Living in the House of Lies
By Kirwan
For almost the last three years the only thing the Bush administration has wanted to talk about has been "security." But what does that word really mean in the real world? When it comes from this outlaw government, 'security' is code for insecurity, for paranoia, and for the complete breakdown of this society: This is what this administration has been trying extremely hard to create from the ashes of nine eleven.
We've received endless warnings of threats, we've seen endless photographs of armored security forces, helmeted and masked troops, armored vehicles, and wire ringed police barricades. We've seen the helicopters and the jet fighters, and we've seen the warnings, heard the speeches, and we've felt the terror emanating from those assigned to guard us and protect us from the terrorists. But are we safer, are we more secure from any angle? No. In fact we are far more at risk now than at any time in the history of this nation. Bush demands that we think about "security," so let's talk about what it is and what it is not.
What can roadblocks really accomplish, when our cities are open on all sides? What good is increased vigilance when there are no uniforms on those we are supposed to fear. Who exactly is the enemy that all this firepower is meant to intimidate? You and me ­ that's who is supposed to be terrified by these expensive displays of unbridled military force.
Picture a downtown city street at lunch hour, add a platoon of marines backed up by local SWAT teams and Special Forces, suitably garbed for urban warfare and armed to the teeth. Just who is it that the troops or the police have suddenly come to arrest or intimidate? How will they decide who to grab or who to interrogate, who will be seen as "suspicious" or somehow" just not right?" Will it be a vendor selling hot-dogs, a salesman with his sample bag after a particularly bad morning under his or her belt? Ask yourself how will they go about deciding who belongs where, or who really is an enemy and who might be a friend? All the public gets is that one word uttered from between clenched teeth "SECURITY" and that's supposed to say it all. But it says nothing of the kind, all that says to most of us is that we are supposed to be very afraid ­ and the only thing we can see is all that firepower and all their hated of anyone or anything that might be different, that would be the ordinary everyday people of day-to-day life.
This place used to have a degree of trust in everything we did, before Regan made "trust" a public sin. Ronnie substituted greed for trust, and began to teach America how to take instead of give, how to grab instead of ask-and from this we became a nation of strangers to each other. Since then we have only built on that. Now we're really rolling in ourselves, and all our petty crimes against each other ­ except that now we no longer have a place where we can live our lives. Even that has been consumed by all this governmental fear and manufactured propaganda; all that paranoia only serves to isolate us further from each other. This is not some leftist plea for righteous justice, this is about what it takes to have a nation that functions. This is about how lies can sometimes clarify the truth.
When a foundation is built on nothing but lies, then no truth can ever stand upon it: Not even the United States cannot defy that simple principle. That is exactly what the House of Bush has been hell bent on building-The House of the LIE.
Government is saying that we are safer now than before Bush took that office. Are we?
Our port security is a joke, container cargo is not scanned, or guarded by much of anything at all, and there isn't enough money in two worlds to even begin to think about trying to guard and protect everything that needs it. Before Bush and his belligerent policies there was no need to have to guard everything single aspect of our lives-there still isn't.
If the House of Bush were to eliminate the policies, that foster worldwide hate and contempt for everything we've come to stand for under them, then the world could get back to being nations in the global community-but they will not quit.
Our trains are unprotected, the same is true for power plants, electrical power grids, the roads and bridges, we cannot do it all-it's a physical impossibility. Why this masquerade? The charade is part of the final curtain being drawn down on this civilization and our trusting ways. The outlaws need to crush whatever might be left of what we used to feel for one another. It is that simple.
If "SECURITY" were real then there would no longer be a War on Drugs, because nothing so large could continue to enter this nation in such volume, and with such ease. Yet there does not seem to be a diminution in the availability of illegal drugs on the streets of America, so are there some holes in our national shield against the bad guys?
What about the War on Crime, if there is such tight security in America, what about the gang activities, the daily shootings, the nightly drive-by's, how is that a part of the newly secure America? What abut the theft and fraud on such an outrageous scale that it has no previous equal? In a true time of war, the profiteers would surely go to jail, or at least be charged, like Prescott Bush was during his time.
