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Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,
As anyone who has read my Dove Reports for any period of time knows, I rarely write about myself. The reason is simple: I, Dove, am not what is important. What is important is that the NESARA law be announced.
In the last two days, I have learned first-hand how people in the media TOTALLY LIE . I was surprised to see that media people, who look like they might be reasonable people, are in fact only interested in accomplishing their PERSONAL agendas. Now I understand that whenever anything about anyone appears in the media today, we CANNOT know if there is any truth to what we hear, see or read in the media. This newspaper in Washington state has printed an article that is nothing but LIES about me and NESARA. Now I know how incredibly stupid and mean-spirited some of these media people are. This newspaper in Washington state is publishing a two-part article mainly about me and NESARA, with part-one appearing today, Sunday, July 18, 2004, and part-two appearing on Monday, July 19, 2004. The two-part article is written by a reporter whose initials are S.R. and nearly all words and phrases in the article are purposely used to do character assassination on me. The two-part article is completely FULL OF LIES and partial lies which this reporter pretends are factual. In fact, I can prove with witnesses and documentation that all his character assassination comments about me are LIES or are FALSE assumptions. The reason this two-part article is being published AT THIS TIME is because this reporter and his editor are hoping they will sell a lot of papers by publishing a character assassination of me and smearing NESARA and relating this to another news event which is occurring in Western Washington this weekend. The entire tone of article is extremely biased and is intended to falsely convince the reader that I and NESARA are linked to other scandalous activities. By FALSELY implying that I participated in other scandals, it appears the only reason for this article to be printed at this time is to sell newspapers using these sensational lies about me and NESARA. If this reporter told the truth about me, there would literally be NO STORY.
The first sentence of the article begins with my personal and legal name, a name of which I am very proud: Shaini Goodwin. My first name is pronounced "Shay-nee" and I love my last name which very much reflects WHO I am and have always been: Goodwin. I am a good person and I always strive to be successful, i.e., "win" in a good way. The first two words of the article this reporter showed me are my name of which I am very proud. The rest of the first paragraph of his comments about my Dove activities are lies - pure and simple.
Two days ago, on Thursday, July 15, 2004 at 10 a.m. in the morning, this reporter, S.R., suddenly and without prior notice knocked on the door of my elderly relative's home which I have been caretaking for the last few years. He announced he was doing an article on NESARA and me and demanded I be interviewed by him beginning immediately at that very moment. I replied that I had an appointment (a telephone meeting) scheduled in the next hour and that if he came back in an hour, I would speak with him.
An hour later, S.R. and a photographer, returned and I graciously invited them to join me at the table on the porch overlooking the beautiful, park-like setting of my elderly relative's several flower gardens, expanses of lawn, and towering evergreen fir trees sprinkled across the two acres of her property. I provided them with fresh well-water with a lemon slice and comfortable chairs. I had my laptop computer sitting on the table in case I needed to refer to my Dove information on the laptop.
At the beginning of the interview, S.R. informed me that his newspaper would be printing his two-part article on Sunday and Monday, just a few days from then. He had waited until the last moment to interview me, leaving only one business day left in the week, although he commented that he had been interviewing people for this article for the last 18 months. It became obvious later that S.R. had purposely delayed interviewing me because he had chosen to ambush me with a last minute interview hoping to find something more he could report to defame my character. By waiting until there was only one more business day left in the week (newspapers decide what they will run in the weekend editions during the regular work week), S.R. also made it very difficult for me to have time to provide proof to his newspaper that his assertions were false. S.R.'s first question to me was, "Did you sell any Omega units?" I was surprised at this line of questioning since it has nothing to do with NESARA and replied, "Good God, no! I joined the program just like everyone else did but I never at any time "sold" or had anything to do with "selling" any units." From 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. I openly answered questions from S.R. and cooperated with the photographer taking pictures of me working on my laptop computer on the porch as I often have this summer. At one point, I gave S.R. printouts of approximately 40 emails I had received from people all over the USA who described their experiences of speaking directly with a Bank President, Bank Manager, or other bank personnel and quoting these banking professionals who confirmed that they had been trained on the NESARA banking regulations, confirmed that they knew NESARA had been passed and was supposed to be announced, and in some cases mentioned they already had some of the new rainbow U.S. Treasury currency in their bank vaults. S.R.'s contention in his article is that there is no proof that the NESARA law has been passed. Therefore, I felt it was important to share these emails with him although I have never shown these emails to anyone else. I also required that he and his newspaper must NOT under any circumstances print the names or email addresses of the people who wrote the NESARA confirmation emails to me as I have promised confidentiality to these people. He agreed they would not print anyone's name or contact information without the person's permission.
I also placed calls to two people who told S.R. of their own personal confirmations of NESARA. One person is a man named Herb who lives on the West Coast and confirmed NESARA privately with a well-known member of Congress. The other was a call to Nel, our NTAT leader at World Court, and she discussed only two of the numerous confirmations of NESARA that they have received during their weekly NESARA demonstrations at World Court, including one from an ex-British intelligence person. After hours of discussion at about 3:30 p.m., S.R. handed me a multi-page document which he said was his article. The very first sentence in the article seriously defames my character. The second sentence continued the same extreme character assassination. As I scanned the article, I was frankly shocked at the LIES this reporter is brazenly intending to print about me. I told him his entire characterization of me was LIES. Around 4 p.m., I ended the interview and S.R. and the photographer left.
At about 5 p.m., I received a call from the top editor of the newspaper, R.M., who said he understood I disagreed with the article and invited me to meet with S.R. and his manager, a Senior Editor whose initials are P.B. He scheduled the meeting for late the next morning, Friday, July 16, 2004, at their office which was a considerable distance from my location.
I spent between 6 p.m. on Thursday and 1 a.m. early Friday morning preparing for the meeting at the newspaper office. I printed out over 90 NESARA email confirmations. I printed out information from our <http://www.NESARA.US>WWW.NESARA.US website and our NESARA Take Action Teams' Action Plan. The next morning, I called Herb, Nel, and Carolyn and asked them to standby as I would hopefully be able to have them speak to the Senior Editor, P.B., whom I hoped would be a fair and objective professional. All three of these people could speak about their personal confirmations of NESARA and I believed that any fair and objective editor would want to speak with these people rather than print lies about NESARA and me.
At 11:30 a.m. yesterday, I arrived at the newspaper office and was taken to a conference room where I met with P.B., the Senior Editor, and S.R., the reporter. For about the first half hour, the Senior Editor, P.B., asked me questions about the foundations of the NESARA law. I graciously answered her questions with the history of the Farmers Union legal actions which resulted in the 1993 US Supreme Court decision in favor of the Farmers Union and required major reformations of the federal government, the abolishment of income taxes, the abolishment of the Federal Reserve, the establishment of the US Treasury Bank system and Treasury currency backed by precious metals, and numerous other elements of the NESARA law. I explained that initially the US Supreme Court convened groups of experts to assist them in developing the necessary reformations and then in the 1990's attempted to negotiate with the Clinton administration a cooperative process whereby these reformations would be voluntarily implemented by the Clinton administration. About 30 minutes into the meeting, I remembered I had brought a tape recorder with me to tape the meeting. I turned on the tape recorder and we continued discussing the foundations of the NESARA law. Although I intended to tape the entire meeting, the tape recorder had no audible alarm telling me the tape recorder had reached the end of the tape, and there were portions of the discussion which were not taped for this reason. In all, I taped about two hours of the discussion.
