Destruction Of Iman Ali Shrine -
Bush Plan For Total War

By Kurt Nimmo
In May, Bushcon swami Bill Kristol declared that slaughtering large numbers of Iraqis "would be respected by Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds alike Moqtada Sadr's militia must be rendered powerless. This will have to be accomplished primarily by American and British military power." And so it is, although "respect" is obviously not in the mix. In fact, if anything, Bush's ill-advised invasion of Najaf and other Shi'ite cities in southern Iraq-and the possible assassination of Mehdi Army leader Moqtada al-Sadr-will "cause reverberations from Iran to Lebanon to Pakistan," as Youssef Ibrahim, a former New York Times correspondent, warns.
Naturally, Kristol and the Bushcons want "reverberations" and a violent response from Muslims. Kristol, as the Michael Corleone of the Bushcons (the characterization is attributed to David Corn), wants to stoke the fires of jihad because religious war is at the heart of the Straussian neocon Master Plan-a "clash of civilizations" designed to "reshape" the Middle East, that is to provide an excuse to invade and conquer not only Iraq but Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and lesser Arab nations. "We want you nervous," declared the Bushcon and former CIA director James Woolsey, addressing every single Muslim in the world. "We want you to realize now, for the fourth time in a hundred years, this country and its allies are on the march and that we are on the side of those whom you-the Mubaraks, the Saudi Royal family-most fear: We're on the side of your own people." Of course, for the average Iraqi or Palestinian, the assertion that the Bushcons are "on the side" of the Arab people-as they kill them in the tens of thousands-is nothing less than absurd. Kristol and Woolsey are on the side of the Likudites in Israel and the stockholders over at Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, where the neocons are heavily invested (it's no secret 32 major administration appointees are former executives with, consultants for, or significant shareholders of top death merchant corporations).
Woolsey and Kristol have taken a page from a script written by Eliot Cohen, a scholar of military affairs based at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, who urges total war against Shia Muslims, pan-Arab nationalists, and Wahhabi fundamentalists-in other words, much of the Arab world. It would be easy to characterize Cohen as simply another lone warmongering and racist crazy mired in the irrelevance of academe, except for the fact that he keeps influential friends-for instance, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, who has the ear of Bush and Rumsfeld-and sits on the Defense Policy Board and is associated with PNAC, the Hoover Institute, and other all-war, all the time neocon think-tanks, more accurately described as criminal organizations plotting war crimes.
Cohen is not afraid to admit the obvious: Bush's "creative destruction" of Iraq and ultimately-if re-appointed in November-the entire Arab world is part and parcel of a long-held Zionist plan to eviscerate Islam and Arab culture. In a tributary letter to Bush shortly after September 11, 2001, Cohen and a gaggle of usual neocon suspects-including Richard Perle, William Bennett, Daniel Pipes, and Norman Podhoretz-declared that "the United States and Israel share a common enemy," i.e., the "Axis of Evil," most notably the people of Iran, Iraq, and Syria, nations "inspiring and financing a culture of political murder and suicide bombing" against Israel, "just as they have aided campaigns of terrorism against the United States over the past two decades." As these luminaries readily admit, bunker-busting and clusterbombing the Arabs into submission "will not be accomplished quickly or painlessly," it will require "fortitude" (in other words, the stomach for mass murder) and "moral clarity and consistency" (translation: the willingness to engage in serial murder no matter what the American people desire or how vehement their opposition to the illegal and brutal occupation of Iraq and the preparation for covert activities and invasions of Iran and Syria, the next two targets on the neocon hit-list).
As Juan Cole, an Iraq expert at the University of Michigan, notes, the "Waco-style" Najaf attack, especially if "Sayyid" (a putative descendant of the Prophet Muhammad) Muqtada is killed, will most assuredly result in "a long-term low-intensity guerrilla war, similar to what Sunni radicals and Arab nationalists have done in the Sunni heartland for the past 16 months." Logically, we would conclude such an attack is diametrically opposed to what the US wants in Iraq-until we consider the capper of the neocon philosophy is to provoke Islam into a generalized conflagration and thus provide an excuse to invade and occupy the Middle East in the name of Greater Israel and Big Oil (with plentiful benefits, as noted above, going to the so-called military-industrial complex, or the death merchants so heavily invested in by the neocon camarilla in the Pentagon, the White House, and neocon criminal organizations such as PNAC and the American Enterprise Institute).
According to Michael Corleone-cum-Bill Kristol, the pompous dignitary of the neocon Mafia, the American people "are ambivalent about Iraq," that is to say they are reluctant to donate their children or themselves to the neocon and Likudite Master Plan for endless and obviously unwinnable war against 1,902,095,000 Muslims, or one-in-four humans on earth.
Najaf is all about upping the ante. As it now stands, Muqtada al-Sadr was wounded by shrapnel and Iraqi officials are attempting to negotiate an end to the US-initiated offensive. Negotiations in Iraq, however, have a peculiar way of going to hell in a handbasket in short order. No doubt, for the Bushcons, these frivolous negotiations are but a momentary distraction: in their fervid dreams, the US attacks the Imam Ali shrine, where al-Sadr is "holed up," and incensed Muslims around the world respond with attacks against "soft" US targets (embassies, civilians, bankers in Washington, etc.), all of it playing right into the Bushcon World War IV scenario as spelled out by Eliot Cohen, James Woolsey, and the neocon Mafia intelligentsia.
Is it possible terrorism in response to the destruction of the Imam Ali shrine-and the murder of firebrand cleric al-Sadr-will reach America and thus turn the "ambivalence" of the American people, so abhorred by the likes of Bill Kristol, into the appropriate blood lust of the sort required to get things back to where they were on the September 12, 2001? Is it possible such an attack-or even the ominous threat of an attack as faithfully telegraphed on cue by our Emmanuel Goldstein, Osama bin Laden (via yet another apocryphal audio tape)-will rally the masses behind Bush come November?
No doubt the perfidious Straussian Bushcons hope so.



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