Another White SA Teen
Raped To Death By Blacks
Genocide Against Whites Accelerating

From Jan Lamprecht
Please note that official Azanian (New SA) crime statistics and -releases are censored. Johannesburg police spokeswoman Inspector Amanda Roestoff admitted, on 20/5/03, that the SAPS 'uses discretion in terms of crimes committed and media statements issued'. So the terror and crime reported here is probably only part of what is really happening, as the official manipulation makes it difficult for an independent news service to ferret out all the facts. - Jan
Extract from Southern Cross Africa News:
Another white teenage girl has been brutally raped to death by black killers. Tanya Flowerday, 18, was found dumped on a grassy verge of a Darrenwood, Randburg street hours after her death, - but it took five days for her body to be identified, so torn to shreds and battered was her body.
According to media reports, a degenerate white drug addict, Ronnie Grimsley (25), led the girl to a black Nigerian drug lord's lair, where she was literally gang-raped to death. Allegations have also been made that her killing was video-taped for a so-called snuff movie, but these have so far not been proven.
Criticising the Azanian (New SA) police for their handling of the incident, Democratic Alliance leader Tony Leon said the vicious murder was handled like a cell-phone theft incident. Leon, who was accompanied by the DA's Chiefwhip Douglas Gibson, visited the girl's parents, Dolores and Bob Flowerday, of Craighall in Johannesburg.
In Gordon's Bay near Cape Town, another elderly, helpless white woman has been brutally beaten to death by black killers. Pensioner Anna Myburgh was killed in her home inside a security complex on Wednesday by intruders who locked the house from the inside before fleeing through a bathroom window.
Myburgh's husband returned to find he could not unlock the door. A policeman climbed through a bathroom window and discovered the wife's body on a blood-stained couch. Nothing was missing...
Another white farmer has been brutally murdered by black killers. Koos Terblanche, 52, from the Trentham district near Betlehem in the Orange Free State, was tied up by two armed blacks, who then proceeded to slash his throat. He was found lying in a pool of blood in his bath by his domestic worker on Monday afternoon.
In another barbaric attack, four black killers attacked three black farm-workers on a farm near Dwaalboom, Thabazimbi, in the western Transvaal, raped the two women, threw one of them into an empty drainage pit, and then crushed the remaining woman and man's skulls with a hammer. The gang arrived on the farm Marico and allegedly attacked the workers in their quarters on the farm. The owner of the farm, Johan Gerber, recently bought the farm but still lives in Rustenburg. After the murders, the killers took off in the farmer's bakkie, loaded with stolen household goods.
Another white mother and her children have been brutally beaten up by armed black men. Julene Snyman of Grabouw in the Western Cape, and her children Zain, 11, and ZoÈ, eight, were still in bed at 6am on Friday, shortly after her husband Christoffel had gone to work, when three black man armed with a knife and a handgun entered the room, ripped off her bedding, pistol-whipped the woman and her children, stabbed Snyman in the shoulder and aimed the handgun and pulled the trigger at her. When the gun failed to fire, she was ordered to open the safe, which they then emptied. Having signalled to the children to flee, Snyman escaped while her attackers were searching for the car keys.
Two hours later police spotted suspect black men running towards the Xola Naledi squatter camp, which, like other squatter camps around black-ruled SA, is seen as a base camp for black gangs terrorising the surrounding population. They were arrested and police confiscated two stolen firearms. Snyman and Zain have been discharged from hospital, but Zoe is still being treated for head injuries.
On a plot in Midrand, between Johannesburg and Pretoria, a group of armed blacks overpowered an elderly white couple, beat them with a sjambok till the husband passed out, and then shot the woman in the head. After the barbaric attack, the black robbers loaded up the couple's car with household goods and drove off. The victims were eventually found and taken to hospital, where the woman is in a critical condition, and her husband has been severely traumatised.
