Who Can You Trust?

From Grant Lawrence
The breaking news is our great friend and ally, Israel, supposedly had a spy in the highest offices of government feeding misinformation and collecting data on American foreign policy. The claim is that the person doing the dirty work is an analyst in the office of Douglas J. Feith, undersecretary of defense for policy, the Pentagon's No. 3 official.
.....Feith is an influential aide to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld who works on sensitive policy issues including U.S. policy toward Iraq and Iran. Feith's office includes a cadre assigned specifically to work on Iran.
......He also oversaw the Pentagon's defunct Office of Special Plans, which critics said fed policy-makers uncorroborated prewar intelligence on President Saddam Hussein's Iraq, especially involving purported ties with the al-Qaida terror network. Pentagon officials have said the office was a small operation that provided fresh analysis on existing intelligence.
So, is this the guy responsible for American's global Empire strategy which has been working to widen the war in the Middle East. If so, we can all breathe a sigh of relief now that he has been outed, but I got a feeling that things will continue on just as planned even with the outing of a mole or 2.
Who knows, maybe G.W. will give the guy a medal or a pay raise like he did for the guys that bypassed mountains of information of an impending attack before 9/11.
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Dear friends:
This opportunity of this breaking news should be taken to write letters to the editor of your favorite newspapers, to CNN, fox, etc demanding they take on their journalistic duties. Below is what I wrote. Please write in your own words even if its is one sentence or two.
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(letters to 100 media outlets)
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Dear Editor:
The breaking news about the FBI investigation of an Israeli spy in the Pentagon is significant for several reasons. First, it is interesting that for the first time, AIPAC is being investigated. AIPAC was ranked as the fourth strongest lobby in Washington. AIPAC offshoot "think tanks" like the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) gave us folks like Dennis Ross (appointed US envoy to the Middle East) and Martin Indyk (Australian Zionist appointed as US Ambassador to Israel). In fact, in annals of International affairs, it is rare to find such a situation where lobbyists for foreign countries become senior officials in US administration. Another interesting tidbit is that the spy supposedly works in the offices of Wolfowitz and Feith. But both Wolfowitz and Feith are known Zionists who worked with groups that advocated invading Iraq to secure Israel (see details at ).
The US sends $5 billion per year of our taxes to Israel, the US shielded Israel with over 30 vetoes in the UN (going against the will of 150 other countries), and the US engaged in needless and endless wars to sustain the racist Israeli state that is engaging in ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Thus, it is likely that real patriot Americans are leaking these scandals to the news media to expose the fraud that has been perpetuated on us for so many years. What remains a question is whether the US media will finally start to do the job they abandoned since becoming "embedded", i.e. real investigative reporting in the public interest.
Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD
From CNN
FBI investigating possible spy for Israel
Official: High-level Pentagon worker could have shaped policy
From David Ensor and Terry Frieden
Washington Bureau
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The FBI has evidence that a person who has been working at high levels in the Pentagon may be a spy for Israel, a senior official confirmed to CNN on Friday.
The suspect could have been in a position to influence Bush administration policy toward Iran and Iraq, the senior official said.
A senior Pentagon official confirmed to CNN that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld "had been made generally aware that the Justice Department had an investigation going on."
CBS News, which first reported the story, said the FBI had developed evidence against the suspect, including photographs and conversations recorded through wiretaps.
The network said the suspect has ties to two senior Pentagon officials: Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith.
Another government source with knowledge of the case told CNN that the FBI is investigating possible spying at the Pentagon involving Israel and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a pro-Israel lobbying group.
However, Washington insiders note that it is not unusual for friendly governments to have access to certain classified information, so even if the allegations are correct, not everyone involved may have thought they were involved in espionage. Still, one U.S. source is calling the case "a very serious matter."
An Israeli Embassy spokesman told CNN that "we categorically deny these allegations. They are completely false and outrageous."
An Israeli official in Washington said the U.S. government has not contacted the Israelis about any such investigation.
AIPAC released a statement saying that "any allegation of criminal conduct by the organization or its employees is baseless and false."
"We take our responsibilities as American citizens seriously. We would not condone or tolerate for a second any violation of U.S. law or interests. We are fully cooperating with the governmental authorities and will continue to do so," the AIPAC statement said.
The Justice Department, speaking for the FBI, refused to comment, saying only, "We cannot confirm or deny the report."
An FBI spokesman said the bureau has no comment on the CBS report.



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