In responding to the Senior Editor's questions, I explained that I do know a Secret Service agent on the POTUS (President of the United States) Secret Service detail who has seen the NESARA law because he has to be ready to remove the occupant of the oval office when NESARA is announced. I also explained that Herb had confirmed the NESARA law with US Congress member Dennis Kucinich. In addition, I mentioned two US Senators had confirmed NESARA in about November of 2001 during a private telephone conference. I also offered to put the Senior Editor in touch by phone during our meeting with people to whom the reporter had spoken the previous day who told him of their personal experiences confirming NESARA. I also told the Senior Editor I had someone standing by to explain what a "prime bank" is because the article is quoting the editor of a CIA disinformation website who claims on the CIA website that NESARA is part of a "prime bank scam". This reference to the phrase "prime bank" clearly shows that the reporter does not know what a prime bank is and I pointed that out. I pointed out that a "prime bank" has been considered by the banking industry to be a bank which has one billion US dollars in assets and therefore has nothing whatsoever to do with NESARA. Since this has long been the banking industry's definition of what a "prime bank" is, there is obviously no "scam". The Senior Editor then said that they were quoting someone in the article who says that the humanitarian prosperity program Omega is part of a "prime bank" scam. This still does not make sense, because the term "prime bank" simply means that a bank has over one billion US dollars in assets or deposits. The whole idea of using the term "prime bank scam" in connection with NESARA or Omega is entirely wrong. A discussion then ensued about Omega and my only connection with Omega being that I was a member of the humanitarian project portion of the Omega prosperity program. I offered to have the Senior Editor speak immediately with a contact who has been under direct contract with one of only eight people called "traders" who are allowed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to place humanitarian project trading programs in the world's major banks; most of which are in Europe. I explained that this contact had confirmed with her trader (one of the eight traders worldwide allowed to place these trading programs) that he knew of Omega and he told my contact he was asked by the people in charge of the Omega to do trades for the Omega program. However, this trader told my contact that he refused to do any trades for Omega because the people in charge of the program were "dangerous people". He said that he had a family and felt he would be in danger if he agreed to work with the dangerous people in charge of Omega. This trader also told my contact that the Omega program had been traded and rolled so much and the revenues generated were so huge, that he doubted the funds would ever be distributed because he felt the dangerous people involved would not allow the program to fund. I then explained that the dangerous people involved with Omega include Dr. Henry Kissinger (a convicted war criminal), ex-President George H. W. Bush, and the Rockefeller family. I explained that Henry Kissinger is and has been the head trader of the Omega program and is known as "the Doctor" in the closed circles of the few who deal directly with these eight traders worldwide who are authorized to place these trading programs. I also mentioned that I have a contact who confirmed with a Vice President at Price Waterhouse (where the revenues of Omega trading program for US members have long been officially recorded) that he knew the Omega trading program revenues for program members in the United States were, in 2001, more than a quintillion US dollars and growing. The Senior Editor asked if they are still trading Omega; I replied that they are although my contact's trader states that they are supposed to only be trading programs submitted by governments and Omega is thus being illegally traded because it is not a program which was submitted by a government. Unfortunately, the Senior Editor declined to speak with my contact who is an expert of 20 years experience in these trading programs and had confirmed that Omega is not a fraud. A discussion about why the prosperity programs cannot fund prior to NESARA then ensued. The Senior Editor asked me why NESARA's announcement would make it possible for the prosperity programs to fund. I explained, as I have written many times including in the June 16, 2004 Dove Report, that "Other distributions of prosperity which are related to NESARA are humanitarian prosperity programs begun in the last twenty years and which have been blocked from funding to program members. For decades, vast sums of humanitarian prosperity programs funds have been accumulating in special revenue generating processes in European banks awaiting the right time when these funds could safely be released to program members who will be doing world improvement projects. NESARA's announcement sets up the new banking and legal conditions which allow the distribution of this vast wealth to people all across the world beginning soon after NESARA's announcement."
I reiterated that it is NESARA's changing of the banking conditions in the US and then worldwide which will help to enable these prosperity programs to fund. In answer to the Senior Editor's question, I explained that because NESARA's announcement of the US Treasury currency backed by precious metals, makes the US Treasury currency the most valuable currency in the world, other countries' banking systems must also announce that their currencies are backed by precious metals or the world economy would be upset. As well, I explained that I have received confirmations from a person working in an American bank who says their bank will be partially owned by the Bank of Scotland and from other contacts that paperwork has already begun which will give Germany's Deutsche Bank partial ownership of the Bank of America after NESARA is announced. I explained that the new international banking regulations to be implemented after NESARA's announcement, which have already been written, are going to allow greater fluidity of international banking funds transfers and these already negotiated partial ownership agreements of American banks by foreign banks is part of the international banking changes which NESARA's announcement initiates. In addition, because most of the Omega prosperity program funds are controlled by Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bank's ownership of a major portion of the Bank of America will put Deutsche Bank under American legal jurisdiction as far as requiring Omega funds to be distributed to program members. During this meeting, it became apparent from the reporter's comments that he is well aware of the IMF humanitarian programs trades in major European banks. In fact, the reporter stated that he knew that the $5,000 plus, which each person who submitted the minimal joining fee to Omega, was supposed to receive, was "the result of one roll." The reporter made several comments which indicate he knows the trading programs are a reality and he understands somewhat how these trading programs work. In the trading programs' vernacular, a "roll" is the completion of the seller selling his bank paper to a buyer for an agreed amount. A trade is defined in a contract which is let between two major financial parties - the seller of the bank paper and the buyer - about what kind of "bank paper" the buyer wants; bank paper can be prime bank notes, major currencies, or Monetary Term Notes (MTN). These two parties agree in the contract about the amount (generally $100 million USD to billions USD or trillions over time) of bank paper they are going to buy in each increment or roll or traunche per day. In the US, it is usually called a roll each time the bank paper is bought during the day. Usually, there is a roll in the morning and a roll in the afternoon because it facilitates the buyer's movement of their purchasing money to their bank account involved in the purchase of the bank paper if they can move their money into the bank account twice a day. The contract also includes how many total rolls or traunches will be done to fulfill the contract. The seller has his bank paper in one bank and the buyer (also known as "user") has his purchasing money to buy the bank paper in another bank; only the eight traders in the world work with the top 50 banks in the world and these traders are the only ones who can put together these major financial transactions. The buyer buys the bank paper at a discount of the face value of the bank paper, for example, the buyer may purchase $100,000,000 of bank paper for $75,000,000 cash. Often, for example, the buyer is buying $100,000,000 of bank paper for $75,000,000 cash because the buyer wants to use the $100,000,000 in bank paper for collateral for a $100,000,000 loan from another bank. In some cases the buyer will resell the $100,000,000 in bank paper to another party in another trade for $80,000,000 immediately, such as the next day, and make a $5,000,000 profit in one day. A percent of the profit of every roll or trade or traunche must be allotted to the humanitarian project defined in each trading program approved by the IMF.
In some cases, a buyer may purchase $1,000,000,000 (one trillion) dollars of bank paper for 65 cents on the dollar. Then, the buyer may break up the $1,000,000,000 bank paper into blocks of $100,000,000 (one hundred million) and sell it for 92 cents on the dollar. Once they sold all their $100,000,000 blocks, they could make a very big profit because they bought the full amount of bank paper for 65 cents on the dollar and sold it in smaller increments for 92 cents on the dollar. Certain informed sources say this is how the Omega program was traded and why the Omega program has generated such large amounts of profit over the last decade. My contact who works with one of the eight traders said her trader told her that Citibank, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Bank of America, First Union/Wachovia Bank, and all major banks in the USA actually DO have "trading floors" inside their New York bank branches, or in other locations of these major banks inside the USA. These banks have a portion of their physical bank building in the US designated as an "offshore facility" and this is how these American banks get around the Glass-Steagle Act of 1933 which supposedly outlawed American banks from being able to do trading programs. The important thing to understand is that the US government has perpetuated the fraud upon the American public that these trading programs DO NOT exist anywhere in the world. This is why certain so-called "experts", quoted in the newspaper article smearing me and NESARA, put out the false information that these trading programs in "prime banks" do not exist; they are part of perpetuating the government's fraud. But in fact, these trading programs DO exist and the reporter, S.R., showed in his comments in the Friday meeting that he knows these prime bank trading programs do exist. At this point in the discussion, I began to go line by line through the article. In the first few paragraphs of part-one of the article, the reporter labels me the 'queen of cybercult'. I objected to his labeling me as having a 'cult' and I said to the reporter, "I am also not a cult. I would like to know the definition of 'cult', according to you." He simply sat there not saying a word. Then I said, "This article ... is not accurate. What is your definition of cult? See, you need to have a definition because otherwise you don't get to use this word." He continued to sit there saying nothing. I continued, "You have to have a definition; you have to know what you are talking about." The reporter continued to sit there without saying a word.
Finally, the Senior Editor said, "A cult is a group that, umm, not necessarily spiritual, not necessarily philosophical, but either or both of those things, that, umm, believe absolutely in something." I then replied, "So the Catholic Church and every Christian Church is a cult?" The Senior Editor, P.B., responded, "It could be, yah. You could look at that as a cult, absolutely." I replied, "So I don't think that's an acceptable word to the public; I think that is very misleading. And I don't think that's appropriate at all." I made it clear he should delete his reference to me as a queen of "cybercult" since he was obviously using the word cult to mean something bad because this is how the public views the word "cult". His editor was defining "cult" to mean almost any group with a strong common spiritual belief, but his use of "cult" in the sentence was obviously meant to smear me because he knows the public sees the word "cult" and immediately thinks something bad is involved. Although he is obviously using the word "cult" in an untrue fashion, I do not believe he deleted this derogatory comment. All the way through the article, I was to see this reporter use words to stimulate false beliefs that I and NESARA are involved in a scandal; it was a constant bias all through his comments.
