The Overthrow Of The
American Republic - Part 61
Is A Sneak Attack "Okay" ?

By Sherman H. Skolnick
The Establishment historians and others have a way of explaining great tragic events:
[1] They attribute it to an unrelated series of circumstances.
[2] They blame the happening on supposedly known national, international culprits or "enemies".
[3] In setting forth the elite's version of what occurred, they seek to demonize or finger some religious, racial, ethnic, or other supposedly identifiable group, as the perpetrators or "enemy".
[4] The "powers that be", the Ruling Class---plainly, THEM---use the occurrence as an excuse to go to war or to retaliate in some way. In the process, are hounded or actually rounded up and put in enclosures or "concentration camps", supposed long-known sympathizers or secret domestic resident accomplices of these now-fingered "enemies".
BUT, are there geopolitical reasons and rationales not quickly discussed by the plutocrats' commentators and journalists, and other such mouthpieces?
AND, how many years if not decades must pass, before there is an open discussion, that the Establishment had an excuse, for example, to allow a supposed "sneak attack" on the Nation? Simply put, those who make national and international policy rulings without our consent, would they try to soon after the happening, ask us to consider THEIR reasons for knowing in advance, but allowing the tragedy to occur anyway?
Take Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, as an example.
A newspaper in Hawaii, then a U.S. colony or possession, printed a headline, a week before December 7, 1941, that an attack on Pearl Harbor was imminent. In fact, U.S. General Billy Mitchell pointed out 18 years before, that Pearl Harbor was the target of a likely air attack. The General was punished by a Courts Martial for upsetting the other Military brass with Mitchell pointing out such things in emphasizing air power over sea power.
[A copy of the Hawaiian newspaper front page was published about a decade or so ago by a populist paper now defunct, "The Spotlight". The staff of that publication now publish "American Free Press", Washington, D.C.]
General Billy Mitchell was punished for his air power predictions.
[See the book "A Question of Loyalty: General Billy Mitchell and the Court Martial That Gripped the Nation" by Douglas C. Waller.]
Prior to December 7, 1941, the Roosevelt White House ordered the bulk of the U.S. fleet of Battleships and such, berthed at Pearl Harbor, to be located IN THE CENTER OF THE HARBOR where they made a good air power target. Excuse? Supposedly to save them from possible on-land saboteurs. The fleet of Aircraft Carriers, however, was ordered out to sea by the prior-knowledge of the impending airplane attack by Japan.
A warning of sorts was sent by the White House to the Pearl Harbor commanders BY THE SLOWEST MEANS POSSIBLE, arriving AFTER the attack by Japan was already in progress. The commanders were falsely blamed and later removed and defamed.
[Numerous books on the treason in permitting the attack on Pearl Harbor. See, for example list at and for Barnes & Noble, ]
Was there an explanation, a rationale, that the highest level of the U.S. Government might have historically defended? That is, a geopolitical motive that the commonfolk of the U.S. were already too-poorly informed by the monopoly press to understand?
Despite the supposedly impregnable Maginot Line, France caved in to the Nazi armies. France was sold out by internal traitors, some called them the Gagliards, "the hooded ones". Great Britain was run by a pro-Hitler Monarchy. Just prior to the war breaking out in 1939, King Edward the 8th abdicated, 1936. The excuse? He wanted to marry a forbidden commoner who was herself one of the richest women ever, owning huge shipping combines. The actual excuse was that this couple were pro-Hitler. They became the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and ran the Bahamas during World War Two. They treasonously arranged for Nazi submarines to re-fuel right offshore the U.S. Many British and U.S. sailors and merchant marines lost their lives by this treachery. [In recent years, the History Channel did a two-hour never seen before pictorial documentary on the treason of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.]
