Fireball Hits Mountainside
In Wales, UK - News Blackout

From Phil
We are presently receiving info from eyewitnesses on the ground. So far, there appears to be a complete news blackout.
Email #1
A huge fireball lit up the night sky over Cardiff in Wales UK on Friday night.
Four hours later, at 2:45 am Saturday 31st July 2004 a second object impacted a remote hillside near Cwmaman in Aberdere, Wales.
Witnesses say the impact lit up the sky and a huge explosion shook all the houses in the area.
Three fires were seen burning on the hillside and it was soon covered with police and firemen with torches.
Despite an obvious large presence of the local authorities who cordoned off the area, subsequent enquiries to the police and the fire brigade have been met with denial of any events that night. Police claim that there is no record on their computer of anything happening that night. The mystery deepens.
More info to follow in due course!
I have just received a report back from friends who tried to reach the cordoned-off area at the impact site.
They said...
"The event happened at the very top of the hill.
Late tonight 9.15pm Sunday, we were close to the spot, but it is a bit inaccessible. There were sounds of very heavy equipment moving about very close. Sounded like bulldozers? No further info from other sources yet.
Will give you a bell after 8.00 tomorrow (Mon)"
The lack of info from Police, Fire Dept or press is puzzling!
If I get more info, I will relay it to you as soon as possible.
Many thanks, Phil.
Sorry, I forgot to answer your question. There is no URL as yet.
This incident was reported to me by somebody who lives at the foot of the hillside and about a mile away. The terrain is very steep and overgrown.
This explosion shook his house.
He phoned the incident in at 2:45 am.
A local skywatcher saw an enormous meteorite go over at 11:45 pm which lit up the entire sky. (3 hours before the event)
He phoned back soon after to say that three large fires were burning at the top of the hill and there were lots of people with torches making their way up the hillside. On going to investigate he was turned back by the Fire Brigade who had closed the road.
The puzzling thing is that although the fire fighters were there, the authorities refuse to admit anything happened. Same with the media. Local Radio, newspapers, TV all claim to know nothing about it.
My friends are pursuing this and will get back to me later today.
Many thanks,
From Michael Goodspeed
Dear Jeff -
This event in Wales may not be the only "cosmic coverup" to occur in the past 24 hours. Using the keywords new zealand meteor, I was able to discover this story of a "bright meteor" seen by pilots in New Zealand. Here is the caption that can still be found on Google News:,,3882-3566216,00.html
Sky Lights Up For NZ Post Pilots
Xtra News, New Zealand - 7 hours ago
There have been sightings of a meteor streaking its way across the upper South ... A New Zealand Post plane spotted the show of lights just north of Wellington at ...
The full story of this apparent meteor sighting was available for several hours at the following link:,,3882-3566216,00.html
But as of 8:17 PM PST, that link takes me only to a blank page. Make of that whatever you will. Perhaps the webmaster simply made a mistake, and the article will re-appear later.
From Max
Hi Jeff
I thought the easiest way to verifiy this story was to phone somoene in wales. I phoned a taxi office in cardiff and the guy on the phone asked a room full of guys who were out working on friday night. They knew nothing about it. Could be a hoax.
Fantastic site, keep up the good work.



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