I then said, "And, I also want to note that what we are doing is political activism. I gave you our 'Take Action List'. We're very clear; there's nothing here about meditation or prayers or anything, because I have noted there's a lot of people - I have people of all religions reading the Dove Reports from all over the world - and I'm not going to want to offend any of them." I continued, "What we're doing is political activism; everything we're doing here (indicating the Take Action List I had given her).." At this point the reporter interrupted me by saying, "You frequently call for group prayer." I replied, "If you check in the churches, I think you will find about half of them do prayer for world peace every week. So I don't think that's an appropriate criticism."
I continued, "Everything here (again indicating the 'Take Action List' on my website, <> is just like any other political activist group." I continued to discuss how the NESARA Take Action Teams (NTAT) -- of which I am the Worldwide NTAT Director -- are just like any other political activist group.
I then objected to his usage of the term "ruins of deceit" in characterizing my Dove world service. I said, "There isn't anything about 'ruins of deceit'. I am prepared to prove everything I'm talking about and if necessary, we will go to court to do that. This [article] is not accurate. It's your opinion (indicating the reporter) and it's not accurate." I then turned to the Senior Editor and said, "I'm asking you to do this. Have your secretary contact every one of those people with an email address (here I indicated the 95 pages of NESARA confirmation emails I had given them). I do want someone [at the newspaper but not the reporter] to check every one of those people and ask them for confirmation back - how did they confirm NESARA." I then explained in detail that the people who wrote emails to me about their experiences of confirming NESARA were promised by me that their information would be kept confidential and that therefore, I requested the paper keep all their names and contact information totally confidential unless the person gives the paper permission to make their name or other information public. I continued, "You need to confirm that [check with the 90+ people who wrote the NESARA confirmation emails] because your story is not accurate and you need to do a lot of research on it."
I next objected to some other things including the unnecessary reference to the fact I am living in my elderly relative's home which is a mobile home on two acres. I said, "I don't think you need to talk about my elderly relative's home. I am taking care of her two acres, nine gardens and forty trees and shrubs.. I am doing this as a family service. You are trying to characterize me as some lousy person. Everything you've done is character assassination." I explained that I am care-taking her home because she has had strokes and is in a recovery center. I asked the reporter why he is not mentioning that I had bought a beautiful 1800 square foot home with vaulted ceilings and five acres which was my own last home, instead of referring to the elderly relative's home as though it was somehow characteristic of me. I asked the reporter why he is not mentioning my two Bachelor's degrees, my Bachelor's in Business which I received from City University in Bellevue, Washington, (1983) and my Bachelor's in Social Sciences which I received from Washington State University (in 1996); both of which I earned by working very hard and I was on the President's honors list at both universities. It was obvious to me that he was ignoring every positive aspect of my life on purpose because it would not fit his smearing and defamation of my character which he did all the way through the article in order to make his false information a "sensational" article to sell papers. It was clear that the reason he wrote so many false statements about me was because he needed to defame my character in order to make his sensational scandal-mongering article seem important.
In the article the reporter also insinuates that my not telling my readers that I have a business license in the name of "Dove" is somehow wrong. I said, "Why would I tell them about the business license? The fact is when I first received donations, I asked them to make things payable to "Dove" because it can be dangerous for someone who is writing about the things I'm writing about to put their personal name on internet reports."
I explained I knew people would try to find me through drivers' license records or other ways if they knew my personal name and I did not need someone following me home from the grocery store to ask me to gift them money when I receive my prosperity, which I explained has happened to people who have received their Omega deliveries, nor do I need some Bush fanatics coming to shoot me because I'm exposing what Bush Senior and Bush Junior have done. There was never any deceit at all about my using the name "Dove"; it was simply being wise in recognizing I need to take precautions on the internet for my own safety. (Due to this newspaper article, I am now stating my personal, legal name, and I have been assured that I will be fully protected by the powers higher than those on Earth.)
I explained to the Senior Editor and the reporter that when I took my first donations made out to Dove to the bank, the bank manager told me that I had to get a business license in order to deposit the donations to a bank account and I would have to set up a new bank account. Therefore, I went immediately to the state business license office nearby and got a business license for Dove. The state regulations indicated I did not have to pay any kind of business tax if my donations per year were below a certain level. I simply followed the law in getting the business license and I was frankly amazed that the reporter would not be familiar with these well-known banking requirements. I expect most of my readers know these banking rules and when I endorse the checks they send me it has "Dove" plus the bank account number on the back of the check. There's NOTHING about my having a business license in the name of Dove which is anything but absolutely following the law. The reporter also insinuated that I was somehow practicing deceit because I did not tell my readers that in 1989 I had to file bankruptcy. I said, "That has nothing to do with my doing the Dove Reports." In fact, it was TEN years before I began doing the Dove Reports and is not at all relevant. I had to file bankruptcy because I did computer consulting for a company which only paid me for about three months out of the nine months I worked for the company; the company was named EAN Corp. I lived on my credit cards during the many months the company did not pay me. I attempted to do all I could to provide consulting to assist the company fix its computer software and business plan so it could be successful. The reporter also stated in the article that I was involved in forming this EAN Corporation. I told him that was an absolute LIE. The company was formed by a woman named Evelyn A. Nichols who was from Nevada. I was invited by a friend to someone's home in Thurston County to hear Evelyn Nichols talk about her company and how she was raising money for her company and would give people who lent her money in private party loans some kind of substantial payback for their loans. I loaned money to EAN Corp. just as many other people did and I lost my money just like everyone else did. I not only lost my money I loaned to the company, I also was not paid for over six months of computer consulting I did for the company, so I had a double loss from this experience.
Furthermore, I told the reporter, I did everything in my power to help the company do the right things. When I found out that Evelyn was lying about having incorporated EAN Corp, I obtained the paperwork and filled it out so she could register the corporation in Delaware and make it legal. The EAN Corporation first was centered in Nevada, then Evelyn moved it to an office in Phoenix, then she closed the Phoenix office and moved the office to near Portland, Oregon. All this time I was working from my home in Washington state where I was writing a computer system users' manual and providing the EAN computer system development manager with suggestions and feedback about the EAN Corporation computer system which was an integral part of the business. However, in December 1988 when I had been consulting for the company nine months, I learned many things about what Evelyn had done which made it clear that she was not conducting the EAN Corp. business properly and which indicated to me she was not likely to properly pay back those who had lent money to her for the company start-up. At that point, I went to the Washington State Securities Commission and asked to speak to an investigator about the things I had learned Evelyn was doing illegally. I spent two hours telling the investigator everything I knew and giving him all the documentation I possessed relating to EAN Corp. Therefore, I told the reporter that his comments about me were totally WRONG in that he was insinuating that I was at fault for Evelyn's actions which had harmed people. The reporter then admitted that he really did not have good information about my involvement in the EAN Corp. and that he had tried to track Evelyn down but was unable to contact her. I told the reporter that he had better remove these lies about me in regard to EAN Corporation from his article.
Another point the reporter made in the article was claiming that I had been a failure at doing my independent computer consulting. I told him this was a complete lie and I can prove it.
In fact, between 1986 and 1998, I did independent computer consulting for several companies in the Midwest and the Southwest; the lowest I was paid for doing my consulting was $3,200 a month and the highest I was paid was $9,000 a month. When I did computer consulting for EAN, I was supposed to be paid $5,000 a month but for only one month was I paid that amount and then Evelyn began skipping months and saying she would make it up later. Every few months she sent me a check but in the nine months I did consulting for EAN, I only received about three months of payment. This meant I had to live on my credit cards and ultimately when I had to report EAN to the Securities Commission. I was in too much debt due to not being paid, and had to file bankruptcy in 1989.
The reporter clearly did not know what he was talking about regarding my independent computer consulting and I told him I could prove it. His comments in the article claiming I had failed at my independent business efforts were obviously meant to falsely claim that I was a "loser". He presented these LIES in the same part of the article as he presented his FALSE assumptions about my involvement with EAN Corp. The entire section was based on FALSE information to make me look like I was some kind of crook. I refuted all his lies and told him he had better remove them from the article because I can prove they are lies and will do so in court if necessary.
In fact, I have had a very successful career in computer technology since 1974 when I first began providing customer support, training, and implementation support of word processing systems manufactured by the fourth largest word processing manufacturer in the US at that time. At one time, I provided customer support and training to over 200 customer locations in Western Washington from Everett to Seattle to Tacoma to Olympia to Aberdeen and other places as well. By myself, I maintained such good support of our customer base that very few customers ever traded in our systems for another brand during the years I was doing their support and training. I will discuss more about my very successful computer technology career later in this Report as I can easily and clearly show I am a hard-working and accomplished professional who has been promoted to the highest levels in my field.
