Why I Fear Toutatis
By Michael Goodspeed
September 29th, 2004: St. Michael's Day: The name of this Archangel means "who is like unto God." In the Old Covenant he is made known to us as the "great prince," the protector of the children of Israel (Dan. 12, 1). Through the New Testament the Church continues this patronage of Michael (Apoc. 12, 7) and has always venerated him as the guardian angel of the kingdom of Christ on earth, as the heavenly leader in the fight against all enemies of God.
September 29th, 2004: The official projected date for asteroid TOUTATIS'S near-approach to planet Earth.
"The discoverers named the asteroid after a Celtic/Gallic god whose name is invoked often in the well known comic book series 'Les Aventures d'Asterix,' set in ancient Gaul. Toutatis is the protector of Asterix and his compatriots, who fear nothing except that someday the sky may fall on their heads." From NASA's official data page on asteroid TOUTATIS,
As the birth of civilization began its first tenuous contractions, as Kingship rose, nations formed, and the blissful epoch of the Golden Age was relegated to unconscious memory, the predominant emotion of homo sapien was undoubtedly fear - specifically, fear of judgment disposed upon the earth from vengeful gods who reigned in the heavens. Millennia have passed since these gods ruled the skies, but fear of their wrath has never fully left us.
Ancient cultures lived in constant terror of death from above - from towering giants who battled in the heavens and nearly ended the world; from the vengeful mother goddess who could turn a man to stone with a single baleful glare; from the fire-breathing dragon whose searing breath once threatened to scorch the earth. (See
Homo sapien has overcome his "superstitious" terrors of these biologically improbable entities, but when he gazes upon the heavens and ponders the unseen and unknowable, even the most rational man has legitimate reason to fear.
In recent years, the Western world's awareness of cosmic threats - asteroids, comets, meteorites, solar ejectas - has become more focused, in part due to Hollywood films like Armageddon and Deep Impact. While Hollywood often ignores science and even the laws of physics in dramatizing these potential catastrophes, these dangers are real enough to require no embellishment to arouse fear.
Indeed, it those who best understand the science of cosmic catastrophe who have been most vocal in sounding the alarms of concern. As Dr. Andrew Cheng, Project Scientist for the first robotic landing on an asteroid, stated in his testimony to the Presidential Commission on Moon, Mars and Beyond: "...the...reason we need to study asteroids is that there is a great natural hazard associated with asteroid impact that every few hundred thousand years you can expect an impact that would have a destructive energy, something like global nuclear war. Simultaneous detonation of all the nuclear weapons on earth. We don't know when the next one of these impacts will occur." (Source:
Since 1995, NASA's NEO (Near Earth Objects) project has identified a total of 2788 Near Earth Asteroids, and 712 asteroids that are considered "large" (over 1 KM in diameter.) Of all the "large" asteroids detected to date, perhaps none is cause for more legitimate concern than asteroid 4179, otherise known as Toutatis.
Discovered in 1989 by a French astronomer, Toutatis is named after a Celtic/Gallic god whose name is invoked often in the well known comic book series 'Les Aventures d'Asterix,' set in ancient Gaul. Toutatis is the protector of Asterix and his compatriots, who fear nothing except that someday the sky may fall on their heads. (From NASA's official data page on asteroid TOUTATIS,
At 3 miles length and 1.5 miles width, Toutatis is every bit as enormous as the fictional, "earth-killer" asteroids in recent Hollywood films. The plane of Toutatis's orbit is closer to the plane of the Earth's orbit than any other known several-kilometer Earth-orbit-crossing asteroid, or ECA. (See above link.)
Reading NASA's comments on this asteroid is enough to bring a cold chill to anyone's blood. In addition to its colossal size, NASA writes that Toutatis "has one of the strangest rotation states yet observed in the solar system. Instead of spinning about a single axis as do the planets and the vast majority of asteroids, it 'tumbes' somewhat like a football after a botched pass. Its rotation is the result of two different types of motion with periods of 5.4 and 7.3 Earth days that combine in such way that Toutatis's orientation with respect to the solar system never repeats." (See above link.)
Toutatis passes through our solar system every 3.98 years, with its most recent approach (in 2000) bringing it to within 29 lunar distance of the earth. On September 29th, 2004, Toutatis is projected to pass within a mere 4 lunar distances of the earth...or 963,000 miles. Astronomers consider 2.4 million miles to be a "near-miss" for any near earth object.
Toutatis has been the subject of a recent internet frenzy. I must personally take at least partial and somewhat dubious credit for this. In March of this year, I emailed talk show host Jeff Rense my account of a conversation I had with a man who claimed to have "inside info" on our government's knowledge of Toutatis. In the summer of 2003, I met a person in Mesa, AZ, who claimed to have worked on a "secret missile defense" project in Alaska, which was specifically designed to thwart an incoming asteroid. This person claimed that our government was aware of the "arrival" date for said asteroid: September 29th, 2004. He said that the asteroid had been named after a "Celtic god" in accordance with the Celitc holiday St. Michael's Day, celebrated every year on September 29th.
