answer:
"I've written several books on forgiveness, and whenever anybody talks about forgiveness they always think, it's like if you have a good excuse, then I forgive you. Like, let's say I'm late for dinner, my wife's upset with me, and I say, but honey there was a fire on the bridge and I rescued a child, and she say's oh, okay, that's a great excuse, I forgive you. That's not what forgiveness is. That means she doesn't need to forgive me because I have a great excuse. The government doesn't have a great excuse. These are murderers. The people we really need to forgive are the Congress that allowed them to do it, because they know a lot of the details. And they're kind of like on the edge and they don't know ALL the information.
So finding forgiveness for a government doesn't mean that you say that they had good reasons for it. They didn't have good reasons for it, they're killers and there's murderers and there's a few of them, there's not a whole lot of them. So, we want to forgive the whole government because they were fooled just like we've been fooled. And for those people we forgive them as mentally ill and we put them away and we make a big show of it. I would personally like to even, I'm always out of the box a little bit, but I think that I would like to make a big show of it and demonstrate through brain scans the problems with their brains. My research in the last 10 years is about brain research, differences between men and women and brain research.
And I bet every penny I have that if we could do live brain scans, that these men who run that will have very inactive prefrontal cortex which is associated with people, and this is a fact, there's people who can't feel happy unless there's violence in front of them, unless they're dropping bombs. And let me give you one brief example of that, in America, I know the statistics there, 1 out of 5 boys, 1 out of a 100 girls, and 1 out of 5 boys is taking Ritalin for ADD symptoms, which is an inactive prefrontal cortex. But, you put 'em on a videogame with bombs and immediately the brain starts producing more dopamine which is pleasure and their brain begins functioning in a cogent, clear way. So what happens is these are smart guys, some of them, some of them aren't (George Bush), but they're smart guys, but they're unable to experience pleasure in their lives without some sort of stimulation. And I believe that before anybody could ever be elected to a high authority position that we should do brain scans on their brains, make sure that their brain chemicals are normal because these people don't have normal brain chemicals."
I wonder if any of this "forgive the whole government" stuff will be in the television infomercials.
Brian Salter and others have done some very interesting research into John Gray's background. See his "John Gray Dossier" at
You'll also read there the unfortunate manner in which this research was greeted by many in the 911 Truth Movement.
And the creepiness continues . . . Many in the movement also speak positively of another past one world government/eugenics supporter, Bertrand Russell. As Brian Salter has noted: "many in the 9/11 truth movement think that Russell should be its model... just goes to show how frighteningly behind the curve people are in understanding how subtle the manipulation and infiltration of popular movements can be, and how exacting and unbending our watchdog efforts need to be in turn. .
As Brian Salter has also noted: "The other part which is even more deceptive centers on agendas like the Club of Rome and the elites' hijacking of environmental issues and organizations to create a cover for eugenics, depopulation, social engineering, and anti-development/ de-industrialization programs, as well as using "sustainable development" as a wedge issue for "global governance" . . . The difficulty these people have faced since World War II is posed by the question, "How does one resurrect the eugenics/population reduction agenda, which everyone would now associate with Hitler, in a form where few will recognize it?" This is what should guide investigation... I think that we are being pre-programmed to lie down and fail to resist genocidal depopulation and precipitous global "downsizing" by fatalistically absorbing the idea that the earth can't support the current population anyway. . ."
I am not suggesting here that we should necessarily turn down all gifts to the 911 Truth Movement. But I am suggesting that we continue to look all gift horses, and prominent 911 activists, straight in the mouth, and see what we're getting ourselves into and what we may be promoting without even being aware of it.



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