The Truths That
Can't Be Told

By Kirwan
Today, there are some truths that apparently cannot be told. This country had a reputation once for bravery and for freedom, but now it seems we live in the Home of the Free ­ No Longer Brave. We have fought in countless wars through the years, and in those wars we killed millions, and we have lost millions of our own people. This was the literal military record of our history until Bush was appointed dictator: Then less than a year later we experienced a crime of such magnitude that it brought the nation to a standstill.
Since that day, no more attacks have followed in that vein. We, on the other hand have launched two wars both based solely on lies, on misdirection, and disinformation that have killed 12 to 15,000 people at a minimum. Now we are poised to expand our war-making powers to include the Far East,4386,259015,00.html
as well as having laid our plans for renewed hostilities in the Middle East.
In neither of these coming events has there been any real threat to this country, or any official provocation that would require any US military action whatsoever. Still we are about to implement this final stage, in what can only be seen as the onset of The War Without End.
Balanced against our direct actions, one needs to look at what we've done to determine the facts behind 911, to protect this nation's future, and to create a sustainable society for all of us to live in. The investigation was stonewalled for three years, then that turned into a graywash because real questions were never asked of those who knew the answers. To "protect" us the government chose to take away our rights, to confiscate our freedoms, and to begin intimidation and subjugation on a national scale not seen before, under any American administration. And as for the country and our society, that was scraped ­ the money went instead into the costs of military hardware for our coming wars that will consume everything we have, as well as everything we ever hope to earn.
IF we were either brave or free, how could we have let this happen? Are we so frightened of something so mythical in nature, that we are willing to give up everything that so many millions gave their lives to protect ­ without even a discussion of any other way to handle this situation? Bush is a man not a god, he needs to answer for all his actions.
We, the forthright and outspoken American people ­ have in effect chosen to hide under our beds, and give all responsibility to this completely corrupt bunch of power-hungry individuals who say they represent us-when in fact they only represent themselves. How is it that Americans seem to completely miss the fact that: There have been no more attacks­and yet we are spending money on virtually nothing else except security. All we get are the mumbled incoherence of Ridge and Ashcroft and their minions ­ continually warning of us impending doom. They have no information, they don't know who will do this, what targets might be hit, or when this will happen ­ but they are sure because they have "good intelligence" on that.
Would that be the same "good intelligence" that lied about every facet of the last three years? Are these the same super-secret agents and agencies that can't find their own posteriors with either hand? The public is so proud that we have not been fooled, and as proof we laugh at the color codes, and at all the talk of "Crying Wolf."
Yet look at what the government has done while we were buying into that. They've emptied the treasury Total US credit market debt (in just ONE year) is now at $34.625 TRILLION. Our military is demoralized, and the government has tried to cover all their failures with secrecy and flags that cannot hide the military losses: The brutal human costs of all this blood has been spent on nothing but the fantasies of cold-war fanatics, with no idea of anything beyond their putrid dreams of global power. A sidebar has been the complete loss of US credibility around the world. How does any of this speak to either the bravery or the freedom of Americans?
We have said that we are spreading freedom and democracy, when in fact we are doing everything we can to defeat those very concepts in all cases. We have crushed both of those bold premises, at home, and now we're well on the way to destroying any vestige of them overseas as well.
Other people are not blind to what we're trying to do, only the USA remains completely compliant to the perverted dreams of Cheney and Bush and Sharon. The World Court has seen it in Palestine, and they have ruled that the Wall of Separation is illegal, and must be removed. This administration sided with Israel in the recent 14 to 1 vote against the wall of separation. How "brave" was that?
Israel cited the deaths of hundreds of Israeli's as the reason for the wall, as though these deaths had occurred in a vacuum ­ when for every Israeli death there have been at least 10 Palestinians killed. So it's hundreds versus thousands and still we do not question anything. American Foreign Policy is firmly interlocked with Sharon's administration, in his one-sided view of what's wrong with everything today.
The world knows this is not the case, yet we the have allowed our money to flow by the Trillions into Israel to prop up that dictatorship. Israel is the one country that has defied the Atomic Energy watchdog commission, and will not discuss their nuclear weapons programs, or their armaments. Israel has defied over 60 United Nations resolutions. Even the US Congress is completely beholden to the Jewish State, in that no US congressional person can be re-elected here, unless they support current Israeli policies. That's a fact, unspoken, seldom reported on, but a fact nonetheless. Other countries know this, other peoples know it all too well, except the brave and free Americans ­ apparently we haven't got a clue!
What's the point of this tirade? Just this. We have spent ourselves into the poorhouse over these events that this government says are necessary because of 911. Yet there have been no further actions taken against in the years since 911. We have spent the fortunes of our great great grandchildren, to protect ourselves from a fairy tale, created and carried out by agents our own government in the name of others. 'Al-Qaeda' is a Manufactured Intelligence Front And because of the crimes committed on 911, we have bankrupted ourselves monetarily, morally, diplomatically, and militarily as well as in the physical world that once respected what we stood for. All this in just the last three years.
The dictatorial forces that now run this government, want to pull the same tricks at the ballot box that they've used so successfully in congress to pass legislation by extending the voting time to well past the deadline to vote on legislation. This is being discussed as a legal way to postpone national elections in November, in order to ensure the election of Bush for another term.
Proud free people would not be deterred by an attack, but would be bolstered by such an event-so where's the point to a postponement? Besides Bush has promised that this war will never end ­ so the question has to be asked: If this war is unending, when exactly will any future vote take place? Maybe the idea is to forget the elections, and just accept Bush as Dictator for Life?
The naked truth is that Americans have become cowardly in direct proportion to the excessive gains enjoined by the fortunate fifth in this country. Those in power now have not been given the right to govern by the people, but instead were awarded that power by decree, from a corrupted and compromised supreme court. In truth there is no compact between the citizens of this country and George W. Bush ­ who claims his privilege by the divine right that rules over gangsters and thugs: that is to steal whatever they so want with no other limitations than their own perverse desires. The truth is GWB has become a law unto himself. We no longer have any stake in what he chooses to do with our fortunes, our dreams or even our very lives. This is true because we have yet to ever seriously question anything that this imposter has attempted.
It's true that the media have played their part in all of this to the hilt ­ and that is in part why so few have questioned what has happened up till now. But beyond the corruption of the media, we must take responsibility for all that's happened in our names.
Bush has become our CEO, and we have been good little corporate citizens who neither hear, nor see, nor ever speak the truth of what is taking place within our little corporate shelter. It's really all about the M O N E Y and trying to insure that it never stops for us. The truth is we cannot think about those we've killed and maimed, to keep the revolving credit cards in motion, because if we did; we'd have to know that we are wrong in every sense, about every single thing we've done since we allowed this travesty to happen.
Either we are free or we are not. Either, we have the courage of our convictions, or we are slaves to the purposes of others. How we chose to deal with this is the order of the day. We must take a more realistic view of what the hell we're doing now, and how all that may well play out-unless we alter course.



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