Calling All Couch Patriots -
Did You Get Up Yet ?
By Ted Twietmeyer
On May 2nd, my last article asked readers if they are a couch patriot. Many wrote me with positive remarks which I thank for their time to do so. The article is at
I must congratulate the 6th grade student who wrote a report for her class last semester about freedom. She read the above article and was genuinely concerned about America. She too, can see the writing on the wall and politely asked me if she could reference my article in her report. I only mention this to show how impressive it is, that even American children CARE about America. Now if we can just get the adults to wake up. Those of you still cowering in a corner should be thoroughly ashamed. It's not about how you look, whether you can work or not, or about how you dress. It's what's INSIDE YOU that really counts. Nothing more than that. Because in the final analysis, looking sharp and trendy or where you live, will mean nothing if you are living in a total police state and are starving to death.
So here we are, incrementally inching into a police state day by day. Americans are the proverbial frog in the pot, and now the water is reaching a boil. ALL types of firearms are about to be banned, using clever wording in a proposed "assault weapons" ban, such that anything with a chamber and a stock will be illegal. The end of your second ammendment firearms rights - and the end of your chance to protect yourself from an overpowering government now awash with foreign troops from the UN. Even the head puppet has publicly stated he will put foreign troops on the streets if needed. During the Democratic National Convention in Boston, he did put American troops on the city streets already. This was a clear violation of Posse Comitatus. Yet, few seemed to care.
It's always "someone else's job" to stand up for America. Gun haters are completely brainwashed, and understand NOTHING at all about tyranny and an armed populace. I've spoken to highly educated people from both the UK and Australia - and both think guns are "terrible and should be banned." Now they enjoy a rising crime rate, on the order of 700%. Who could be moronic enough, to think the crooks will stroll into a police station and turn their guns in ? NWO lovers think they will do this. Thank you European Union for the brainwashing. You're so good at helping world population control.
You voted in the last congressional election and it was THEIR job to protect YOU, right ? For those that don't understand this, they should take a look at Politics 101 from the top 10 commandments:
1. All laws are compromises. He who has the most influence, wins the compromise.
2. You are to stand up on CSPAN and perform perfectly like a seal from a Barnum and Bailey circus, and be sure to refer to others in the hearing room with words like "I yield 2 minutes of my time from my esteemed colleague from ...." That way, they won't know you really can't stand them, AND won't know that you're groping for another BS speech an office slave wrote, or, driving an office droid (oops- intern) breathless to go find the lost speech.
3. What the American people don't know won't hurt them. The masses are all gullible and too dumb to understand what's good for them. As politicians we know what's best for all. Don't bother telling them anything. Just let them just concentrate on staying employed and paying for your good time on vacation 9 months of the year.
4. You may be a pseudo-congressman or pseudo-senator, but always vote however the head sell-out leader orders you to vote. This will be called the house majority or minority leader. During the underdog years, the minority leader. Thou shalt not disobey thy leader no matter what year it is.
5. Special interest groups rule capitol hill, so accept the gratuitous vacations, yachts, motor homes and CEO job offers, for that day when you lose in the next election. And do so with hat in hand, head bowed and with deep grattitude. Above all, don't let any of these gifts cloud your thinking and love for America, and what's best for the American people. You always know what's best.
6. If you see Michael Moore on the street, do not talk to him. He will succeed in making a fool of you.
7. Office staff exists to write your speeches. They are also for your abusement and amusement. Do not miss any opportunities for such entertainment. This is their sole purpose.
8. Know that the majority whip, really has one in his office. And he uses it generously for those that disobey. When whipped or paddled by him (and make no mistake, it will ALWAYS be a "him") yell out after each stroke, "thankyou sir, may I have another....thankyou sir, may I have another...."
9. Be present when the king comes to deliver his State of the Onion address. And I do mean "onion." For this is how real government works, like an onion with almost infinite layers.
