There Is Another Way

By Kiwan
We could try facing the truth for a change.
What is a president of the United States? Is it a person, a position, a figurehead or a slave to the vested interests of others in the world? A US president is a bit of all of the above. What is clear is that the American voting public seems to have no idea of what a president actually does, or what the qualifications for that office should be.
A president is not a king, not a dictator, definitely not a god, or someone who thinks that he might be the personal instrument of any particular 'god' or religion.
A president of the United States is first and foremost someone chosen by the people of the nation, to lead this nation, above all other nations. On this point a president gets the respect that the office is entitled to. When the office-holder steals that office, he is not entitled to any respect whatsoever. He should be treated as the thief that he is, awaiting trial for his crimes. That has not happened with George W. Bush.
A president should be a well-traveled and experienced person, a natural and formidable leader, as well as an interested and enlightened individual, at ease with others and comfortable in his own skin. None of this applies to the current occupant of the White House. Dubya, is insecure, probably the furthest thing there is from a natural leader. He is a personal failure at almost everything he has ever undertaken. Bush is also terrified of questions, about any of his actions, and he is positively paranoid about having to answer legitimate questions from the public.
Bush has forgotten that he is an employee, and that we pay him to carry out our wishes, not his. He does not have the mental capacity to deal with his job, yet he insists on telling the public that we "must understand" about each and every one of his bungled policies. The man has no inkling of what it takes to accomplish anything of lasting value. As he has done nothing with his life, he does not value any of the things it takes to earn a living, or create a life.
Bush is not a leader, he has no grasp of what any undertaking requires and consequently he cannot lead anyone anywhere, except by force. Brutality and barbarity come naturally to this failed president, along with a determination to deny the public most of what the law has accorded to us for the last five decades. Dubya slashes funds and fails to budget programs he is bound by oath to fund, and protect. He seems to see himself, as having the divine rights of the Dictator, that he now believes he is. Which could explain why he refuses to answer any questions.
He ran as a compassionate conservative, but he has no idea what compassion involves, much less how it might ever be part of any political stance. He also ran as an environmentalist, a "uniter not a divider" and a lot of other stuff that was all just a bunch of lies. Bush is a pretentious patrician party-boy from nowhere ­ pretending to be the president of the United States, yet he is literally terrified that the truth will soon come back to haunt him and end this sick charade. So he just walks off stage ­ rather than to explain his relationship with the indicted former head of Enron, his single biggest supporter.
Here is a man who claims to be afraid of nothing, and yet is terrified of both the written and the spoken word. He is very free with condemnatory slogans that have castigated whole peoples and religions with just a few crude sentences. But he is incapable of seeing how that kind of hate will come back to haunt not just him, but this nation as well as all the efforts that have been made to create a better, a stronger, and a safer world.
The measure of any president can be seen in those he chooses to implement his policies. His choices in that arena will haunt this administration for as long as records are kept, as the evidence of his failure is everywhere. Take the case of "national security."
Those he appointed to "manage" this one are so inept as to be beneath contempt. Look closely at Ashcroft, this man is no more qualified to be in charge of the Department of Justice than Rumsfeld is qualified to run the Department of Defense. Both men are the worst possible examples of what is needed in each of their respective positions. Tom Ridge is something that needed to be put out to pasture, not promoted, to head the largest department of the US government that there has ever been.
The majority of his cabinet has no military experience. Most are experienced only in dodging responsibility for their failures (just like Bush). To put such people in positions of authority and responsibility is to court disaster. Ashcroft is still haunted by women's breasts, Rumsfeld by Custeresque dreams of military grandeur, and Ridge is nothing but a broken man without a single clue at all. These three are in control of our individual rights, our service to the nation, our dreams and our very lives. Can these three be the very best that Bush could find to stick into those slots?
None of the these men have any experience in "intelligence" of any kind. None have any real experience in managing anything. Yet when it comes to the disruption of daily life, whether that be a fake terror threat, a phony war, or just complete confusion in the name of a meaningless color code ­ this troika of fools are the sole powers in charge.
