US Attacks On Najaf Are
'Unforgivable' & 'Shameful'

By Sam Hamod
Our shameful attacks on the Holy City of Najaf with F16s, Apaches, Bradleys and tanks, destroying holy sites, people,s homes, hospitals and schools is unforgiveable. This is a further black day in America,s history. We have killed the native Americans, made slaves of African Americans, abused the Third World for two centuries, killed foreign leaders such as Allende of Chile, Bishop of Grenada, tried to kill Fidel Castro and Mu'ummar Qaddafi of Libya, and have killed Imam Hakim in Iraq, tried to kill Sistani and are now trying to kill a leader of the common people, Muqtadr Al Sadr - all under the flag of 'democracy' and 'freedom'. Actually, we are the new colonialists and have been for some time. It is once again time for us ordinary citizens to chastise our government and its wrong doings in the world - this time in Iraq.
We are losing the cream of our youth in Iraq and Afghanistan, not only that but the U.S. military has even recalled a 68 year old to service in Iraq, has recalled many other grandfathers in their 50s, uncles and fathers in their 40s - all to feed the Bush team of neo-cons frenzy to control the oil of the Middle East and to keep the Arab world under the feet of America and its brother power, Israel. This loss of American lives for the Bush gang and the Likud of Israel gang is criminal and must be stopped.
There must also be stop put to the American attacks on Iraqs Holy Cities, and on such leaders as Al Sadr. He is correct to defend Mulsim holy cities in Iraq, just as Catholics would defend Rome and the Vatican, Jews the Wailing Wall and Muslims the other holy cities of Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. What the Bush team is doing is sacrilege - sin in the eyes of God and of the educated and civilized world. This is barbarism"and as an excuse, the intruders, the invaders, our American troops, are being painted in our media as 'the good guys' when in fact, they are in the wrong and the world knows it.
For what is morally right, American troops should withdraw from Najaf and Karbala - should get out of Iraq and apologize to the people of Iraq for their aberrant, sinful behavior in Najaf, Baghdad, Karabala and at Abu Ghraib and other prisons throughout Iraq where more criminal cruelty took place, and continues to take place under deceptive cover and non-entrance allowed to the International Red Cross or UN representatives.
As for the fighting in Najaf - it was started by the American troops. American journalists and natives of Najaf said the weapons that opened fire first were the heavy American weapons, not the small arms fire of the AK 47s used by the Iraqi police and the Medhi Army of Al Sadr.
Thus, once again, we want to punish the Iraqi resistance because Negroponte, Bush and Allawi want total control before the November elections. But, it,s not going to happen, unless thousands more Iraqis are killed. But to Negroponte, the devil from South American days when he helped the Contras, Bush with his ambition to take over Iraqi oil and Allawi's desire to be safe in a land where he is an outsider, an exile who is not welcome and is under death threat - the death of thousands of Iraqis doesn't matter. As far as the Bush team is concerned, the Iraqis are no better than dogs - this is evidenced by the way he, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Kimmit, Miller, Sanchez and others have treated the Iraqis since they came into power in Iraq"with cruelty, disdain and brutality.
So, let's make it clear - there is no reason to demonize Al Sadr - better to demonize the real devils in this situation, Bush, Negroponte, Miller, Allawi and 'defense minister' Naqib - not the U.S. servicemen who are ordered to carry out immoral and un-Christian deeds, nor Al Sadr who is defending the holy places of the Shi'a of Islam. If we allow the lies of the U.S. media and the U.S. military and the U.S. politicians to prevail, we shall all be complictous in this evil. Write congresspersons, your senators, to the blackened White House ( to protest this evil ... it is on all of our heads.
Professor Sam Hamod is a former advisor to the State Department; editor of 3rd World News: Director of The Islamic Center of Washington, DC (retired) and edits He may be reached at



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