10. When a corporation asks you to either approve a bill or to write one, do not argue or question them - for they may very well be your next employer. Get your staff on it and find a way to bury the special interest bill inside another special interest bill. Few bills are ever read anyway, and no one will notice.
Now, let me state that not all politicians are crooks or BS artists. But they do outnumber the honest ones overwhelming majority. Those that don't fit in and play according to crooked rules, get exposed and excommunicated. Is this the kind of government our Founding Fathers created ? (Capital F for emphasis and respect.)
Did our Founding Fathers write the 10 rules above ? Hardly, because they stated on hand-written legal documents, their deep beliefs in God and warned us many times about corrupt influences, and what would happen if the American people allowed it. And their words have proven to be very prophetic. They told us to watch the government to prevent tyranny. Today, people ridicule those that go out and protest. The feds work hard to enforce psychological warfare propaganda, by publicizing their intimidation tactics. American media has turned the average person into another form of trained seal.
I've spoken to many people about so-called terrorism, and the same regurgitated news network statements roll out of people's mouths everywhere, like this one when you tell them terrorism is fabricated and not real:
"We don't want them over here raping our women and children, DO WE ?" And they often get mad.
The wind blows out of their sails when I ask them just ONE question that no one has answered to date: "Why haven't we been attacked in the past 3 years ? You and I know it's impossible to protect America's millions of square miles." The brainwashed always are silent to answering this question. This type of thinking is forbidden in American media today.
Former NWO mouthpiece Dan Rather isn't so silent now - he didn't like it when he was slammed against his car recently during a simple traffic stop. Perhaps he was swearing at the officer, not with curse words, but just referring to his civil rights. Officers are trained to intimidate citizens when they refer to their rights. Alex Jones has found that in Texas, you cannot be in law enforcement if your IQ is over 100. That's because brainwashing is harder to do on smarter people. Officers are no longer called peace officers, but are now "law enforcement" officers. Now Dan Rather is whining about abuse and crying foul, and considering a lawsuit. Oh, how the shoe doesn't fit so well when its on the other foot !
Think about that title change and what it means. Not peace officer, but "law enforcement." In other words, they are judge and jury on the side of the road. They are there to ENFORCE the law. I know one suburban police dept. that had the words "Serve, Protect, Guide" painted on the side of their police cars. Not anymore. Nothing is there now, but perhaps it's because there isn't enough room to write the words "Serve the NWO, Protect the NWO, and Guide you into the NWO."
Are you still sitting in the same spot, since the last time I chastised you in May ? Have YOU been out educating people about our OPEN BORDERS, that let illegals in without question ? If not, then you're part of the problem. There is no other way to say it.
From Rochester NY to Canada, a fast ferry has begun service. Anyone that wants to ride on it must have a passport or birth certificate, plus a state issued ID like a drivers license to get through customs. Go figure the logic here and feel the freedom - recent estimates are that 10,000 to 20,000 illegals cross the Rio Grande EVERY NIGHT into America. And people can literally walk across the border to Canada (or into the USA)almost anywhere east and west of the Great Lakes. And probably could cross one of the Great Lakes in a boat with flashing lights and painted orange, and no one would notice. There are more than 2,000 miles of unprotected border along the USA and Canada. SO WHERE ARE THESE TERRORISTS ? WHAT are they waiting for ? WHY doesn't the average person ask what these silent terrorists are all waiting for ? A sale at ChinaMart ?
There are many of us in America that said back in 2001 that "time will prove the threat is fake." Now its 2004 and this has proven true, and still nothing. Shortly after 911, we had the infamous botched anthrax attack. Botched because our own govt. did it, since the weaponized Ames strain traced to Ft. Detrick, MD. Perhaps someone with a 90 IQ organized that entire operation. Notice how something like this, that shutdown government for many days and post offices has disappeared off the TV screen. Suddenly, all went silent.