The forecast this person offered for Toutatis's "impact" was extremely bleak. He claimed that the only purpose of this "missile defense project" was to insure that Earth would be hit with "buckshot instead of a slug." In other words, to shatter Toutatis into as many small fragments as possible. He even went so far as to state that a wise person would avoid the Northern Hemisphere come September.
I have never claimed to wholly take this person at his word, nor have I encouraged anyone else to do so. Although I do not believe this person was lying to me, I can also say that he probably would not have been in a "need to know position" which would have made him directly privy to highly classified information. Rather, I think he probably learned of Touatis on his own and extrapolated the purpose of this "missile defense" project independently. However, he made an excellent point when he said that Alaska would not be a logical strategic location for any missile defense technology designed to thwart nuclear attack from our most likely enemies, China and North Korea.
After my discussion with this person, I immediately did a Google word search utilizing keywords "september 29" "asteroid" and "celtic." At the time, I did not find anything. It was not until after Jeff Rense posted my account that several people emailed me the link to NASA's official data page on Toutatis.
I am not a person who believes it is acceptable or even moral to sound the alarms of Doomsday without justification. In fact, for the past 5 years, I have been one of the most vocal critics of Doomsday proponents in the world of talk radio and internet conspiracy theory. As I've said before, we have enough legitimate problems in the here and now without the distraction of scare-mongers and self-serving opportunists screaming that the sky is falling. But on a purely personal note, I can tell you that when I look ahead to Toutatis's arrival, my gut reaction is not just trepidation or concern...but genuine fear. Fear for myself, fear for the entire human race.
I don't claim that all of my reasons for this fear are logical or even scientific. I am NOT a scientist, and I do not know the statistical likelihood of Toutatis causing us any direct harm. But I can point to anecdotal data that I have come across over the past several years and particularly the last few months which leads me to believe that Toutatis might be a serious problem.
Potential cosmic threats are always a source of internet fodder, and the last several months witnessed a large frenzy over alleged intelligence of an impending meteorite impact. On January 26th of 2004, a ham radio operator intercepted a transmission on a military frequency between a party identified as SNOWBALL NET and another station. This transmission offered an ominous sounding "countdown" to an event in which was supposedly to take place in June. The transcript of this transmission has been posted on numerous websites. It reads as follows:
SNOWBALL NET: Snowball Net comms check. All stations, clock sync, (pause) impact at minus 146 days, 5 hours UTC. Standby for ACC link (could have been ACD).
Burst of digital data
Burrow: SNOWBALL This is BURROW (could be Burro as in donkey). You are not securerepeat not securego greengo green
The use of the word "impact" caused many people to assume that "SNOWBALL NET" was referring to an impending asteroid or meteorite strike.
Shortly after this was posted on the internet (, a person calling himself "Aussie Bloke," claiming to be an Australian astronomer, came forward with alleged "inside info" on this message. Aussie Bloke, largely through the website, projected a series of dire predictions for the month of June. He claimed that we would see a series of 4 progressively larger impacts, culminating in a major, catastrophic impact near the end of June. He also spun a tale of government conspiracy, world domination, and martial law which led many to scoff at his "credibility."
The Aussie Bloke tale is one of the more ridiculously convoluted internet sagas to come along in years, even rivaling the EQ Pegasi/Paul Dore/Richard Hoagland fiasco from 1998. That was the year an alleged intelligent signal was captured from the constellation Pegasus which foretold of an alien visitation that was to occur in Phoenix, AZ. Like EQ Pegasi, the Aussie Bloke/SNOWBALL story features an alleged identity theft, individuals taking credit for hoaxing, and then reneging on these claims. A group calling itself "The Monitors" claimed to have created Aussie Bloke...then apparently immediately withdrew the claim. (Source:
Lost in all of this convoluted drama was the most critical evidence of all, perhaps the only evidence that mattered: In the month of June, a series of METEORITE IMPACTS occurred in much the manner that Aussie Bloke outlined. A baseball sized impact in the state of impact the size of a "canned ham" which crashed through a home in New Zealand...and then an alleged HOUSE-SIZED meteorite which was reported by numerous news agencies to have landed in, of all places, AUSTRALIA. Then, on June 20th, a report came from Rumor Mill News author Cliff Mickelson of "an unprecendented meteor shower" in the state of Washington. Mickelson wrote: "It began with a rapid fire overture of meteors. One after another, they blazed and burned with increasing fury across the sky. From out of the southern heavens, a rain of rocks from distant worlds hurtled down to a Viking's funeral above the earth...One, two, sometimes even as many as five meteors a minute, provided a ceaseless pyrotechnic display...Not too bad for a night when no official meteor storm was on the program!..."