However, it did not suit the reporter's purpose of attempting to make me out to be a disreputable person for him to properly present the facts of my computer consulting business. He did not explain his sources and I am not surprised since his comments were lies. In this same section of the article, the reporter claims that I owe the IRS $12,000 in income taxes. I told him that I have never seen any notice from the IRS about this. He left the conference room and returned with a photocopy of a document from the IRS stating that for years 1991 to 1994, I owed this amount although I had never received a copy of this document. I stated that I had had an IRS audit in that time period and that I had paid all the money they had said I had to pay as a result of their audit and I could prove I had paid it. I commented the IRS tells people who call the IRS for answers to how to fill out their tax returns that the even if the IRS personnel give the wrong answer, the person is responsible for any mistake on their tax return due to taking the IRS's advice. Since the IRS obviously is very poor at doing its business and does not take responsibility for its errors, it appears to me that this assertion that I owe anything to the IRS is a wrong action by the IRS. The reporter also made negative comments about my personal situation in 1992. He failed to mention that I had sustained head trauma injuries in 1989 due to being rear-ended by a negligent driver who slammed into the back of my vehicle as I and other cars in front of me were waiting for the light to turn green. This collision occurred one morning on my way to work at my new position with the Department of Health to manage their statewide hospital database system known as CHARS. Although I struggled through three years doing the management of CHARS and successfully managed an 18-month computer conversion process, which I was able to do as I had done many computer conversions in the past, I was unable to continue working in the Spring of 1992. At that time, I was required to do analysis of a complex proposal involving statewide computer systems and hospital data systems and I found that I still had some residual deficits from the head trauma which made me unable to do the very complex analysis of the abstract concepts presented in these systems proposals. I also was exhausted from other head trauma injury related deficits in dealing with certain kinds of information. Finally, because I could not perform the new kinds of complex analysis needed in my position, I resigned. I begged my attorney to find a way to have me assessed by experts in head trauma because I knew there were still deficits from the head trauma injury and I felt there had to be something experts could do to help me. In early 1993, I was assessed by the Good Samaritan head trauma experts in Puyallup and they pin-pointed the problems and then gave me a limited amount of rehabilitation therapy. They also told me what to do on my own to continue the rehabilitation. The accumulated stress of the years of dealing with the difficulties caused by the head trauma resulted in some other severe health problems later in 1993 and I was forced to sell my beautiful home in Garden Acres and try to find ways to regain my health. It took over a year before my health improved enough that I could go back to work. This entire situation was completely unknown to the reporter, however, that did not keep him from making false and negative comments about my situation during these extremely challenging times.
The reporter also included another topic hoping to defame my character. Years ago I dated a fellow briefly who eventually told me he was a recovering alcoholic and a manic-depressive. He told me after we dated a while that he often had very severe bouts with depression and especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season. He told me that during these severe bouts he always wanted to commit suicide. We quit dating but remained friendly. I was concerned around the holiday season that he might be suicidal and went to see him on Christmas eve to see if he was okay. He was in a sour mood but okay. Then a few months later as I was shopping in a local store, when he walked by me and I said "Hello", he suddenly exploded in irrational anger and yelled at me. One of his problems was a certain level of paranoia which I learned from reading books about recovering alcoholics can be a common behavior. Although he had followed me into the store and chose to walk close to me, his paranoia caused him to decide I was bothering him; he went to court and got a restraining order against me. I told the judge I had no intention of having anything to do with him after he suddenly exploded at me in the store. The reporter included an inaccurate account of this unstable man taking out a restraining order against me in the article; again in his attempt to try to portray me as a disreputable person so his lies and false comments against me and NESARA would seem to have some basis. Years later this man wanted to create a relationship but I was not interested. The reporter admitted that the man "was not angry" at me. I should hope not since all I did was try to be a friend during some of his worst times.
Then in the next section, the reporter's article contained a snide comment that my life somehow did not start out very well because I lived in a small town near Olympia, Washington during my teenage years. I wondered if this reporter was some kind of an idiot to imply that people who live in small towns are somehow "inferior". In fact many famous and successful people grew up in small towns and have made major contributions to the world.
As for my life, my father was an independent and successful business man and my mother worked at the local bank. I lived in a modern house of 3,000 square feet which was situated on 16 beautiful acres of land and a year-around creek flowed about 100 feet from one side of the house and onward behind the house. It was like living in a beautiful, private park and I thoroughly enjoyed my walks and horse rides along the creek as well as exploring the woods in the back of our property on horseback. I had my own horse who lived in the large field and horse barn near the other side of the house and I frequently enjoyed riding. The family had several nice cars for all of us who were teenagers to drive. We also had a place on Mason Lake and we had a ski boat; all of us had been waterskiing for years. We began waterskiing as a family in Seattle on Lake Washington where I attended the second through the sixth grades of elementary school. We lived in a very nice, very large house in Seattle which had once been a church in a nice neighborhood near Lake Washington. The reporter made more snide and totally inaccurate comments about my personal life during my teenage years in the small town outside of Olympia, Washington. In fact, I was much more privileged than most people in most cities or towns. When I entered high school, I and all freshmen students were tested by the high school to evaluate how well educated we were. The high school then divided our large, baby-boomer freshmen class into four classes based on our test scores. The students with the highest test scores were placed in the "A" class and were kept as a group to go through all our freshmen courses as "A" class students. I was among the thirty or so who were placed in the "A" class. I was a good student and often on the honor roll even though as the oldest child in the family I had many chores to do at home each evening. I took more than the usual number of courses and took Latin, French, and German languages because I enjoyed languages and I did very well in everything except algebra, which I later excelled in during my college years. In my sophomore year, I was voted to be a Princess of the annual town festival and in the following year, I was voted Queen of the annual festival. During my tour as Queen, we went to all the Seattle SeaFair parades and our float won many awards; many parade watchers took more pictures of our float than most of the other floats which came from different sections of Seattle. As Queen, I was invited to be on the local NBC television afternoon show hosted by Kathryn Wise and she interviewed me about our festival. She then also taped an interview with me for her radio show later that day. We went to the annual Tacoma Daffodil parade, the Wenatchee Apple Blossom parade, as well as the annual Olympia parade. When I was Queen, our town festival float went to more parades and won more awards than at any other time in the history of the town's festival. I was very lucky to have the opportunity at such a young age to learn how to present myself with grace and friendliness in public situations where crowds of thousands were present.
I also was one of the few high school students who was asked to be substitute for a high school teacher when he needed to be out of the classroom due to other school duties. I was given this responsibility during my sophomore year. I was always considered a very good student and very responsible. I was well-respected and popular. One of the few correct comments about me in the article came from a lady who went to high school with me and she told the reporter I was "well-liked, always smiling" and she said I was "beautiful and she always wished she looked like me." I was happy to see this comment in the article. What I noticed about the comments in the article from people who have personally known me is that NOT one person made negative comments against me. Only people who totally do not know me made any negative comments. I happened to call my step-sister after I came home from the meeting at the newspaper yesterday and she informed me that some weeks ago, the reporter had called her and had attempted to get her to say something negative about me. She said his questions were clearly designed to try to find out something negative about me. She said she told him she didn't know anything about my Dove activities. She told me she decided she was not going to say anything because his questions clearly showed he was biased against me.
The Senior Editor commented that she simply could not understand why the reporter could not find anyone he contacted who would talk to him in support of NESARA. From what I have observed and heard from my step-sister, the problem was the reporter was always forming his questions in such a way as to try to elicit negative comments. His article says one person he called who is a strong NESARA supporter, absolutely refused to talk to the reporter and hung up on him. I have to suspect from his behavior toward me and my step-sister, that the reporter alienated anyone to whom he spoke who is a NESARA supporter. They probably were not willing to put up with his attitude.
