ZERO Tolerance Or Catch 22
There is a new standard in America for everything from entertainment to banking, from law enforcement to politics ­ it's the Catch 22 of American society ­ and it's called ZERO Tolerance.
The reason there were always choices in courtrooms, on the streets, and in all legal proceedings is that circumstances can vary widely, and the conditions that can lead to violations of law or civil codes can be as different as the people who are charged in each case. But America is no longer in the mood to deliver on the promises her officers and administrators have sworn to uphold. Forget the differences, forget the injustices this creates ­ zero tolerance is the answer to everything.
Why do we have courts or judges, if there are no differences to be adjudicated? Why do we have political leaders, supervisors, lawyers, doctors or teachers ­ when we can simply pass the burdens of compliance on, to those accused of any infraction, or who were unaware that there was a prohibition against whatever they are now assumed to be guilty of?
Since this has become the case-why not take the country to the next step. Fire all the people, we employ to maintain the machinery of government and let machines make all the choices for us. This way we'd need no complex courtroom confrontations, instead everything would be butt simple, just like US Foreign Policy. "You're either for us or against us." You either did it or you didn't ­ no exceptions, no appeal! Think of the money the government could save. No more judges, no more trials, no more complicated appeals and pesky evidence to fool around with. No need for double-dealing lawyers, prosecutors or overburdened defense attorneys or corrupt cops. Let automated cameras cover every inch of life. Then we could make the courts into really simple television fare for the masses-on the order of the Roman Coliseum. "Did he do it? - Thumbs up or thumbs down" "Did she exceed the speed limit ­ yes or no!" Think of the savings, of course we would no longer have a society ­ but then we haven't had one of those for quite awhile now anyhow.
This is not just sarcasm. Look at what happens with your bank, with your government, in fact everything that has to do with your money. It's really not yours any longer, you get to rent it sometimes, you can attempt to challenge what is happening to it ­ but there is no real appeal without a massive contribution to the lawyers ­ so what's the point?
Government and the privatized transnational corporations have adopted the same mantra. "Get in line, keep your head down, question nothing and maybe we'll let you survive." On the other hand if you "Question everything, challenge those things that need to be challenged, and attempt to get what is yours by right ­ then you will be ground into that unholy dust that is composed of the remnants of what was once yours, in theory anyhow.
Given that this new Lockstep-Compliance has become our way of life ­ why not dispense with all further pretense and just have one law unto itself ­ ZERO Tolerance! This way every infraction can be immediately punished, no questions will be answered, no challenges accepted, and there will be no appeals, to anything but the natural laws of a universe that will soon begin to crush this most arrogant of societies, the one we still call the United States of America.
Too fantastic? Think about it: and remember the immortal phrases emblazoned in our minds, from the words of George Orwell's '1984.' "War is Peace ­ Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength." To these hallmarks of double-speak the Bush administration has added some obscenities of their own: "Promises are Prosperity ­ Bankruptcy is Wealth and of course; Lies are Truth!" Are these not the new hallmarks of society today?
If you listen carefully you can just hear the bullhorns in the distance: "Get in Line ­ eyes front, no talking, violators will be penalized! Now MARCH!" If you're driving, get in line and stay there, if you're waiting for a plane, or a teller, get in line and shut up. If you laugh at any of this you will be arrested on suspicion of whatever, be thrown into an isolation cell, possibly be deported, or maybe just held indefinitely without charges or access to either lawyers or family: courtesy of the US Department of Injustice in cooperation with the US Department of HOMELAND security, our new parental organization that simply hates us, every one, for being!
Where are we going? Why to the camps of course, but before that happens we need to be relieved of every shred of decency that's still ours to command. Self-respect, pride and independence will be the last to formally go ­ most of that is already gone but the blind and deaf among us will not see or hear about anything to do with that.
Witness the Gung-HO among us who "believe in the unchallengeable military might of the Armed Forces of the United States of America." Well those people might want to ask their government which country is making our super secret and most powerful weapons, along with all our military uniforms, as well as most US flags ­ that would be China ­ the same country with which we have a huge imbalance of payments and yet China seems to be the major nation that Bush & the Bandits are about to attack, just to flex their military might.
Then there's our ammunition, it seems that US firms can no longer keep up with the demand for US bullets ­ Israel is going to help us out with that little problem. There's also a lack of willing bodies for our military. It seems that roughly 40 % of our front-line troops are not Americans ­ yet. They are aliens who will become Americans if they survive military service, if not, well at least they won't count as US casualties. Whose military is this anyhow? The party line from the Department of Defense is one of bravado, heroic patriotism, and tremendous human sacrifice-all of which would not be taking place, if we had not rushed into these two wars without any justification whatsoever. However all of this conventional warfare stuff is ancient history already. USA International Inc. has moved on to a whole new idea of warfare, it's called Summer Pulse, and we're in the middle of the first formal exercise now:
Now here's the Catch 22: What would happen if we applied this same inflexibility of Zero Tolerance to our politicians, our institutions, and to all the services that 'serve' or steal from us so regularly? One mistake and they're history ­ NO exceptions, NO appeals. Lie to the public, no need for a costly time consuming public trial, just thumbs up or thumbs down: preferably on mass media television, with the audience deciding interactively in every case. In six months we could clean up government, eliminate all corruption, outlaw all violence, and restrict every personal freedom that we've come to enjoy over the last 200 plus years (because all JOY would obviously also be totally prohibited).
We might also lose literature, free speech, entertainment of all types, and all our precious rights to privacy, plus everything that might have any edge to it, or any remote possibility of difference in this new world that will be only gray in all its undertakings. But hey-we would have finally achieved complete ZERO Tolerance, in every aspect of our lives, and saved a ton of money in the bargain!
Of course we'd also be complete zombies, incapable of thought or questions, and we'd be completely beholden to whatever was running the system of ZT (Zero Tolerance). But at last we'd be clear, no more ambiguities about anything, no political parties needed, no religious differences, because religions look to higher authorities, no more bickering because everything would be clearly marked, including the money. Did I mention that all the new bills will be red, (for all that debt they represent) and the only pictures on the new bills will be Republicans, beginning with Nixon, and going forward to Bush the lesser. There will be no pesky pocket change to bother with, as that would be a complete waste of resources and time.
Only worthless paper money will be issued, and that will be completely controlled for all those earning under $50,000 a year ­ all others will function on a different system, made from all that they will have stolen from the majority of us. We won't need what was once ours any longer, as we will be living in workhouses or The Camps, as they will be formally called. Won't that be a great little system for this new USA International- Incorporated?
So whether it's Catch 22, or just Zero Tolerance, this situation is not sustainable, but so far at least, there seems to be very little on any horizon that might challenge the kinds of outcomes described above. If you think your situation differs from the above, try asking some questions of those "in authority" regarding any aspect of your life. After all: It's not a prison if you haven't tried the door. You might be surprised to learn that the above is far truer than you might want to believe.



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