Phoenix, AZ: Incredible New
Footage - 3 Video Clips

From Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
Date: July 31, 2004
Time: Between 12:30 to 2:30
On July 31, 2004 I went to my office parking garage and did a stakeout there between 12:30 to 2:30. Between these times I can almost guarantee a sighting in the same general area around these times. A hot spot as we say. I noticed chemtrails being formed in this general area and when these are formed I can usually find a UFO at or around that vicinity. I was there for about an hour and decided to do a walk around because I didn't see anything yet and as luck would have it I noticed a strange formation of lights or orbs to the North.
They were moving West which was against the wind that day so I knew this was something worth taping. The objects never got any higher from the beginning of the sighting to the end but the sighting was only about 2 minutes long. I started to video tape them after a few seconds of looking through the binoculars just to make sure it was worth taping. It was. I was in a parking garage with my camera on the tripod but the objects started to go out of view and I had to go on the roof to see them. By the time I ran up 2 stories it was impossible to find where they went and that was the last I saw of those objects. A few minutes go by and I saw something coming in from the West where the string of lights were heading towards and this object was a silvery-black metallic and moving very fast towards the Southeast. I started to tape it and I noticed that it was turning over and spinning and reflecting the sunlight so you can tell it was metallic. The object was picking up speed and heading in the direction of the chemtrails (Southwest).
It kept a straight line, it never bobbed up or down, slowed down or did anything erratic. I did notice a red distortion around the object when I played back the video though. After a minute of taping this I lost it somehow when I was trying to get a better view. It was going pretty fast.
I have to say that I was very excited and decided to hang around a little longer just to see if it came back. About 10 minutes later I noticed a white orb by the chemtrail that was formed when I got to the office about an hour ago. I taped the orb until it went over my head and out of sight. It could have been 10,000 ft or higher. I could have went on the roof again but it was hot and I decided to stay in the shade. It didn't matter because as soon as the orb went over my head I noticed a second orb getting ready to drift into the chemtrail. I taped it and it went through the trail from the left and came out the right side. It's so obvious that these are not planes, helicopters or balloons. You can see this for yourself on the video and the events that led up to the orbs in the trails. I lost that orb trying to get a better view, probably went into the trail and I couldn't see it anymore.
The orbs are white and difficult to see which is still amazing to me that I can see them at all. This area that I go to is a hot hot spot. I sent you many video clips from this location. It's right by Sky Harbor International Airport! Why would we be flying experimental aircraft over a heavy populated area and by the airport? Or are we? I have no explanation as to what these are but it's all over the area. I am sending you some clips through several emails in the order this happened. That was on Saturday...wait till you see what I taped on Sunday...more to come. Thank you.
Thank you to the gentleman for the excellent footage, still and the report.
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