I really have to say, the reporter has made a complete idiot of himself for making a snide remark about my growing up in a small town as though growing up in a small town were some kind of drawback. He obviously made again a great number of FALSE assumptions. I had an exceedingly fortunate life during those years in the small town. Again, the reporter attempted to falsely characterize me as someone I most definitely am not. All because he is trying to defame my character so he can make his lies in his article seem important and sensational. I really have to wonder how certain officials at the newspaper are going to feel about this reporter and Senior Editor when I give them the facts. I would think these officials would realize that this reporter is including many false statements and false assumptions in this article. They should realize that anyone who grew up or lived in a small town is going to think the reporter is a fool and is insulting them due to how he wrongly commented about my life in a small town. In addition, the reporter looks like a fool when he tries to insinuate that my having a business license for "Dove" is somehow deceitful. He appears to be showing that he totally lacks any knowledge of the banking laws in this state and lacks knowledge of the most fundamental business practices. I have to wonder why this newspaper is employing such an ignorant person. I would not be surprised if people who live in the many small towns near where this newspaper is located end up canceling their subscriptions. I continued to mark up the sentences in the article which continued to slander and defame my character with my comments that each slanderous phrase was "not true", was "lies", was "wrong", or was "inaccurate". Then the article began discussing Clyde Hood (the administrator of the Omega program) and the trial of Clyde Hood in Illinois. The way this topic was presented gave the impression that I must be involved with Clyde Hood and his lying and thievery. Only after a long discussion of Clyde Hood's actions, did the article finally include brief comments that I was NOT involved with Clyde Hood and that I had written in the Dove Reports that Clyde Hood was a liar. I protested again the way the article was written because the information about Clyde Hood was introduced in a way that most readers would assume I was involved and I stated absolutely that I did NOT approve of Clyde Hood and in fact I had in the Dove Reports and in letters I wrote to Hood, had chastised him for not doing his duty to the members of the Omega program.
They asked me why I thought Omega was real if the Illinois attorney general's office prosecuted Clyde Hood, why did I still think Omega was real. I explained that I was on the phone network with people all over the US and some other countries too, talking 18 hours a day to track the progress of Omega and NESARA. I explained that I knew that beginning in early 2000, an African American lady judge had been the judge in an arbitration process in New York City in which the East Coast Coalition of attorneys (East Coast area of the US) complained the trustees of the Omega program where not fulfilling their trustee duties. I explained that one of my contacts was an attorney who used the same court reporters service in New York City as the federal judge who was conducting the arbitration, and that a few nights every week I would get a phone call explaining what this attorney had been able to find out from the court reporting service information which she was able to search and read about what had happened in the Omega arbitration that day. I also explained that US Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor was attending almost all these arbitration sessions to advise the lady federal judge doing the arbitration. This was one of the key sources of information which proved to me that Omega was real and most of my information from these arbitration sessions came to me in September and October of 2000, after the government closed down the Omega coordinators' offices in Illinois on August 31, 2000 and closed down the program from accepting new members. Therefore, it was quite clear that Omega was very real even after the Illinois authorities were trying to claim it was not. I also continued to receive reports from our large phone network about Omega funding notification deliveries in small "test pack" numbers of deliveries which Omega members were receiving almost every week. Some of those who received passed on information about their experiences at the bank when they signed their paperwork for their funding and that they did not receive their funding but had to wait until all deliveries were completed.
Furthermore, I wish to tell you in this Report, that during those months of arbitration, there was a day when an Omega funding notification envelope, which was unopened and which had been delivered to one of the attorneys in the East Coast Coalition, was opened in the arbitration session so that an official record of what was in an Omega funding notification envelope could be made part of the legal and official record. The court record for that session described very large amounts of funding which was allocated to this attorney. The court record's information was taken down in detail and read to me over the telephone late that night. This also proved that Omega was very real. In addition, the court reporter's record of the arbitration sessions showed that ex-President George H. W. Bush (Bush Senior) was a trustee of the Omega program and so was a member of the New York Rockefeller banking family and at some sessions, US Senator Jay Rockefeller also attended these arbitration sessions with the Rockefeller who was the Omega Trustee. The court reporting services' records of the arbitration sessions showed that week after week, Bush Senior and his attorneys came into the arbitration session on Thursday or Friday with some kind of blockage to keep the mass deliveries of the Omega funding notifications from going out to all members of the prosperity program. For example, one time Bush Senior claimed that the Omega funds were "tainted" with drug money. This claim meant that the Judge had to order certifications from all the offshore banks which had been involved in the Omega trading rolls and these banks had to certify that none of the funds involved with Omega were drug money. It took over a week for the Judge to receive all the certifications that the Omega funds were NOT tainted with drug money. Bush Senior knew this was a bogus delay, but he continued to use one delay after another to prevent the Omega funding notifications mass deliveries from being sent out. Each week, the federal judge attempted to clear the road blocks laid down by Bush Senior and Rockefeller so she could order the mass deliveries of Omega funding notifications to be delivered on the weekend. However, invariably on Thursday or Friday, the court reporting services' records showed that Bush Senior, Rockefeller, and their attorneys caused another bogus delay. Some of these same actions were also reported in the Omega program members' telephone network reports from a person who worked in a firm of some of the East Coast Coalition attorneys. The attorneys often came back from the arbitration sessions to the firm complaining about the bogus delays Bush Senior and Rockefeller were causing. Therefore, I had more than one source which was reporting the same actions from the arbitration sessions conducted by the lady federal judge in New York.
At one point, the federal judge attempted to have delivered only the $6 million dollar check that every program member was to receive. This $6 million was payment to the Omega members from money that David Rockefeller had been fined in a court action which found him guilty of illegally trading the billions of Omega funding dollars that had been transferred into his Chase Manhattan Bank in NYC in late 1999. Rockefeller put this money illegally into a trade which generated a lot of revenue and he was caught and assessed a fine of all the revenue generated by the illegal trade and also had to pay money from his own assets as his legal punishment for the illegal trade. Thus, every member of the Omega program was supposed to get a $6 million dollar check of "legal fine money" due to Rockefeller's unlawful actions. I happen to know of a few people who actually did receive this $6 million check of legal fine money with their "test pack" deliveries. However, when the federal judge attempted to have the mass deliveries of these $6 million dollar checks sent out to all Omega members, CIA groups loyal to and working for Bush Senior staged a robbery of the shipment of checks to the delivery organization. The checks then had to be cancelled by the federal judge and were not recovered.
The federal judge had a very difficult job to do. She had assembled a group of over one dozen long-time friends and associates whom she trusted to give her advice on how to find ways to cause the mass deliveries of funding notifications to accomplished successfully. However, Bush Senior arranged for CIA agents to secretly meet the judge's advisors and issue threats that the advisors' spouse, children or other loved ones would not be alive unless the advisor told the CIA agent what had been decided in each secret meeting the judge had with her advisors to find a way to get the funding notifications delivered. The advisors were also told by the CIA agents to advise the judge to do things which wasted time and caused more delays. Because Bush Senior had been the Director of the CIA and a CIA agent for many years, he continued to have a great deal of illegal help from CIA agents in his efforts to keep Omega from funding.
The next points in the article which I refuted were various comments about the Bush Senior disinformation website www.nesara.ORG and Harvey Bernard who is associated with that disinformation website. I explained that on this disinformation nesara.ORG website, the information is greatly different from the original www.nesara.COM website which was published on the Internet in July 2000 and from which I printed out copies of the website NESARA information in the Fall of 2000. I explained that a pro-NESARA group put up the original website at www.nesara.COM and some prototype information, which included some of the actual NESARA law elements, as a way to get feedback from the public. Then in January 2001, about the time Bush Junior took occupancy of the oval office, Bush Senior staged a hostile takeover of the original www.nesara.COM website, had the original prototype information changed, and added some false information including that a person named Harvey Bernard had written the NESARA 'bill' information on the website. This Harvey Bernard person claims that he wrote the National Economic STABILIZATION And RECOVERY Act, which was the title given on the original www.nesara.COM website but in fact, he did not. The words "Stabilization" and "Recovery" were also never part of the name of the true NESARA law.
Prior to January 2001, I had learned that the true name of the NESARA law was NOT ever the name given on either the original www.nesara.COM website nor on the later Bush Senior disinformation website www.nesara.ORG . It was explained to me that because the true NESARA law was under gag order, this meant that the real name of the law could NOT be put on the internet prototype NESARA website. After that, for many months I never referred to the actual name of the NESARA law until finally I was able to learn the real name of NESARA is the National Economic SECURITY And REFORMATION Act and was referred to as the Reformation Act by insiders in Washington, D.C.
I explained to the Senior Editor and the reporter that it totally does not make sense that many American banks have taken their tellers and other bank personnel off their normal jobs, paid substitutes to come in and do the tellers' jobs while the tellers are in NESARA class, made them take a five-day training course on the true NESARA law banking regulations, and required these bank personnel pass a test on NESARA. I explained that the NESARA confirmation emails discuss that personnel from numerous American banks have stated that they had to take these NESARA training classes. I explained that banks do not spend all this extra money to send their tellers to class for five days and have to hire substitutes to do the tellers' jobs unless the banks absolutely are required to do this. Therefore, our dozens of NESARA confirmations from bank personnel are obviously correct. Numerous of the banking personnel have indicated that there was a LOT to learn about the NESARA regulations which is different from what they do now. This is EXACTLY what I know to be true: NESARA vastly changes the rules and regulations banks must use in the United States.
