Time to Put America First

By Laura Dawn Lewis
Another Israeli Spy, as reported by CBS is suspected in the Pentagon, though some news sources state this is the first time since Pollard during the 1980's one has been caught.
This is categorically untrue. September 11, 2001 five Mossad assets were arrested celebrating the attack in New Jersey as the Twin Towers disintegrated. In January 2002, FOX News exposed a nationwide Israeli Spy ring utilizing art students and mall kiosk workers in the hundreds nationwide, in addition to the use of moving companies as Mossad fronts in the United States. Between September 11, 2001 and January 2002 we deported nearly 800 Israeli nationals suspected of spying on the US. This moving company manifestation continues both in organized crime and earlier this year more Israeli agents under the cover of moving company workers were caught in Tennessee attempting to smuggle out classified submarine fuel. We have the wire and phone tapping scandals by Israeli companies likewise exposed in this time frame. Then we have Golan Cipel, a confirmed Israeli Agent.
It's long been suspected that members of JINSA, (Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs) the authors of our current war in Iraq, the PNAC (Project for the new American Century) and organizations including AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) which lobbies congress and is considered the most powerful lobby in America and the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), which acts as the Intelligence Arm in the United States under the guise of fighting racism while it promotes, funds and protects it in Israel have been involved in securing American support, funds and munitions on behalf of Israeli interests.
To speak of such automatically brands the reporter or politician anti-Semitic. There is nothing anti-Semitic about protesting or pointing to our security breaches and undue influence on US policy, politicians, budgets and the Constitution (Several pro-Israel but unconstitutional resolutions have been winding through congress stripping Americans of our 1st, 4th, 5th and 10th Amendment rights while protecting Israel from scrutiny including HR4230, HR3077 and S-625). Rather it is anti-American not to object. It is our country after all. To date these organizations hide behind the Jewish faith, curbing any discussion in the mainstream press through accusations of anti-Semitism.
This new spy scandal in Washington DC must be huge for CBS to risk condemnation by AIPAC and the Christian Zionists. Otherwise it would be covered up like the aforementioned incidents of the past three years. AIPAC will swing into action and attempt to minimize this, denying of course everything. Israeli loyalists in the media will attempt to spin this as not damaging because Israel is our "friend"; don't be surprised by this. Ariel Sharon has bragged on at least one public occasion that Israel controls the US Media. But what Americans need to realize, only Israel continually gets caught spying on us, selling our military secrets to communist countries and compromising our security. Britain doesn't do this. France doesn't do this. Canada doesn't do this, nor does Mexico and there would be hell to pay if they did. This discovery is the tip of the iceberg.
The biggest problems facing American democracy, our constitution and freedom, all trace back to the same little country, the one we keep catching spying and selling our security, the same country both Bush and Kerry proudly and publicly swear their solidarity to, our "friend" Israel.
The Agenda
This isn't about religion, nor is it about "fighting terrorism"; the issues would be the same if Israel were Catholic, Muslim or Buddhist. Religion continues to be used as a weapon to obscure and prevent discussion. As far as terrorism, it wouldn't exist in the Middle East if Israel ceased exterminating its neighbors, or if it had adhered to the agreement establishing the State of Israel in 1948.
(Israel possesses the 4th largest military in the world with over 600 WMD's. Israel is not a helpless nor an oppressed nation by any means. It defeated several nations in just six days and it has always, from day one outnumber the totality of all Arab country militaries by at least 3:1)
Terrorism wouldn't exist for Israel if America its enabler wasn't continually supplying the injunctions, money and weapons of oppression. Its problems with terrorism originate because of its policies: apartheid, genocide, racism, elitism and ethnic cleansing, nothing more.
If Americans truly want to end the threat of terrorism, the solution begins in Palestine and it is called justice, not apartheid. Continuing to shield Israel isn't helping Israelis. It's killing them, morally, spiritually and physically. If Americans really care about the Israelis and really want to save the Jewish people the biggest favor we can do for them is cut off all support until they learn to get along with their neighbors. This they will do quickly; they've gotten along in relative peace from nearly 1900 years. Terrorism will end without the financial and political support of America. It's called tough love and it works whether we're speaking of teenagers, alcoholics or rogue nations drunk on elitism and racism.
America please tell me, how many spies are required for this nation to wake up? Why we are supporting presidential candidates who place the welfare and importance of a foreign theocracy, primary and before the Constitution and the welfare of the United States? Does it not seem odd for the President of the United States and three quarters of congress to proudly swear their solidarity to a foreign country? Think about that. Think about what that really means. As Americans we need to decide whether we continue to cower in fear of being labeled anti-Semitic for simply standing up for our country, or whether Americans are willing to pay the true price of freedom by fielding these accusations and exposing them for the BS they are. What is more important: The Constitution, Freedom and the United States, or apartheid, terrorism and Israel.
I vote for America. What amazes me is how few of my countrymen agree. If the choice is between supporting Israeli apartheid and the United States our constitution and freedom, Israeli apartheid and racism win every time. I don't get it. What are we afraid of, a little name calling, being called racists for objecting to racism? Anyone who thinks will see this for the oxymoron it is. Honestly, there is nothing anti-Semitic about putting American interests first. We are American; we're supposed to. It's called self-preservation. After thirty-seven years and nearly two-trillion in aid and munitions to Israel, it is time we put the United States first. This is easy. All we need to do is follow the Constitution and apply the same standards we adhere to in the United States with our actions and support abroad. Apartheid, racism, oppression, ethnic cleansing are not American values. So, why do we fund, defend and support Israel? If this isn't hypocrisy, what is? Time to put America first.



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