The successor to King Edward the 8th, King George 6th (1936-1952) was himself pro-Hitler. (He was succeeded by Queen Elizabeth 2nd, herself pro-Nazi, being actually not from the House of Windsor, but from German royalty, the House of Hanover. Through her private enterprise, Coutts Bank London, she has a joint account for One Hundred Billion Dollars with the Pro-Nazi Bush Crime Family. See document )
During the war, Sir Anthony Blunt, art expert for the Monarchy, endeared himself to the Throne, by infiltrating behind Nazi lines to retrieve secret documents from a French castle that showed King George 6th was a Hitler-supporter. Although later identified as a dreaded "Communist agent", Blunt was never prosecuted.
Realizing that the U.S. was a sleeping giant industrial complex, with its own oil reserves and facilities, Nazi Germany did NOT want to attack the U.S., separated from Europe's war by an ocean not easily crossed in those years by airplanes. BUT, by 1941, England was about to be over-run by the German invading armies. Not giving a hoot for the British working people, the Brits had in the 1930s allowed their industrial works to get completely out of date and rusted out. Large numbers of the British were on "the dole", and not up to date on production methods.
England's purported leader, often a fallen down drunk, Winston Churchill, persuaded his more or less cousin President Franklin D. Roosevelt, that throwing away 3,000 American lives in permitting a Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, would be "a small price to pay" to bring U.S. into the war to save England.
The behind-the-scenes justification for sacrificing, to start with, 3,000 American lives at Pearl Harbor, requires the understanding of those years. The Axis Powers consisted of Germany, Italy, and Japan. If any nation declared war on any one of these, then the others would declare war on that nation. So right after the U.S. declared war on Japan, December 8, 1941, Germany declared war on the U.S.
In simple terms, the supposedly "sneak attack" on Pearl Harbor, was to warrant the U.S. getting into the war against Nazi Germany that did not otherwise want to fight the industrial strongman, the U.S., easily mobilizing a large army from the U.S. unemployment that was over 14 per cent in 1941.
So, with the foregoing as an example, WAS THERE A "SNEAK ATTACK" by "ARABS" on the U.S. on September 11, 2001? Numerous facts are already available to question the version by the occupant and resident of the Oval Office, George W. Bush, a stooge and scapegoat for the British Monarchy.
AND, if not an actual "sneak attack", then was it a highest level somestic orchestrated event that supposedly could be explained, if not defended, by a faction in the Aristocracy? And would that rationale be acceptable by the naive, generally poorly-informed and brain-washed-educated American commonfolk?
Some background. Could apologists for the British Monarchy and the Jesuits justify the assassination, for their benefit if not upon their orders, of seven U.S. presidents from 1841 to 1963?
In summarized and simple terms, those that occupied the New World, were those of the Reformation, Protestants who fled backward Europe, centers of arrogant and arbitrary Monarchies and hidebound religious dictators.
From at least 1812 when they re-invaded the U.S. and in 1814 burned down the White House, and onward, the British Monarchy vowed to break up the United States of America, into provinces warring with each other, so as to be no financial competition to England. The inhabitants of the Continent that includes the U.S., to revert back to being subjects of the Crown, not citizens of the U.S. and the States.
In plain terms, a faction in the British/American aristocracy has the mindset that the sizeable population now in America, some 300 million people, cannot all be granted what is in the Bill of Rights. Scholars of American history often fail to point out that the Bill of Rights was reluctantly and grudgingly added to the U.S. Constitution because otherwise the commonfolk would not accept alone the basic government system set up by the U.S. Constitution.
Furthermore, seldom discussed is the apparent clinker in the U.S. Constitution. Article VI provides basically that the debts and monies owed and contracted by the Americans to the British and their Monarchy prior to the U.S. Constitution, are to be forever obligations of the U.S. Government. Presumably, at compound interest accumulating in perpetuity, that is, for ever a British noose around the American necks.
Consider some of the events leading up to 9-11.
==Published just before 9-11 was "Body of Secrets" by James Bamford. For the first time, the book showed the secret documents of Northwoods Project. A group of crazies in the Joint Chiefs of Staff wanted to create an excuse to invade Cuba in 1962 after the failure of the 1961 aborted CIA invasion at the Bay of Pigs. The plan was to bomb U.S. airplanes with onboard U.S. passengers. To bomb U.S. mainland facilities killing ordinary Americans. And similar violence, all to be falsely blamed on Fidel Castro, warranting an invasion of Cuba and a U.S. war against them.