This means that Harvey Bernard's statements on the Bush Senior disinformation website, nesara.ORG, that NESARA is just a "bill" which has never been passed are all FALSE. I have worked in banks and I know for a fact that a bank would NEVER spend money sending their personnel to a five-day training class on new banking regulations which are expected to be implemented unless the bank absolutely was required to train their personnel in the new banking regulations. I explain to the paper's Senior Editor and reporter that all the information in the article related to Harvey Bernard and his false claims is totally wrong.
The article then goes back to discuss Omega and I explain that regardless of what happened in the Clyde Hood trial and other trials related to Omega in Illinois, the fact was that the entire Illinois court process was a farce and that it was staged to convince people who are members of the Omega program that Omega was a complete scam and to try to convince Omega members there was never any Omega trading program funds which were generated in the offshore trading programs. I explained that the Illinois court cases were never based on truth.
The next part of the article I discussed was the article's derogatory comments about my Dove Reports regarding the 9/11 attacks which were staged to stop the NESARA announcement on September 11, 2001. The article also slandered my reasons for saying that NESARA was related to why the 9/11 attacks occurred. I then explained how all three locations of the 9/11 attacks were connected to NESARA. The first tower hit at the WTC included on Floors One and Two an international banking computer center which was the key banking center for NESARA and was supposed to begin downloading data to banks all across the US at 9 a.m. on 9/11. I also explain that the Naval Communications Center at the Pentagon was supposed to coordinate NESARA support activities by the military such as guarding shipments of the new US Treasury currency to banks all over the US and this is why the Naval Communications Center was blown up. I shared then two incidents where people were told not to go to the WTC on September 11, 2001, and that a woman who worked near the Naval Communications Center was told on September 10, 2001 by her supervisor not to come into work the following day. I mention there is a French website which shows there was no commercial airliner which hit the Pentagon. I explain that the location in Pennsylvania where the plane crashed on 9/11 was over a very important underground facility which involved functions related to NESARA and that a woman who lived in a house next to the field where the Pennsylvania crash occurred stated that FBI agents came running out of the woods a few minutes after the crash and forced every person living in the houses nearby to sign a secrecy agreement saying they would not tell what they saw that day. It was obvious the FBI agents had been hiding in the woods WAITING for the plane to crash. The plane crashed exactly where it was supposed to in Pennsylvania on 9/11.
For those of you new to the Dove Reports, it is obvious that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job by the Bush administration because not only were six defense systems at the Pentagon turned OFF by someone inside the Pentagon so a small white plane loaded with explosives could hit the Naval Communications Center at the Pentagon, but I received information from the daughter of a FEMA official that FEMA had been ordered to New York City on Monday, September 10, 2001 to be ready to take charge of the disaster on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. And, in the early hours after the 9/11 attack in New York, a television news reporter actually interviewed a FEMA person who said they had been sent to New York the day before to be on hand to take over the area. Clearly, the 9/11 attacks were to stop the NESARA announcement and give the Bush administration an excuse to blame Arabs so Bush could order attacks to take over Afghanistan for the oil pipeline and then later attacks on Iraq for the oil. Then we began to discuss part-two of the article. I mention I am not as he is characterizing me in the article as he is again referring to me living in a mobile home and casting other aspersions to make people think I am some kind of disreputable person. It certainly appears that this totally unnecessary comment is an attempt to insinuate and make people think of me as "trailer trash", when all I am doing is taking care of the elderly relative's property because she is ill. I again asked him why he does not mention MY beautiful home in Garden Acres which I bought and which was mine and reflected me, rather than mentioning my elderly relative's home which I am care-taking to save her only major asset of her 76 years. Why did he not mention that I am taking care of her home and two acres of gardens so when she recovers she will have a home to which to return? Why was this reporter again using snide remarks and bringing up the mobile home? It seemed obvious his ONLY reason was to try to imply I was a person not be respected, when in fact my reason for living in her mobile home is to preserve the one major asset my dear elderly relative had left after 30 years of working. It seemed that this snide comment about my living in her mobile home was ONLY an attempt to try to defame my character yet again. I had to wonder if this reporter would also have made reference to the type of dwelling I am currently inhabiting if I were living in a mansion? I seriously doubt he would have mentioned the type of dwelling I inhabit if it were a mansion because if I lived in a mansion, it would not fit his constant bias of falsely portraying everything about me as disreputable.
It again shows this reporter's DISRESPECT for many people. He comments show he is grossly disrespectful of people who live in small towns, he is disrespectful of people who live in mobile homes, and his article indicates he has a great disrespect for the TRUTH. If I were someone who had put my hard-earned money into buying a mobile home for my family, I would immediately cancel my subscription to this reporter's newspaper for the snide attitude he seems to have about people who live in mobile homes.
In answer to why he did not mention the home I had personally owned in Garden Acres, he responded by saying that he had a question about my home in Garden Acres. He said he had seen it and he had heard a rumor that I was unhappy with the sale of the house. I said I was not at all unhappy with the sale of the house; the buyer whom I had not previously known, paid a good price for the home and I was happy to sell the house. I stated I did not know where he could have gotten that information.
Next the article goes on with some derogatory comment about me lying about bank debt relief being part of NESARA and I comment that in one of the NESARA email confirmations from a person in Canada, the person states that the bank manager of the (Royal Canadian) bank in, I believe, Manitoba, had said that NESARA would ripple out to cause "global debt relief". I suggest the reporter get in touch with this Canadian whose NESARA email confirmation is among the 90+ confirmations I have given him to check out and he could find out that what I'm saying about debt relief has been confirmed by the bank manager. (I have also had confirmation of NESARA's bank debt relief from other banking sources.)
I next discuss the article's comments indicating that I am only doing the Dove Reports to get money out of people when I ask for donations. I tell the reporter his comments are "not accurate". I remind him that I did the Dove Reports for the first two years of my four years of doing the Dove Reports WITHOUT ever asking for donations. I state that I have ".15,000 readers [on my Dove email list], and maybe 100 [people] send me something [when I request donations] and that's NOT a lot." I state that I cannot do the things I am doing to help get NESARA announced and work a regular job. I state that "no one is forced to give me money."
I explain that I attempted to work and also do the Dove Reports in the first two years, but in 2001 I felt I had to devote myself to NESARA. I was anguished by having to choose between buying my dear little white cockapoo, Cari, a $100 a month prescription or devoting all my time to NESARA. I felt I had to devote myself fully to NESARA and I stopped working a temporary job to devote myself full-time to NESARA in mid-2001.
I felt if I worked hard enough, it might help NESARA get announced before the Bush administration launched the country into war which I knew Bush was planning to do since February 2001 when Rumsfeld began buying huge amounts of armaments even though there was no reason for it at that time. When the 9/11 attacks occurred, I felt I had to do even more to try to get the truth out about NESARA and the Bush administration treachery. As the months went by in the Summer and Fall of 2001, I was anguished by the failing health of my dear puppy Cari who had been with me for almost 14 years. Each month she grew more thin and had increasing health problems and I continued to work hard to get the truth out in the hopes that NESARA would be announced, my prosperity would be delivered and I could get her the very best medical help and bring her back to good health.
Years before when I had been seriously ill, dear Cari had been the only reason I had clung to life; because she was so special that I could not find her another home as I had been forced to do with my seven cats, my Arabian filly, and another dog when due to my own health problems from the collision head trauma, I was forced to stop working and had to sell my home in Garden Acres. Cari was the reason I continued to live and forced myself to keep going after that. But in the last half of 2001, I felt NESARA was so critical to the world that I devoted myself to NESARA and was not able to pay the $100 per month for Cari's medication. On December 20, 2001, four days before Cari's 14th birthday on Christmas Eve, December 24, she was in massive pain and crying out and I was forced to take her to the vet who said it was unlikely she would ever recover. I held her in my arms as she was put to sleep. I am still in tremendous pain when I think of how Cari saved my life but due to my heartfelt need to help move NESARA forward, I could not save hers. Cari's death made me realize that I could no longer go on giving so much to NESARA and causing financial detriment to the household and those I loved. After spending days grieving for Cari, I told an old friend, who used to live next door to me in Garden Acres and who used to come to play with Cari at my house when she used my washer and dryer, about Cari's death. My friend said, "You should ask for donations. Many people who are trying to help the world ask for donations and what you are doing is certainly as helpful to the world as what they are doing." I was extremely reluctant to ask for donations and I hoped that in January 2002, NESARA and our prosperity would finally arrive. Finally, in late January 2002, knowing that my heart told me I must do even more to help NESARA and that without donations I would only continue to hurt the household and those I loved, I finally asked for the first time for donations. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. In the meeting, I told the Senior Editor and the reporter about Cari and how precious she was to me, and how not having $100 a month to buy her prescription led to her death. Fighting tears, I opened my notebook and showed them a picture of me holding Cari a few years before she died. I explained that I never had wanted to ask for donations, that I wait as long as possible before making a request for donations, and that it is always very hard for me to ask for donations. But my mission to help move NESARA forward makes it necessary. I told the Senior Editor and the reporter that the inaccurate comments in the article that I am only doing the Dove Reports and supporting NESARA so I can get money from people is not true. I told them the derogatory comments in the article that I am either doing my support of NESARA for money or for attention were totally untrue. I explained that my life would be a lot easier in many ways if I were not doing my service for NESARA; I would not have to put up with receiving hate mail from Bush fanatics and others, or emails with cursing and calling me names, or having to deal with harassment from people when I do radio interviews about NESARA. I explained that I always hope NESARA will be announced soon because I do not personally care for being so high profile. I stated the comments by someone named "Goose", who is quoted in the article saying he thinks I do the Dove Reports because I "like the attention", were not accurate.
