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Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
My interest in this subject began at a family gathering in the early 1960s when my brother, who served in a special part of the armed forces, revealed that the military was fully aware of the existence of UFOs. My brother, now deceased, had worked in what he described as "missile guidance and control." At least that is how I remember it. Before joining the military he did not believe in UFOs.
He told us that, as part of the schooling, he and 30 others received special training in reading radar and being able to identify UFOs from other aircraft. He said the military did not want an accidental nuclear exchange as a result of confusing UFOs with possible missile strikes from the People's Republic of China or the Soviet Union. The army, he said, not only revealed UFO existence but also trained him and the others of his crew in how recognize their peculiar movements and characteristics on radar. The military, he told us, revealed nothing further other than that they were just here.
In 1978 I hired a 70-year-old (approx.) woman named Vivian, as my secretary. I was director of an organization that planned and created activities for older Americans. Vivian told me when she was a young woman in her early 20s (around 1928) and living in the state of Wyoming that she used to get up early in the morning 2 or 3 times a week and play golf. She recounted one very early summer morning just after 4:30 a.m. that she walked about a quarter of a mile to the golf course. When she reached the top of a small hill overlooking the playing area, she said she was stunned to see a greenish glowing sphere-like object hovering (she said "setting) about 10 feet off the ground. She told me she was so shocked that had she could not move. She described it as being approximately 50 feet in diameter with oval shaped windows around the top third area.
She said she knew instinctively it was not from our world. After nearly 10 minutes of just staring at this most unusual sight she said the object rose slowly from its position and began making a faint humming noise. Then, quite suddenly, it just streaked away and was gone with in a few seconds. She told no one about this for over 25 years for fear people would think she was crazy. I believed Vivian's story because she always told me the truth. If she did not like how I was running the Agency she would tell me about it and not always pleasantly. She was a no-nonsense person who believed neither in God, nor honest politicians.
For a few months in 1980 I worked at a car rental agency. One of my duties was to go to the Seattle International airport and pick up airline flight crew and bring them back for a car rental. Every time I picked up a pilot I would always find some way of asking them if they had ever seen a UFO.
Every pilot but two replied no. I felt some were even irritated with the question but most were good sports and gave me their opinion (usually negative) on the subject. A few told me while they did not believe in them, other airline pilot friends did report seeing them on occasion. One evening I picked up an airline pilot captain whose name was Frank. When I asked Frank if he had ever seen anything strange like a UFO, he was very silent for a few minutes. I thought maybe he was insulted by the question. I was worried he would tell my boss.
However, to my surprise he opened up and told a very interesting story.
"During the Carter administration, I was flying out of Washington DC with not only the regulars (passengers), but the Secretary of Transportation, and his staff as well. We were about 20 miles out when three green globes or spheres appeared in front of my plane." He said they appeared to be about 50 feet or better in diameter and were flying formation. "We not only had visual, but they were being tracked from ground radar. " He told me because these objects were in front of the plane none of the passengers were aware of what was going on. "I called the Secretary of transportation to my cockpit. I wanted a witness and I thought he would want to know. I thought this would be the biggest news story of the century. I asked him if they might have been experimental craft. He replied flatly; "No, he went on to say they were globe shaped and had oval windows or what appeared to be windows around the top third of the structures. "Not one of my flight crew nor did the secretary of transportation think they were other than what they appeared to be?shy; some kind of space craft from another world.
I found it remarkable that the type of craft described by both Vivian and the Airline pilot were identical even thought the two events took place more then 50 years apart.
Anyway that,s my story. I am sorry it is second hand info.
Thank you to the person for relating these stories for us all to read. I also asked about the names, if I should remove them, but the person said it was fine to publish as is, mainly due to the first name given only.
As for the military story above, if others who were involved in this program, or may know military folks who were. Would you please be kind enough to contact me over this part of the story.
Also I would very, very interested in hearing from Airline Pilots, retired or still flying who may know something about the story above, or have witnessed an unusual object while flying the many different routes around the world.
I would like to "stress", I will not release anyone's personal information.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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