The only REAL threat we face is extermination from the government. They may give me a bullet, an injection or shove me head first into one of the many rumored guillotines. Yet not one picture of a modern guillotine has been seen, but supposedly these are everywhere ? More psychological terror tactics for the simpletons out there, pure and simple. Scare people enough to shut them up. With communicable diseases on the loose, its highly unlikely any execution method that sprays infectious blood everywhere would be used.
Always remember that the secret is that NWO is OUTNUMBERED by the American people.
I'll say it again - the secret is that the NWO is OUTNUMBERED by the American people.
There will come a time when enough will be enough. In fact, one NWO strategy would be to get the people to do a slow boil as they are doing now. NWO strategists would allow the patriot groups and networks to continue the Constitutional cry, to incite the American people to fire the proverbial first shot. Then the martial law screws already in place are tightened, and the marionette king without a brain will cry out:
"See, I told-ja so ! Homeland Security has to institute martial law. Its for your own good and the security of the nation."
To what "nation" would the puppet be referring to ? The marionette king would be referring to a new nation to arise under the grip of the international bankers.
MY OPINION ABOUT STOCKS (Not to be considered as professional financial advice)
I've told people, DON'T put all your money in stocks. If it all crashes and corporations are suddenly worth nothing, YOU will be worth nothing. After all, how can you see paper that's worthless, and who will buy that paper, and buy it with what ? One alternative is to have a precious metal like silver. It's price has risen faster than gold has.
When the big crash comes, the euro dollar will crash too. At that time, one would sell their metals and go buy euros while they are still cheap. When the euros recover (and they will) then sell the euros for credits or whatever other replacement for American currency that arises from the ashes. Traitorous factions in our government are running America financially into the ground. Some traitors are visible, while some are not. Must we follow it like sheep ? Or is it prudent to stop it now ? The AMERICAN PEOPLE are what America is, not the fascist thugs of the NWO.
America is the greatest nation on earth, but it may not stay that way for long if people keep sitting on the their couches, or playing mindless video games. A church without a congregation is just an empty building, desolate and lonely. The same analogy is true for America. Without people that love and cherish freedom, America is nothing more than land and lakes, an empty shell. Without loyal citizens that KNOW what's right and begin the above-the-shoulders cleansing of others, all will be lost. When there is a void, such as a vacuum where citizens should be speaking out against this tyranny, then that void will always be filled by globalists and facilatators that want to rape our beloved land. Let's kick these thugs out of America. Sunlight is still the best disinfectant.
We can only save America if you stop sitting there doing nothing. It's YOUR country, given to you by God and God-fearing men, not sick, twisted evil people. Its a chosen land and do you really want it to become a slave state ? The NWO people work daily to steal everything you hold dear from you, including dissolving the family unit. That's in UN documents, stating that the "family is the enemy of society." Its very likely the puppet king will stage an attack to rally all the foolish around him again. So he can say "See, I told-ja so. It's them terrorists again."
Freedom you now take for granted can end abruptly one day, without your help to prevent it. Just keep sitting there every day, staring at the TV while being programmed by programmed talking heads. Keep your pupils fixed and dialated while breathing through your mouth....
And this is exactly what the NWO is counting on you to do..
You will NOT like it when the black ski-masked, jackboot foreign army thugs that don't speak english and wielding automatic weapons and government ID, COME TO KICK YOUR DOOR IN AT 4AM. They are already in America now, training to take ALL guns. Many people have already spoken to them, and its always the same thing. They are here training to take our guns. Period. THIS IS REAL. And when they are done with that, that is when they will begin taking people. Precisely the same way Hitler came into full power. No one could punch his ticket, because no one had a gun.
Just remember that these foreign army thugs are real so-called "terorists" that will rape our women and children. And they will enjoy doing so, because they have been brainwashed to hate us. And these thugs won't be muslim or islamic, but will speak Chinese, Russian, Mexican, German, French and other languages, perhaps even Hebrew.
And ALL of them will be working for the UN.
So keep on sitting.



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