961 Child Rapes A Day
In South Africa

From Fred Rundle
With only a population of 40,000 people in the small town of Theunissen, six children are are raped there every week. It must be made clear, all the rapes are committed by Blacks.
If you have six babies being raped every week in a small town of only 40,000 people, it means that 312 babies are being raped there EVERY YEAR. This amounts to .78% rapes of the population occuring there alone. That also means that in our Black ruled, sick South Africa, 961 child rapes occur every day. Shockingly, 40 children, some of them babies as young as six months old, are being raped by these depraved beasts every minute during every 24 hour day cycle. Very few of these perpetrators face prosecution under this government of criminals, for the criminals.
The above does not take into account the fact that many child and other rapes, are not being reported. Therefore, these rape statistics are only a fraction of what is actually taking place every day.
Adult rapes are far more prevelant and frequent, and those statistics will make shocking reading! However, according to the the SABC broadcasts and the press, there is very little crime in South Africa. They are in denial, just as Thabo Mbeki is in denial about the existence of Aids, claiming that he does not know anybody with Aids.
And all the lemmings are marching in step over the cliff into the abyss, because their Judas Goat dominees are pointing them in that direction, whilst they joyfully sing their praises. As long as they are given their beloved multi-racial rugby, cricket and their six packs, they stay subdued. They don't realise, or care, if their children and loved ones are systematically being killed by the Black beasts who are busy with ethnic cleansing.
Six To Ten Small Children Raped In Theunissen Each Week Says Doctor
Case Nr 336/04, Regional court, Theunissen, Free State:
Cuban doctor Arial Torres testified in a rape case this week that he has to treat a weekly six to ten small children aged from five to seven years for rape in the small Free State town of Theunissen alone... (pop.40,000)
He was testifying in the trial of local youth, 14-year-old Johannes Masedi, who was charged with raping a six-year-old girl. Masedi testified that he "did not know the rape was wrong". The case has been postponed to 21 July 2004.
And Theunissen is not the only town in South Africa with such terrifying problems -- of Welkom's six regional courts, half now primarily deal with such so-called "sex crimes" -- the word given to these courts by the ANC regime, even though rape has nothing at all to do with "sex": rape instead is the male's ultimate expression of a deep-seated hatred of all females, of whatever age they may be.
The tens of thousands of baby-rapes now routinely taking place in South Africa are also caused by the ongoing claims of so-called "traditional healers" that raping virginal children would cure Aids-sufferers...
· Meanwhile the Department of Health nor the Police Department are failing to address this problem aggressively or pro-actively by, for instance, arresting such "traditional healers" for inciting baby-rapes.
· Not surprising really, since the Department of Health's stated mission is: "To provide a comprehensive support service to the Minister of Health in her political and parliamentary activities..".
· Whatever happened to providing a pro-active health service to the South African population - which should include an aggressively pro-active campaign to demand the arrests of any and all "traditional healers" who are continuing to earn huge amounts of cash with their tragically-deadly "medical advice"?
· Instead, the SA Health Department has co-opted such "traditional healers" into service, and they are even allowed to ply their vicious trade in state-controlled health facilities....



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