I explained that "NESARA is the most important thing on the planet." That it is getting NESARA announced which is important and that NESARA is more important to me by far than the prosperity programs. The article then makes the point that no member of Congress the reporter has called will verify that NESARA has been passed. I explain that of course they cannot say NESARA has been passed to a reporter because all members of Congress and all "officials" involved with NESARA are under the [US Supreme Court's] gag order. I explain that due to the many ramifications of NESARA, it can only be announced suddenly without official leaks preceding the announcement, or people would take advantage of the ramifications of NESARA. I had explained earlier in response to a question from the Senior Editor, that no official can admit to the public that NESARA has been passed before the announcement because people would then do various things, such as charging purchases to the maximum limits on their credit cards. I have repeatedly advised people in the Dove Reports not to be financially irresponsible and run up the balances on their credit cards because there is a "war" going on between those who are supporting NESARA being announced and those who are fighting against NESARA. Because of this conflict, there's no way to absolutely predict when NESARA will be announced and people must handle their financial matters responsibly and not depend on NESARA to take care of their bills.
I continued to refute various comments in the article continuing to claim that NESARA was not passed, with my own information of people who do know NESARA and the US Treasury Bank System NESARA brings are real.
I continued refuting comments in the article quoting people who claim NESARA is a con or a scam. I refuted again the claim I am running a 'cult'. I mention that there are many people who support NESARA and read the Dove Reports who do NOT agree with some things I write and that's fine. These people are NOT my "followers'. They are people who have their own reasons for supporting NESARA. At the end of my writing my objections to the many wrong comments about me on my copy of the article, I told the Senior Editor that (since they would not allow me to take a copy of this article about me from their office), I was asking her to keep my annotated copy of the article so that it could be provided if we had to go to court. She agreed to do so.
I then counted the pages of NESARA email confirmations I was giving them and the total was 95 pages, of which 90+ emails were about different confirmations of NESARA by different people. I reminded the Senior Editor and the reporter that they must protect the people who sent the emails and they must not put these people's names and contact information in the paper. They agreed to keep all the people's information confidential.
I then asked that they do investigation of the NESARA confirmations and that for them to do their "due diligence", they really should do investigation of these confirmations. I did not get the impression that they were going to do any investigation of these NESARA confirmations. If they do not do any investigation of these NESARA confirmations, then their article is FRAUDULENT, libelous, and slanderous because they are presenting their information as though it is a well-investigated article which discusses both sides of the issues. However, the fact that they seem to be determined to print their two-part article THIS WEEKEND, so they can capitalize on a news event in Seattle, shows that they never intended to be fair and objective in their reporting. If they had intended to print the truth about me and NESARA, they would have interviewed me MONTHS ago when I would have given them the proof about NESARA and corrected their many false assumptions and they would have had time to do the proper "due diligence" investigation of the 90+ NESARA confirmations I gave them. Instead they waited until two business days before they were going to print their fabrication of lies, innuendo, and defamation of character comments against me. Clearly, the only thing this reporter wants is to get his sensationalistic article to be noticed and he cares NOTHING about the truth.
To show a bit more about the TRUTH of who I am, I will share with you some my professional career accomplishments. I rose to the corporate level of the word processing systems manufacturer for whose systems I had performed exemplary support to over 200 customers in Western Washington. At the corporate headquarters of this computer systems manufacturer, I worked with the Research and Development engineers in developing and testing new computer software and hardware. I was also Product Manager for two new computer systems and I wrote instructional manuals and user reference materials for both systems. I also designed marketing support materials, worked with the corporation's advertising agency on print ads and other projects, and was assistant to the National Sales Manager in preparing for and presenting Sales classes for marketing reps who came into corporate headquarters for their sales and product training. I did many advanced systems seminars for groups of customers in locations around the USA; I provided new products marketing seminars to sales reps in several locations around the US and did corporate trouble-shooting for large customers. This was a great experience and I gained a great deal of professional experience. However, I got tired of the traveling and chose to move back to Washington state after some years at this Midwest corporate headquarters and after I had done everything I wanted to do in this corporate headquarters environment.
I also worked in very responsible positions for state agencies in Olympia, the capitol of Washington state. I was the Manager of word processing and data processing operations for the local four-year college in Olympia and built our word processing services up from a one-person operation to a three to four person operation as I gained the confidence and provided quality word processing services to the college offices. This was even more remarkable since we had to "charge" the budgets of the other college offices for our services. This was in the years before PCs began to be provided to most personnel in an organization. While I was performing these management functions full-time, on weekends and nights I was attending Business Administration courses at City University and living very frugally to pay my way. I made the President's honor list all quarters I was at City University and graduated with my Bachelor's in Business Administration in 1983. Also, during these years of being Manager at the four-year college in Olympia, I represented the college in various professional organizations including the state agencies data processing organization and the state agencies word processing organization of which I served as Vice President. It was while I was Vice President that the then current Governor of Washington was pushing a bill in the legislature which would cause a giant computer systems regulatory agency to be created. This proposed agency was expected to control "all computers, including data processing and word processing" systems, in all agencies. The poorly thought-out proposed bill was going to provide access between any and nearly all state agencies' data and information with very little restrictions to guarantee that private and confidential information of citizens and businesses would be protected. I saw how seriously this lack of privacy of information could harm the people of Washington and I led groups of concerned professionals to testify to the state legislature committees involved with this proposed bill. When we were not successful in stopping the bill, I went to the President of the four-year college where I was employed and explained to him the many serious flaws of the proposed bill. This College President was Dan Evans, a popular three-term former Governor of Washington who was an excellent and wise leader; he quickly understood the problems I described were serious. Dan Evans then studied the proposed super-agency bill and found many flaws in the financing of the new agency. He testified to the legislative committee in charge of approving the new agency's funding plan about these flaws and the bill was then totally defeated. Some years later, the state of Washington did form an agency to oversee state government computer usage but the bill for forming the agency was a much better bill and did not sacrifice the privacy rights of citizens and businesses of Washington state. As a result of my activism and leadership against the flawed bill, I was asked to serve on the State of Washington's elite Office Automation Technical Committee which reviewed all agencies requests for office automation systems to the state Department of Purchasing and because of our unique expertise in these systems, we evaluated agencies' requests to obtain new office automation computer systems and whether these requests were properly cost-justified, included the appropriate hardware and software systems, and met the needs described in the requests. I also during this time, prior to leaving my management position at the four-year college in Olympia, did a college-wide office automation study and made recommendations about what systems would help make office workers at the college more productive and meet the college's needs.