This administration is very fond of saying: "because of 911, nothing will ever be the same again" This is said as though there were no alternative. There are other alternatives, but one must begin by getting to the bottom of the crimes of nine eleven. If that were done, then it would be apparent that the very people who are in charge now, were and are involved in creating all of this, and with their legitimate removal from office, anything is then truly possible.
In the current state of semi-continual terror, what is the definition of a target? This could be anything and everything, so long as the people in charge now remain in office. There is no ability to prioritize for any possible defense against whatever, or for how to actually begin to end, this constant and forever invisible threat to our way of life. That is unacceptable to most people.
Part of the reason why the administration and Israel insist that "we can never go back to pre 911" is that they have assumed that we can never admit that mistakes were made. Israel is our officially­unofficial advisor in all matters of terror and terror management. And since they can never change course, neither can we. Yet we must begin to tell the truth. We must begin to face the failures made by all involved: and make the changes necessary or this planet will indeed be doomed.
For any "authority" to be credible, that authority must be capable of managing the tasks it has taken unto itself; this time it is the national security of the USA. Bush thinks he is living in a war movie. Keeping the USA safe is about a lot more than bombs and guns and cloak & dagger operations. Security involves financial stability, job security, the health and welfare of all citizens, not just the elites: but most of all people need to be able to trust the government to do whatever is required to deliver on the promises that each person made when they undertook the offices they now occupy. This includes the congress and the courts as well as the administrative offices of the executive branch. All three have failed us, over many decades. This needs to be ended now.
When the government speaks about targets ­ they seem to exclude people, and only tend to mention us as an afterthought. When they speak of attacks one would think that the entire nation would soon be ablaze, when in fact this is a huge nation, with many resources and a vast physical territory. Given this fact, why has government given no consideration at all to that reality? When looking over their record of colossal failure each and every time that the word terror is mentioned ­ why should people believe anything that this government says? The facts on the ground are these: we have dozens of intelligence services, and they have all failed us in every instance.
We have a massive bureaucracy that has only increased in size, while we as people, remain in ever-greater danger from this government's ineptitude. We are charged for every single thing in life, sometimes several times over, and the return on our investment in this country is not only not worth the effort, but, we are being defrauded by this same government who says they have protected us and the multi-nationals at ever turn. Fire them all and start again?
We are capable of far more than what Israel and the Bush administration is offering, by way of choices. The first choice that needs to be made is that Bush and his outlaws need to be dealt with as the imposters they are. A major conference needs to be called to re-align US foreign policy, and redirect the use and misuse of our military forces around the world. There needs to be a bill of particulars instituted for corporate practices that will include responsibilities along with the perks they now enjoy, and the laws on the books regarding conflicts of interest, nepotism, and fraud must be reinvigorated ­ that would be a start. This is not impossible, but in the current quagmire of the national psychosis regarding fear and paranoia, it is probably not "realistic" ­ I mention it, only because it is possible, no matter how remote.
Real protection comes from within each of us. The confidence and courage needed to stop this charade is within each person ­ the challenge is getting most people to see this inconvenient truth. The presidency is not a beauty contest; it is a position that will have a major impact on the lives of everyone, both here and abroad ­ especially if the person in that office is an imposter, a thief, and a total fraud.
Lies can never be tolerated at the highest level of this or any other government. To continue to fail to deal with the past mistakes of this administration is to openly court disaster. And to accept the idea of no choice at all between candidates is to accept this farce as all that there can be: And this is to surrender everything the nation has worked toward for so many generations. We are not the people that won the right to be free, or the people that demanded the right to have a Republic. We aren't really much of anything at all, unless we begin now to fight for what others have earned for us with their lives, since the Revolution that gave this government its reason to be.
Either demand some changes now ­ or go silently into economic slavery, under the jackboots of enforced security, and the governmental brutalization that will remove all traces of personal preference, viability, or promise of any kind. It matters greatly who actually is the president of the United States of America because where there is no choice there can be no freedom. If we are winning the war on terror, why have we lost so much of everything that was still ours in 1999 ­ and how are we safer now that we have no protection from this arrogant and belligerent government that used to work for us instead of against us?



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