Facts Update On Florida -
Inside The Destruction

By Michael Edward In Punta Gorda
The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
We watched the government helicopters go over our destroyed development many times today while we struggled with shutting off leaking gas lines. Much of the day was spent organizing 3 man shifts in security teams to keep sightseers - with their new digital movie cameras - from taking away any more of our dignity. My neighbor found his waterlogged 35mm camera and pretended to take pictures of the sightseers who got their cookies off capturing our personal tragedies for their home movies.
Today, we all realized that a disaster like this brings out both the best and the worse in people. I waited in an endless line at a gas station for almost 2 hours with a dozen gas containers today. As it was my turn to finally pull up to the pump, a Dodge Ram pickup flew into my spot from no-where. The driver jumped out and announced that he was a "news" reporter and that he needed gas to get back to Tampa to report the "news". Obviosuly, he felt he had priority over the gas my remaining neighbors needed for their electric generators.
In another incident, my friend ran out of gas trying to find a gas station that had any gas to pump. An old man driving an ancient rusted Cadillac stopped, gave him 5 gallons in a gas can from his trunk, and then took off without waiting to be thanked.
But the absolute worst act of greed took place yesterday when we bought two generators from HOME DEPOT in VENICE, Florida. The first purchase of a 5250kw generator at 11AM cost us $500. At 7PM last night, the EXACT SAME GENERATOR cost us $619. They raised the price for the same generator $119 and changed the stock number so that they won't get fined by FEMA. All I can say is that HOME DEPOT needs to be boycotted from coast to coast for price gouging and taking advantage of those of us who are trying to survive this disaster. I have the receipts to prove it.
Gasoline prices since Friday night have risen 10-30 cents per gallon IF you can get gasoline. We have driven as far as 50 miles away to find gas for the generators. Only Hess stations have kept their gas prices the same. Diesel fuel at a Citgo in VENICE, Florida was $1.79 Friday night when I filled up. This morning (Sunday), it was $1.89 and they were accepting only cash with the excuse that the credit card system was broken. Go figure that people paying for beer could use credit and debit cards.
As for the media death toll, don't believe a word of what you have heard, just as we even heard on the radio here today. Two of us went to deliver generator gas to relatives on Burnt Store Road in Punta Gorda (where the mobile home parks used to be that I wrote about earlier today here on RMN). We were stopped by FEMA, National Guard, and STATE POLICE who asked me to prove I had a reason to be there. I told them the exact name and address of my relative down the street, showed them our gas cans, showed them my military (retired) ID, and they eventually let me through after checking the name and address I had given them. There were MANY MANY body bags lined up on both sides of the road, far more than we could count as I drove slowly through that one block. There were search dogs and many teams going through the rubble not far from the main road. They hadn't even passed through 50 feet of rubble yet. But even worse was what I was unable to see on Friday night... body PARTS that were being collected. Our estimate is that there were at least 20-30 body bags already on BOTH sides, waiting to be put into trucks.
I really don't care what CNN or ANY biased and controlled media group wants to "estimate" or purportedly "report" about this disaster. The world is NOT being told the truth of what happened here and how many died. Why would they want to cover up a body count or death toll that we have already seen for ourselves? Why are we hearing JEB and his older brother GW on the Ft. Myers radio station tell us today that what we have seen with our own eyes didn't happen and doesn't exist?
I don't know what's going on other than what we are going through here right now; and for some reason, the powers that be are refusing to tell all of you the truth. You can come to your own conclusions or speculate why they are not being honest. As for me, I will continue to expose the truth here on RMN until there is no more to tell.
May the LifeCross bring Living Light to us all. Please remember us in your daily prayers and meditations.
Michael Edward



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