911 Video Shocks
Sacramento Citizens

From The Webfairy
Once people see for themselves how they were lied to, led on, and being led to slaughter, things can change.
There is no arguing with In Plane Site, not for anyone who has actually seen it.
The BIG LIE crowd is exposed as the liars and coverup artists they are.
There is no hole at the Pentagon big enough for a pickup truck, let alone a Jet plane.
And what hole there is is hidden behind undamaged cable spools.
We could only see an indeterminate still from this footage before, but In Plane Site has first coverage footage in living DVD.
The liars are still busy trying to keep the truth from people.
One of Rabidnitwitz claims is that the "It's not an American Airlines Plane" repeated twice was faked in during production.
It so happens that I have Camera Planet's sample reels of footage available for license.
Two minutes in, there is the same scene. The lady says the same thing.
Claiming fakery is just another one of the BIG LIES designed to keep people from examining the evidence for themselves.
People who have claimed that my Flashies aren't clear enough, or are too damaged by mpeg compression to be useful can now only join the Orwellian parade hollering "fake".
In Plane Site licensed footage directly from Camera Planet.
They made their own enlargements using professional equipment.
There is no bandwidth constraint on a DVD, so these are full screen DVD quality, way much better than what I could achieve, but not showing anything different than my flashies show.
Their Ghostplane footage is straight off a CNN commemorative DVD released after 911.
Different source, indisputable source, but the same result.
The Liars Club wants you to believe you need an "expert" between your eyeballs and your brain.
In Plane Site says "See for yourself."
It doesn't make conclusions.
It has faith that people's brains still work, they don't like getting lied to, and won't stand still once they understand the Perfidity with which they've been treated.
In Plane Site has the Local Coverage of OKB before the Feds stepped in and the story changed.
Not all the bombs had exploded.
Nobody had discovered the magic truck bomb that could blow the building out instead of in.
They had called in the bomb squad, and people were running in terror from the news there were still more bombs.
The governor announced this was a Sophisticated Attack. Only people watching live in Oklaholma City got to see this before it fell into the memory hole.
This video can save lives, maybe even save our country and the world.



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