How come the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press did not comment on this as a virtual blueprint for 9-11, thirty nine years after the plan was somehow stopped?
On the Thursday and Friday prior to the Tuesday of 9-11, speculators in the Chicago markets sold short, basically with futures and options. This done as to AMR, parent of American Airlines, and UAL, parent of United Airlines, both supposedly involved in the alleged hi-jacking by "Arabs" of planes of those two firms. This was done by certain factions on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and their step-sister, the Chicago Board Options Exchange.
Big dealers in these markets profited by billions of dollars.. AND, they have been in part shaken down by the Bush Crime Family. Result? The Federal regulators, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission refuse to investigate the situation and refuse to divulge any documents of the same. Thus protected are the Bush Crime Family and their confederates.
On the Sunday before 9-11, in Moscow was an international monetary conference. Discussed was that the U.S. was about to go into the mode of financial collapse.
Prior to 9-11 various high-level persons had prior knowledge. Such as CIA dope mogul Warren Buffett who claims his fortune is based on his acute "savvy". He flew a group of Manhattan businesspeople that day of 9-11 for a party at the NORAD base, Offutt Air Force base, Nebraska, also a CIA mind-control experiment facility.
As the former head of the Secret Political Police and retaining links, Daddy Bush has been actually running the White House. He apparently told son George W., that something terrible was going to happen and that George W. was to "stay out of it. I am handling everything". So, Bush, Jr., upon hearing what happened to the twin towers in Manhattan, just sat in the schoolroom where he heard stories about a pet goat.
On 9-11, the joint defense commmand, NORAD, U.S./Canada, was apparently under the control of a Canadian commander who told his immediate assistants that U.S. airplanes are NOT authorized to do anything about the planes supposedly hi-jacked. So there was, in effect, a military stand-down.
In the view of some landlords, the twin towers of the World Trade Center were reaching the time when they would be considered unprofitable and obsolete and would have to be taken down. In the more ordinary way, that would cost 20 Billion Dollars and would require the area be evacuated.
Specializing in taking down old buildings with internal explosives has been Controlled Demolition, Inc. And naturally, they got the contract to clean up the debris when the twin towers mysteriously just pulverized. Later WTC Building 7, not hit by any "airplane", fell down the late afternoon of 9-11. The leasing boss, Larry Silverstein, much later on a TV program, said he gave the order "to pull" Building 7, a secret architecture term of having internal explosives put in key spots when they build a building so as to make it simple later to take it down, by imploding upon itself.
On my website, is the story, posted about ten days after 9-11, that the Israelis through the French tried to inform the Bush White House of the impending "attack". Daddy Bush and George W., did not want to know.
Since a faction in the American/British aristocracy believes the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are unworkable and obsolete, they want to run the U.S. either as breakaway states warring with each other, or the iron-fist, Fascist-style. As mentioned in earlier stories in this series and Middle-Finger News, the faction wants a super secret police, Homeland Security, named after and patterned after the Gestapo.
To such faction in the Aristocracy, prior-knowledge and a fake "sneak attack" are justified. Since when are they concerned by starting their program by throwing away 3,000 Americans such as happened at 9-11 and at Pearl Harbor?
Other alternative websites contain many revealing details of prior-knowledge and Daddy Bush and Bush White House treason.
For a more full understanding of all this, you have to read the numerous prior parts of this series, as well as the parts of The Middle-Finger News.
Foreign entities by air power attacked at Pear Harbor. On the other hand, 9-11 was a domestic created event, with "Arabs" on a parallel track, espionage-style, but not actually participating except to be falsely blamed as patsies. "Arabs" operating with a cell phone from a cave ten thousand miles away did it? Nonsense. It was the most dastardly treason and deception in history by the highest level of the American government and the British/American aristocracy.b
More coming. Stay tuned.
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