The Silent Genocide
Of US Soldiers

By Andy D
Dear Editor:
Tragically, over 325,000 American vets are now suffering serious disabilities from Gulf war I and II. Many soldiers returning from Iraq today have multiple malignant growths.
Every year 43,000 more vets apply for disability services. To get a true scientific picture of the physics of DU exposure on the human body check out :
Young American men fighting in Iraq today are doomed to failing health and shortened lives.
Fortunately American generals in Iraq will succumb to the same fate but sadly there are only a handful of them.
Since Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Bush were there too just maybe they too got a dose of DU dust into their lungs.
That would be real justice. Notice any changes in Bush lately?
In October last year, at a summit of Muslim nations attended by President Putin, The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir Mohamed, stated "The Europeans killed six million Jews out of twelve million, but today the Jews rule the world by proxy. They get other to fight and die for them."
The other day, American General Franks stated that the war on Iraq was to protect Israel. That means close to 1000 young Americans have already died and many thousands more have been wounded for the sake of Israel.
It gets worse though, tens of thousands of American soldiers are now exposed to DU dust and they too will succumb to a most horrible fate all for the sake of Israel. Americans and Iraqis are now the victims of a silent genocide all for the sake of Israel.
Of course the evil war mongering power elite may succeed in killing two birds with one stone by also stealing the oil and water resources of Iraq.
Once the US economy collapses, hopefully Americans will be angry enough to rise up in revolt to take back their government from the evil men who lorded over them, who bankrupted America all for the sake of Israel.
Andy D.
I will always be on the side of those who have nothing and are not even allowed to enjoy the nothing they have in peace.
~ Frederico Garcia Lorca ~
From Michael Shore
Hi Andy D
Have you ever heard of the Illuminati???
Put Illuminati in search engine and find out who they are. Then you and many others will maybe stop blaming Israel and the Jews for everything and put the blame where it belongs, blame the Illuminati and all their connected web of secret organizations, who believe they "rule" the world.
The Illuminati members and their key associates like The Queen of England and the "royal" House of Windsor are NOT Jewish. Neither is the board of directors of the Vatican. These two groups alone control unfathomable wealth one cannot even begin to imagine. Add to them the Rockefellers, Melons, Duponts, Bush's etc., who are also NOT Jewish.The Rothschilds could be Jewish, but they changed their name from the Bauers, so even their being Jewish is questionable.This group controls and manipulates major world events, including the war in Iraq and every other war going on the planet for their benefit. Part of their manipulation is to get people to blame the Jews and Israel for all the crimes and horrendous things the Illuminati is really perpetrating behind the scenes for their own SICK agenda.
Israel is obviously a key element for the Illuminati to USE to maintain their power.Through fear and constant never ending wars orchestrated by the Illuminati through their web of connected organizations like the Bildebergers, Council of Foreign Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs etc. , Israelis have been brainwashed to "donate" every one of their own children to the Israeli Defense Forces to fight never ending wars along with the brainwashed Americans for the BENEFIT OF THE ILLUMINATI.
The sooner we ALL can see this "brilliant" Illuminati manipulation, the sooner the "slaves" can stop killing each other in un-necessary wars. If we the people investigate and recognize this possible truth, then we can get rid of the Illuminati and all their associates and have a real chance to live in Peace with each other..
So please take the time to check out the Illuminati etc. and put your energy in telling the people about the real Illuminati "terrorists" behind the scenes causing so much death and destruction in OUR world!!!
Go to <> where David gives you many historical details and other amazing facts about the Illuminati and this manipulation.
Michael Shore



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