Mercenaries In Arab Dress
Attacking Najaf
The Illegal, Immoral Violence Against Muslims In Najaf

By Sam Hamod
The continued illegal and immoral violence against Muslims in Najaf is a terrible mark against America and its puppet government in Iraq. In truth, there is no legal government in Iraq at this time because it is made up entirely of exiles whom the American appointed to the Iraqi Governing Council, which then morphed into what the American government (which some still consider to be illegal because of the way the Bush administration took the election through Katherine Harris' machinations in Florida and then the Republican Supreme Court then approved of the illegal machinations) now calls, "the Iraqi government". Of course, the docile American media continues using the Bush team's leads, so they too call it, "the Iraqi government."
Add to these lies that it is supposedly "Iraqi troops" who are aiding the Americans, and you have the complete lie because there are over 10,000 mercenaries now operating in Iraq that are known to Arab observers, but many more who have donned Arab clothing and are also part of this group attacking Najaf--because no Muslim would dare attack the Najaf Holy City or its revered Shrine of Ali Mosque. Yet, the attack goes on, with the puppet government saying, "We have told the troops not to fire on the Ali Shrine or to go close to it." Yet, the Americans and the mercenaries are firing on the shrine and on the Muslims who are protecting their holy sites.
Just imagine the outcry in America if someone attacked the Vatican, or attacked the Jewish Wailing Wall. America would be the first to be up in arms. But, in this case, it is America who is behind this sacrilege.
All the Arab and Muslim countries in the world have warned the U.S. and its allies, and have pleaded with the U.S. to desist--as have most of the nations of the UN. But, to no avail.
The killing of Muslims goes on in the name of "freedom and democracy". What hypocrisy! What criminal behavior!
Because of what America is now doing in Iraq, in Najaf especially, and in Iraq as a whole, there is no alternative but to have the world to charge George W. Bush with war crimes and take him before the International Court at the Hague, along with his puppet PM in Iraq, Iyad Allawi.
Further, I recommend that all Muslim and Arab countries should call their ambassadors back from Washington, DC in protest and break off trade with the U.S. This also means that they should stop shipping oil to America. Yes, even though America is my country, I openly declare that this administration does not represent the American people. If they knew only half of the terrorism that the American troops and their mercenary allies are inflicting on the Iraqi population, they would rise up and throw Bush out of office with an instant recall petition because the Senate and the Congress don't have the guts to do it.
No, I am not advocating violence, only that somehow, the Arab and Muslim nations now have a responsibility to stop this American aggression in Najaf and in Iraq; if they don't then they will be seen as an impotent group that calls into question their inability to represent themselves as Muslims and as Arabs. Of course, leading Arab and Muslim intellectuals have long said this--but, I for one, am still hopeful that they can pull themselves together to stop this massacre, this destruction of Iraq that is taking place before their very eyes.
They must also do this very soon because the puppet regime under Allawi, being directed by U.S. Ambassador, Negroponte, have forbidden independent journalists from coming into Najaf--only allowing "embedded journalists" those rights--but at this time, the only embedded journalists are those who are the lackeys of the U.S. military or of the puppet Iraqi thugs.
What this means is that there will be atrocities against the Muslims who are defending Najaf and the Ali Shrine--but because there will be no independent journalists there, it will not be told or shown to the world. Already, Al Jazeera has been closed down in Iraq because they told the TRUTH.
As I pointed out in an article yesterday, we have been shown the terrible disaster in Florida in detail, but there is a much bigger disaster in Iraq and it is not being shown to us, all we see are the F16s, Apaches, the tanks and the Humvees rolling along, shelling, dropping bombs and plumes of smoke and fire--but no details, no twisted wreckage, twisted and torn bodies and the destruction of a country, a people.
It is time for all good men to stand up, and this means in the Muslim world, the Arab world and in America to say, "No more, No more, No more--and let it be heard in the UN, in the Congress and in the Senate of the U.S. If not, then these black days will go down in history against the American government of GW Bush and our government, Republican and Democrat and will show the impotence and lack of resolve in the Arab and Muslim government of the world.
Dr. Sam Hamod is the Director of The National Islamic Center in Washington, DC (retired), former editor of 3rd World News, former advisor to the State Department, an expert on the Middle East and Islam; he may be reached at
From Jim Oberg
Dear Dr. Hamod:
"Just imagine the outcry in America if someone attacked the Vatican, or attacked the Jewish Wailing Wall. America would be the first to be up in arms. But, in this case, it is America who is behind this sacrilege."
Did I only imagine armed Moslems seizing the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, fortifying it with their armaments, engaging in gun battles, using convenient paper for toilet paper, and -- tell me again, how would Christians respond to such sacrilege?
Genuinely curious,
jim o
Alton Raines
Maybe when we see Islamic moderates and even fundamentalists standing up and crying "No More! No More!" to the terrorists and psychotics who, in the name of their God and religion and people, behead innocent people and destroy and defile holy places with unholy acts which almost always place innocent muslims in the position of being human shields against their will, more people here and the world over will stand up in agreement. I'm tired of radical workers of violence being painted as poor, oppressed muslims. It's just nonsense!



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