More On Charley
Death Toll Coverup

From brewah
Just in from a very reliable source - more on the rumored cover-up of the Hurricane Charley death toll:
"A buddy of mine lives in ********, FL. He lives on the leeward side of a hill and had little more than a nice breeze when the 'cane went over.
To the point, though, is that he works in video/film and has a number of friends who work in news in and around Punta Gorda. He has viewed raw footage of the destruction that blows away anything we are getting on the feeds. He reports tractor-trailer reefers full of body bags. No counts, but he is told there are hundreds. Every time a cameraman gets near the bodies, they are firmly "dissuaded" from shooting. Most of the stuff he is seeing is shot from a distance using 2x and 4x extenders. I am working on getting him to send me a broadcast quality raw tape dub. If nothing else, I will be out there in October. More as I get it.
One reason for the hidden count might be that a large count would lessen the impact of the 2,800 lives at the WTC just before *** plans to exploit them at the RNC. Another would be to hide the severely depleted National Guard there in Florida.
Interesting: many calls to the region are being intercepted by FEMA recorded message. Look up a number in Punta Gorda and give it a call. See what you get..."
Hijacking phone calls to keep the lid on? "Dissuading" reporters & cameramen? Does this sound like the the America we love and its Constitution to you? All hail the Emperor's Brother!



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