A six-year-old white boy was beaten, dragged around and shot by nine armed blacks, who had stormed into the Douglasdale home of his mother, Lana Stevenson. The bullet struck little Brendon just below his right arm and exited out his lower back, cracking several ribs along the way. The injured child was rushed to Olivedale Clinic where he was stabilized, but because his parents, like most whites, cannot afford the expensive medical aid and were unable to pay an upfront deposit of R17 000, he was transferred to the run-down, state-controlled Johannesburg Hospital. "My daughter doesn't want to come home after this. The house is a mess, there's blood all over the place and the guys only took a DVD player," Brendon's grandfather said.
In Brits in the western Transvaal, another young couple, presumably white, has been attacked by armed blacks. In the latest incident, the 18-year-old girl, who was sitting with her 19-year-old friend on the back of a bakkie on the bank of the Crocodile river, was brutally gang-raped by three blacks, who took turns while one held up the young man with a fire-arm. In the end, the attackers took the bakkie's radio, a cell-phone and 50 Rand.
Under black rule, the frequency of black-on-white killings and rapes has increased dramatically, as the police is 'transformed' into a typically corrupt and racist African force, and blacks are incited to violence, theft and robbery by the ruling Regime's propaganda.
Shoppers and staff of a restaurant in an up-market-shopping mall of Pretoria also tasted the fruits of the so-called New South Africa, when two black gunmen held up employees and clients of the Keg and Kestrel in the security-ringed Brooklyn Mall. The robbers made off with cell-phones and wallets, though police claimed they later arrested 'a group of suspected robbers'.
Two middle-aged white farmers have been attacked by black former farm workers in the Orange Free State, but lived to tell the tale. 51-year-old Sarel Beneke was working in his garage when two blacks approached him. They started talking while walking towards the main road of the farm. When the farmer did not return home after a few hours, his wife went looking for him and found him beaten over the head with a steel pole and lying next to the road.
In a separate incident, 57-year-old Jacobus Van Zyl found a black intruder in one of his rooms when he returned home. When confronted, the attacker stabbed the farmer in the hand. The suspect fled on foot.
Ten armed blacks attacked the Moloto satellite police station near Pretoria on Saturday night, killing two people, including a black police officer.
According to the police, the group, armed with firearms, entered the station at a community centre and shot the two officers on duty. One of the police officers died instantly. A civilian who was at the centre during the shooting was also fatally wounded. Four firearms, including the officers' two personal firearms, were stolen from the station.
A white woman can count herself lucky after escaping alive from the clutches of three armed black hijackers, who had locked her in her hijacked car's boot. The 51-year-old bank clerk from Rosettenville, Johannesburg, who does not want her name published for fear of the rampaging black gangs who have taken over Johannesburg, used her cell-phone to alert her daughter, who phoned the tracking company, who notified the Johannesburg flying squad.
By this time, the hijacked car's immobiliser had cut the engine, and the woman was being interrogated by her hijackers. The police arrived just in time before the robbers could harm her further. Two 19-year-old black 'pupils' of Jabulani Technical High School in Soweto were arrested.
During the past six years of black, communist rule, the losses through robberies at only one of the many active South African cash-in-transit security firms amounted to R274-million in cash. Fidelity Guards' coordinator of cash-in-transit investigation admitted this figure to the Johannesburg High Court, where the black 'affirmative' store manager of Clicks at Southgate, Richard Molimi, was to be sentenced after having been found guilty of 'arranging' an armed robbery by his black 'brothers', Ishmael Moshoeshoe, and other companions who were not caught. They pulled off a successful robbery at the store in October 2000 which left two people dead.
Chris Earle, a commander at the old Brixton murder and robbery unit, was also called as a witness by the prosecution to place aggravating factors before court. He revealed that during the year 2000 alone, 368 cash-in-transit robberies were carried out (more than one per day!), - most, if not all, by black killers, - during which about 20 white and black guards were shot dead, 143 were shot and injured, and 339 firearms were stolen.



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