New US Crop Circle - Utah
From Nancy Talbott - BLT Research
Location: Spanish Fork, UTAH
Date Found: Sunday, June 27, 2004 (by landowner's son)
Date Formed: Most likely night of June 26-27 (according to landowner's son)
Crop: Barley
Description: A pictogram-style formation comprised of four variously-sized ringed circles, connected by pathways. The NE ringed circle has 5 short pathways or "prongs" extending from it. Overall length approx. 200 ft. Flattened circles range in size between 11 - 31 ft. and two of them are decidedly elliptical, with center swirls markedly off-center. There are no tramlines in this field and the plants are seeded closely together, making it impossible for the fieldworkers to walk through the crop without leaving a trail. Owner's son reports no visible sign of entry (no damaged crop and no footprints in the damp soil) on Sunday morning when he discovered it.
BLT field-team reports the following: No compass anomalies noted. Apical node-length changes are subtle and plant samples were obtained to evaluate this parameter. No expulsion cavities seen. Magnet drag around one of the circles retrieved some magnetic material, but the soil was quite damp and so surface soil samples were taken from the other 3 circles for evaluation in the lab. The full protocol for the new BLT mycorrhizal fungi study, including surface and core soil samples, was carried out.
Landowner's son reported that his cell phone failed to work in, and near, the formation on Sunday. BLT fieldworkers report that, while trying to photograph lay details on Tuesday, they had to replace 3 sets of batteries (4 batteries each time) in their camera. A local witness has also reported unusual aerial light phenomena, but this report has not yet been confirmed.
Farm owner Paul Prior has now posted his property with "NO TRESPASSING" signs and has requested that the public not enter his field. [BLT has suggested, as we always do, that he consider mowing a pathway into and around the formation so that the public can participate after paying a fee, but he has apparently decided not to follow this option.]
More details will be offered as soon as the fieldteam has had time to organize their notes and conduct further interviews. A brief report on this formation did appear in the Daily Herald newspaper (<> on June 29th and the photo attached to this email is from the paper's Photo Gallery - photo #305.
Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.



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