Top Secret Military Bunker
Visited By UFO

From Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
Howdy Brian,
Personally, I have seen many things and there is definitely life out there - however, I'll just write about what my brother told me some 15 years ago.
My brother (name removed) is now sleeping in the ground due to a leaking nuke that was wheeled in on him and his crew - he died slowly for 15 years or so. Many on his crew never walked out of the room alive and a few did not last as long as my brother. However, all are sleeping now and can no longer speak about their experiences.
My brother's job kept him underground most the time and seldom did he ever know where he was working - or where on the planet he was. He was Top Secret classified and was not allowed to talk about much concerning his job. However, he told us once about a special sighting while in a bunker that had fourteen foot thick walls and ceilings.
I believe this may have occurred in Maine, one of the few times he knew where he was. He and his crew saw over the base looking out one of the few windows and said there was a vessel that was hovering over the base about 100 feet. It was humming at first and just hovering - then the humming began to become louder and louder and forceful.
After a short time the vibrations actually began to crack the walls in the bunker. Then the vessel just floated off a ways, and then at a very high rate of speed left (their) view.
Thank you to the person for telling me this story.
On a personal note, I am very sorry to hear about his brother.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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