Mickelson and a group of friends also spotted what a he described as a number of UFOs: "The object quickly sped off across the firmament and behind it came more! One after the other, we counted the emerging and brilliantly white objects as they dispersed in all directions across a night sky illuminated by a continuing backdrop of fiery rocks from the stars. In all, my group counted 25 UFO's in the space of 10 minutes." (Full story:
Call it coincidence or something more...but Mickelson's sighting occurred precisely on the date of the alleged "impact" projected by the original SNOWBALL NET broadcast.
No honest person can claim to have any definitive conclusions about this drama. All we can do is ask questions. First of all, if Aussie Bloke is for real, why did he claim the identity of a real scientist (Dr. Gartrell) who has come forward and denied that he is AB? If AB is NOT real, then what are we to make of the SNOWBALL intercept? The series of meteorite impacts over the last three weeks are not a subjective matter; indeed, they count as the ONLY concrete evidence in this whole sordid affair. Try and remember a time when the word "meteorite" has found its way into mainstream news stories three times in three weeks...and you likely can't. If this is all a coincidence...then why does it feel so contrived?
Which brings me back to the issue of Toutatis. On Saturday, June 19th, I was a guest on the Clyde Lewis radio show in Portland, OR ( An astronomer named "Bill" called the show, and I asked him the following question: "Is it possible that these impacts we are seeing are actually stray pieces of Toutatis ALREADY coming into our orbit?" His response, immediate and confident, was "Absolutely."
My next question is this: Is it possible that the AB exercise, as well as the SNOWBALL communication, was done as a PSY OP to gauge public reaction to a potential devastating impact (i.e. Toutatis)?
We know what NASA's policy is for informing the public of potential earth impacts from space...and that is, say nothing until the threat HAS ALREADY PASSED. When a Near Earth Object is detected a day or a week before crossing earth's orbit, NASA does not issue press releases saying: "Er, we're sorry to be telling you this, but there's a chance that a good number of you will die a fiery death tomorrow. There's absolutely nothing we or anyone else can do about this, but we just thought you'd like this information." It is difficult for anyone to argue against the validity of NASA's policy. Unless science could pinpoint the PRECISE location of an impact (which it can't), and the populated area could be evacuated in time to avoid disaster, nothing could be gained by sharing such intelligence.
But let's speculate that Toutatis could create a scenario similar to the one in the film Deep Impact, where intelligence of the impending doom was accidentally leaked to the public. What could the goverments of the world do next? In Deep Impact, a national "lottery" was performed to select a lucky few who would be taken underground in lime-encased caves, to ride out the impact and carry on the human race. Do such provisions exist in the real world? And if they do, would the United States or any other government use them? At the risk of sounding almost pathologically paranoid, I do not totally dismiss the possibility that the alleged New World Order wouldn't mind seeing a huge chunk of the population efficiently disposed of, so that the few who were left would be more easily controllable.
As I stated earlier, the evidence I am citing as my source of FEAR is anecdotal...but I don't believe I'm grasping for straws or repsonding to vapors. The threat of global devastation from asteroids and comets is not only real...but according to the most accredited of scientists, it is INEVITABLE. How many times have we been told by NASA that it is not a question of IF the next great impact will occur...but WHEN?
I will leave you with the most anecodtal evidence I have come across which leads me to believe that we are headed towards a watershed moment, for our planet and our species, in September of this year. For over 5 years, I have been a close friend and colleague of David John Oates, the founder and developer of Reverse Speech. I am a certified Reverse Speech Investigator, and I have been studying David's work closely since the mid 1990's. It is one "reversal" in particular that David discovered which makes the hair on the nape of my neck stand on end every time I hear it.
In 1998, a pair of NASA scientists were guests on a late-night paranormal talk show discussing a number of controversial topics. The disucssion shifted to the issue of asteroids and other cosmic threats. One of the scientists, Ray Vellard, stated in his forward speech: "...what we're doing now is starting on the right path which is to catalogue and identify all the earth crossing comets that could threaten the earth..."
And in reverse, Mr. Vellard clearly states:
"Nuke it. They're all saying it's out there. Hear the law / I give up. So give human error."
(To hear all of DJO's reversals on the NASA "secret space program," visit
While some may scoff at RS's credibility as an intelligence gathering tool...Oates's track record for predicting future events is intriguing, to say the least. One example: In 1998, David found a reversal on President Clinton which stated, "Had sex wth an Oregon madame." It was over SIX MONTHS later that Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky became public...and Ms. Lewinsky was a student at Lewis and Clark college in OREGON at the time of the affair.
Like I said, I am aware of Reverse Speech's track record for predicting future events...and I AM AFRAID.
How you choose to feel is up to you.
The description I offered for St. Michael's day was taken directly from the following link:



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