Unmasking The Outlaws

By Kirwan
For the last four years many have been trying to track the mythical money trail, to flesh out what has been driving all the recent changes on the global stage. Finally, thanks to "The Corporation," it appears that the true identity of the real Outlaws is now clear. Most have remained focused on the politicians and the politics of the new millennium. But, that's only been a front for the actual powers that be, and their agenda that is toxic to everything, except themselves.
Globalism has created an entirely new standard in the world today. There are no longer national laws that can touch the multinationals. The War on terror was phony from day one: it was a declaration of war by multinational interests upon all nations, all religions and all forms of order and law around the world. The real organizational chart depicts our new owners, and is headed by the major multinational corporations. Below them are the political parties and the politicians that we used to see as powerful. Beneath that are the military and intelligence forces, along with their supporting cast and all of this is all held together by the media that reports only what the owners of media want you to know. Media also just happens to be made up of subsidiaries, to those same mega-corporations that are now running the whole show.
Politicians and political parties are nothing but hollow fronts for international theft and greed, as never before. Yes, there is terrorism today, but it is not by those whom the government says we are at war with. The "terror" is alive and well but it is hiding behind the corporate logos of prominent multinational corporations. Their mission has become the theft, and ultimately the privatization of everything that is part of what we think of, as life on this planet.
These insider outlaws, want to own all the components of everyday life. It begins with the water, the air and all the earth-and then goes deeper-seeking to patent the entire matrix of human life, as well as any plant or living organism that could produce a profit. In this, they have over the last sixty years, coerced the lawmakers and the courts, into becoming their silent partners in this would-be theft of all that lives.
This all became possible to the direct degree that GATT, then NAFTA, and now FTAA have been allowed to succeed. Globalization has been the corporate shield that has granted complete immunity from governmental interference in corporate affairs-in effect placing private corporations above national laws. By virtue of the perks granted by corporate charters worldwide, these entities enjoy immunity from prosecution, for all but the most heinous of crimes. These corporate bulwarks have been able to commit their crimes against nature and humanity, while protecting their profit margins at the expense of the world's communities.
People, ordinary everyday, law-abiding people have served as the engines that drive these mega-giants, that are on their way to owning it all. Most of those who work for these new monopolies are in reality employed in creating the demise of their own way of life. This Orwellian footnote makes this one of the largest perversions of labor, in human history.
The War on the World, now in its opening stages, was necessary to protect multinational corporations from the people they have destroyed or are planning to destroy, solely for corporate profits ­ worldwide.
How did this begin? When the nation was an infant - corporations were only groups of people with very limited partnerships that were formed to accomplish specific tasks, after which they were dissolved. About the time of the Civil War, corporate attorneys began to feel too restricted by the laws governing most corporations. To enhance corporate profits and protect the partners from responsibility and liability, the lawyers pressed for greater protections. By 1886 a Supreme Court decision had granted corporations "the rights of personhood." That enabled them to buy and sell things, and this created an artificial construct that had the rights of free speech, and all the other rights of human beings, except that this entity did not have any of the responsibilities that real people have. They do not have to die, they can continue forever without the need for oversight or renewal permissions, nor do they have to be responsible for the results of their commercial activities.
This movement got serious after the end of World War I, and began to take shape during WWII. All US presidents since Truman have had a hand in this, to some degree, but with the theft of the office of the presidency, the way was paved for the final act, which is now here.
To the multinationals there is only what is owned and what is privatized-there is no longer any need to consider what might be governmental or privately owned because all of that is simply waiting to be absorbed, as future product, for their corporate balance sheets. They need not weigh the good of the community, or the health risks that might flow directly from their efforts. They are not responsible for the losses their products might cause the general public. The only consideration, which the law requires of them, is that they must maximize profits for their respective shareholders. They can make or sell whatever they want, without regard to costs, waste, pollution or human needs. Basically they take all that has a potential monetary value and leave the wreckage for others to deal with. The costs usually become a matter for others to solve.
Add to this the fact that most of their board members sit on many interlocking boards, of other mega-corporations, and the temptation to simply take over from slow and limited normal society becomes clear. With no morality, there is only private profit.
There are many telltale signs of late, that the above is so. The desire to reduce the world's population by some four billion people becomes more understandable, if that number is seen as the poorest of the poor; then they are by definition of no use whatever to profit making entities. There is bankrupting of the US Treasury, to weaken what's left of the government. The remainder will be auctioned off at fire-sale prices and the unclaimed services will just be dumped on the trash-heap of history. That was part of the original goal of the robber barons from the early days, for unfettered commerce, zero regulation, and the near slavery of workers. That's where all this greed is leading.
There is now almost nothing left of the US government except an empty shell. Government was created by the founders, to protect us from just such criminal behavior, but that will evaporate, if we allow this final act to reach its designated conclusion. If the multinationals get their way, there will be an amoral tidal wave that seeks the literal ownership of everything, at the expense of every private person still alive. Because ethics, religion and morality are obsolete under the new paradigm of corporate-think.
The multinational corporate goal is to eventually take control of all resources, all the space, the light, the air and the water ­ that's every square inch of the planet ­ just to sell it. This is all the easier for them, because human rules don't apply to them. People have to be responsible for their personal waste and greed, as well as for spin-offs from what they do to earn a living. Not so the corporation. Corporate structure is amoral, as it recognizes no limitation on the companies need to earn those profits.
What about these ill-gotten profits? They will simply line the vaults of the legal construct of their corporations, until they're needed to destabilize or seize another entity. Their officers will become our defacto political leaders-and their workers will have made this all possible, because they just wanted to keep their jobs. To the corporation: all resources, whether natural or man-made will be available for marketing and development according to plan. Anything that does not serve the corporate interest will be bought off, acquired, or destroyed. It is to these ends, that the recent wars were declared, so that the governments of the world would be reduced and their national powers mitigated.
The US government is now only the enforcement arm for corporate greed and private profits, in service to their favorites in the running. The unstated goal for at least 50 years has been total dominance over all materials and resources, to achieve absolute global power-absolutely.
However all is not going well in multinational paradise. People the world over are beginning to wake up. In India people rose in opposition to genetically engineered seeds, and Indians reclaimed their right to choose. In Cochabamba, Bolivia, the people rioted and overwhelmingly rejected the takeover of their water supply by foreigners. In the end, they drove out the multinationals.
Depending on our complicity or rejection, of the hostile takeover bid here, we will either follow the example of the third world and reclaim what is ours: or we will soon no longer be able to resist them. The US government really is just us-and we've left it to the scavengers of industry that have picked that carcass nearly clean of all resolve. We could change this, but only if we take back the basics of this nation to ourselves:
From The US Declaration of Independence
"That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted
among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,
-- That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these
ends, It is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to
institute new Government, Laying its foundation on such principles and
organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to
effect their Safety and Happiness."
"But when a long train of abuses and usurpations,
pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them
under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw
off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future
Still have doubts? Find a way to see the film, "The Corporation" and then decide.
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