As I was completing my Bachelor's degree in Business, I learned that Sperry Univac was hiring an Office Automation Specialist to work with Sperry's very leading edge office automation Sperrylink system and be the technical representative to major corporations who were beta test sites for the Sperrylink system in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Out of hundreds of applicants, I was hired for this plum position in Minneapolis which reported directly to a Vice President at Sperry Univac's corporate headquarters in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. This was another great experience. Sperry did not have sales or technical people who were experts in office automation to help sell the Sperrylink system to their large computer customers all around the country, so they hired 50 Sperrylink Specialists in the US with office automation experience to help market this very advanced office technology. The Sperrylink system was the system after which Bill Gates unabashedly modeled the Microsoft Office Systems softwares. Sperrylink had the capability to integrate spreadsheet information, mainframe database information, mainframe data files information, calendaring and meeting scheduling, and even linked to Sperry's own voice messaging system so when you looked at your desktop Sperrylink station, you could see if you had new email or voice messages or if you had a calendar appointment or a meeting invitation - all in the same messages notices screen. Some people think Microsoft should not have copied Sperrylink, but I'm glad Microsoft did because although Sperry was great at developing new technologies, the company was not as good at marketing. In my position in Minneapolis, I supported the Sperrylink beta test sites at several Sperry mainframe customers' locations. I did needs assessment studies for customers, helped design systems configurations, did customized user training and implementation processes, and also developed applications for some customers. At one point, there were discussions about drastically changing Sperrylink to a much less user friendly system and I wrote a detailed analysis of why this should not be done and submitted it to the Assistant to the President of Sperry who was heading up the Sperrylink Think Tank to evaluate the future direction of Sperrylink. I was then asked to serve on this very elite Think Tank at corporate headquarters in Blue Bell which made critical decisions about how the design and functioning of the Sperrylink system would proceed. I was also asked to transfer to Sperry's corporate offices in Blue Bell and join the elite Sperry Consulting Group headed by Carol Gaffney. I remembered my previous experience of working for the corporate headquarters and having to travel extensively, and although I would have loved working with the Consulting Group, I declined the offer and enjoyed working with Carol when she came to the twin cities to do special consulting projects for our customers. During this time with Sperry, I was also asked by a highly regarded systems development engineer at the Sperry Roseville plant to take over his responsibilities of representing Sperry at office automation industry seminars in the Midwest. I agreed and presented many office automation seminars to groups ranging from a few dozen to several hundred and ranging from members of a secretary association to an association of mayors of cities and towns. When Sperry was taken over by Burroughs in a hostile takeover, and the name was changed to Unisys, more than ten thousand Sperry employees were laid off in a series of layoffs. I and many other Sperrylink Specialists were laid off in the third series of lay-offs. However, I had given such good support to my customers, that three major organizations including Andersen Window, the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, and Northern States Power hired me to do independent consulting for them in the year after I was laid off by Sperry. I was also offered other independent consulting projects by Sperry customers but instead I chose to accept a position the Washington state Department of Social and Health Services' division of Information Technology created specifically for me. I was hired as the Manager of Office Automation Support; I and my staff supported over 2,000 users of office automation systems in various agency locations around the state. To complete this overview of who I really am and my success as a professional in computer technology positions, I note below only some of the professional organizations of which I was a member over the years:
Member of UB-82 Washington State Committee representing the state Dept. of Health
Member of the Minnesota Data Processing Association representing Sperry
Member of the select Office Automation Technical Committee for the State of Washington
Vice President of State Agencies Information Processing Association
Legislative Liaison for State Agencies Information Processing Association
Member of the Washington State Data Processing Managers Association
Member of the International Word Processing Association
Charter Member of the Puget Sound area Information Processing Association
As you may have noticed, I have at times been an activist for things I feel are important. In 1994, I was still recovering from severe health problems due to the years of stresses involved in dealing with undiagnosed and untreated head trauma injuries from the 1989 collision. However, in the late Summer of 1994, I became involved in the fight to keep the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from taking over control of vitamins and food supplements.
Millions of Americans fought this battle against the FDA by bombarding Congress with telephone calls, letters, etc. We all knew that the FDA was only the servant of the pharmaceutical industry. We knew that if the FDA were able to control vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements, we would be losing a very basic right as Americans.
In September 1994, the Congress was getting ready to end their session in which we needed to have the anti-FDA control bill passed. The Senate had passed the legislation keeping the FDA from controlling our vitamins, but the House of Representatives had not. After many telephone calls, I found out that the problem was the chairman of the House Committee involved was not letting the House bill to stop the FDA from controlling vitamins, etc. come up in the Committee for vote. I found out that the Chairman of a Committee has the right to control what is put on the Committee's agenda and this is how this ONE MAN was STOPPING a bill that millions of Americans had lobbied to have passed. In fact, Congressional sources said that MORE Americans lobbied on this bill than had EVER lobbied Congress on any other issue, including people lobbying to end the Vietnam War.
After more phone calls, I learned that the ONE man who was stopping the House version of the bill from coming up for vote in the Committee was the House Representative from Beverly Hills, California, and that he was the SECOND largest receiver of pharmaceutical industry PAC money in Congress! It was then very clear WHY this one man was not letting our bill come to vote in the Committee. I decided the only way to force this man to bring the bill to vote in the Committee he chaired was to make him so uncomfortable about the consequences of NOT bringing the bill to vote, that he would decide he had to get out of the way and let it be voted on by his Committee. I already had confirmed that there were enough members on the Committee who would approve it and then the bill could go to the House floor to be voted upon and we knew we had enough Representatives to approve the bill. The key was this ONE man who was blocking the bill in his Committee by not putting it on the Committee agenda.
Time was running out. We had only a few more weeks and then the session in which this bill could be passed by the House would be over and we would have to start all over again trying to get it passed in the Senate and in the House the following January. I decided to organize a rally against the FDA at the FDA office location in the north Seattle area. I called my friends who cared about this issue and suggested we stage a rally in support of our bill in front of the FDA office and invite the Seattle television stations to cover our rally. I called the three major television stations and two out of the three said they would LIKE to give some news coverage to this issue and they would definitely show up to cover our rally in front of the FDA building. I then called my friends again and asked them to organize as many people as we could to go up and do the rally in front of the FDA building the following week. Once we had the ball rolling on organizing people to become involved, I called and found out the legal requirements for a permit for the rally and other such details.
Now I was ready. I called the office of the House Representative from Beverly Hills and told his secretary that we were going to stage a rally in front of the FDA office in northern Seattle and that I had enthusiastic agreement from two of the three major television networks that they would cover our rally. I told her that I personally was going to speak to the television news reporters and NAME the Representative from Beverly Hills who was purposely keeping millions of Americans from having Congress act to pass a bill that most of the House of Representatives and those on his Committee wanted to have passed. I said that I would not only NAME this man from Beverly Hills, but I would also emphasize that he was the SECOND largest receiver of PAC money from the pharmaceutical industry and that WE KNEW the pharmaceutical industry was LOSING billions of dollars in revenue because more and more people were choosing to take vitamins and natural supplements to improve their health and were rejecting prescription drugs!
The secretary gasped. I told her that if he didn't let our bill be voted on in his Committee in the next two days, we would be doing our demonstration in front of the FDA in three days time early enough in Seattle so that our rally could be broadcast on the six o'clock national news! I reiterated that he had better let our bill be voted on in his Committee or else I would make sure that EVERYONE knew that he alone was responsible for blocking a bill that millions of Americans had demanded Congress must pass and that his reason was because he was the SECOND largest receiver of money from the pharmaceutical industry! Two days later, the Beverly Hills Representative let his Committee vote on the bill and it was approved and it went to vote by the full House of Representatives which approved it just barely in time! I and my friends in our commitment to stand up publicly for what we believe is right had convinced this man it was in his best interests to let our bill be voted out of his Committee.
This is more than I have ever written about myself and frankly I hope it's the last time I ever need to do this. I will not allow an unprofessional reporter to smear me, my good name, my life, and my dedication to improve the world by helping bring NESARA to announcement. If the article is as bad as the draft copy I saw on Friday, I will take the reporter, the Senior Editor, the Editor, and the newspaper to court. I will demand $10,000 per word in this article which is defaming my character. There are probably hundreds of such words so this will be a very expensive lesson for these people. In addition the corporation itself will be liable for financial damages for letting such irresponsible and false information be printed in their newspaper and for allowing their employees to KNOWINGLY commit FRAUD by implying they have thoroughly researched the facts when as you can see in these pages, they most certainly DID NOT! Furthermore, they DID NOT investigate 90 people's personal confirmations of NESARA which might have actually led to an off-the-record discussion with a respected banker who would be willing to confirm directly to the reporter that NESARA is indeed passed and many bank personnel have been trained on NESARA.
This court action I will be taking against these people will serve a great purpose. We will WIN the court case decisively and then we will make sure every media organization in the USA gets a copy of the court ruling so they are put on notice that this kind of fraudulent reporting, slander, and libel will NOT be tolerated!
NESARA will be announced and all those who spoke against NESARA and me in this article will be included in this court case and will face financial ruin from the damages which will be assessed against them! Furthermore, not only will every single person involved with this story at this paper and every person at any other paper that reprints these lies, face the most severe financial ruin, but they will also be sentenced to long prison terms and will not receive a single benefit from NESARA. They will not receive debt relief nor any other of NESARA's wonderful benefits. When beings are as totally deluded and blind as these people are, it is because their souls are requiring them to experience a very big lesson. Their behavior and the court case which finds them guilty will become an education to many other media people who will learn that LYING and defamation of character will no longer be tolerated!
Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Worldwide NTAT Director
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
For more information on NESARA, go to WWW.NESARA.US .
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