If "SECURITY" were a real concern, we'd be hiring more cops and more first responders, not firing the ones we have. If "SECURITY" were real we'd be demanding that the public get involved in the war effort, but instead there's a stealthy move afoot to draft all men and women up to the age of 38, in the coming year-no exceptions, no deferments. That will kill their occupations and their private lives, not to mention what it will do to American businesses-but hey, we're at war! If "SECURITY" were real we'd want to have the best and brightest people in the system to insure that we have found and prosecuted all the threats against the nation. Instead we've got criminals and ex-felons running secret information collection programs, and spying on every aspect of our lives, for no particular reason except to build files on each and every one of us. The government's message is clear: "No one can be trusted!"
More importantly if nine eleven had been real we would have prosecuted those who did the crime, and any that might have aided in that effort. Instead "somehow" national security was by-passed on that day, and the attacks were allowed to continue for an hour and forty-five minutes without the United States military even showing up. Did the Commander-in-Chief get questioned? Was the congress concerned, were the courts even asked to oversee an inquiry? No, nothing happened to address the horror or the death upon that day. Obviously we did not have a security problem, we had a fledgling bush of treason growing in our midst that was set upon us like a plague, to root out and destroy what was left of what we used to be. We've been taken over by a bunch of amateurs, and so far at least they've had their way with us.
The proof of that lies in the strictest of military laws. There is a direct chain of command that goes right to the top. The system was created to prevent exactly the type of thing that happened on nine eleven, and the only way that chain of command could have been broken was if the president ordered NORAD to stand down. Whatever happened, there were no US fighter planes evident over New York City, until after the damage had been done, and not even that panel of simpletons on the commission dared to question that.
The taxpayers have laid out many trillions of dollars over the fifty-nine years since World War II to protect this country from exactly this kind of an attack. The one time that it happened, there was nothing to prevent those horrors from running their intended course. Was anyone in "national security" or the armed services ever disciplined for this "lapse" ­ no. Was any member of the government disciplined for what happened on that day ­ no? Yet we are expected to place blind faith in these same people and believe everything they tell us while we watch our lives and our dreams being sucked into this government machine that wants to spy on everything we think or do? Where is the threat they are so taken with? Where is this impervious invasion force of unstoppable monsters that will kill us in our sleep or nuke us where we live?
Compare the money that we've spent, the lives that we have lost and taken; then ask yourself if this was worth it. Was this worth shredding the constitution and enshrining Bush and Ashcroft and Ridge as our surrogate parents? How much is enough, we no longer have an economy, most of the States are having trouble staying afloat, health care has been decimated, social security is being targeted, public education is becoming competitive with the third world ­ and we're being told that it's good for our economy that most of our jobs are being sent overseas!
We still know virtually nothing about our supposed enemies, except that we do indeed have enemies. This government is not willing to even try to explain itself or its actions in the world for the last three years, on any topic. Yet we are told that nearly half the country stands foursquare behind George W. Bush. Either we have become the dumbest people on the planet, or someone is lying about a whole lot of things-continuously.
Of course the laws we live by have all been changed since nine eleven. There is no longer anything free or democratic about this nation now. Wait for the republican convention and see who makes it to the cages, then watch what happens to the rights of those who would speak against the dictator. There's nothing new about dictatorships, except that they haven't formally been a part of the USA before, but then we were never so bold before, about openly attacking other countries, just because we could. The media has become a third rate propaganda machine for the Bushites, but what is really amazing is how few have raised their voices in protest against what we have become.
All the lies are there for anyone who cares to judge them for themselves. Sometimes lies can be used to show the truth, or at least the reality of who, and what, and where, and why and how-anything can happen. That used to be what journalists determined. Now it's nothing but another relic, in another dusty book that seems to go unread. Soon it won't matter anyhow, because the sheep will go wherever their Shepard sends them, even if it's to the holding pens or to the camps themselves. It's all been written before, by a number of really authoritative authors ­ too bad no one bothered to believe, that-YES, this can happen here!



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