Threats, Lies And Security
By Paula Devlin
Paul L. Williams claims ("Osama's Revenge") that nukes are already stateside and names 9 target cities. Homeland Security wrings its hands and cries "Alas and alack!"
Spymaster George Tenet weeps when announcing his resignation, proving to the world we are wimps, more concerned with our retirement funds than national security. It has been infiltrated since its inception.
The FBI chases its tail, acting cool like the characters in Men in Black. No one has reversed the damage done to it during the Clinton regime. It has been infiltrated since J. Edgar Hoover died.
The TSA (Transportation Security Agency) is everyman's introduction to our burgeoning police state. This officious pack of nit-pickers takes fingernail files away from grandmothers, concentrating on the "dots" instead of connecting them. One wonders if this is just another form of government welfare for some allegedly underprivileged class.
The Mexican military is allowed to attack our border patrol to provide cover for drug, slave traffic and weapons of mass destruction. No one on the east coast notices. There has not been a peep anywhere about the Mexican military helicopter that crossed the border at Columbus, NM, on February 10 and fired at least 70 rounds at the fleeing customs agents. It pursued them for 2-3 miles, plenty of time for a major haul to come across. If our government were not completely emasculated, it would have seen this as an act of war.
Drug-subsidized gangs, populated by illegals, terrorize cities. Drugs flow freely across our border, cash flows back. Could politicians and bureaucrats be on the take!!!
Diversity has become tribalism fueled by class envy. Hatred is the foundation of the Democratic platform.
Criminals (a.k.a. undocumented aliens) get free medical care while taxpayers suck up the bills. Children of these same criminals have billions lavished on their educations while Vicente Fox et alia laugh all the way to the bank.
La Raza members, instead of being indicted for treason, are funded by taxpayer dollars as they ply their power lust through college communities, promoting the notion that the southwest must be repatriated to Mexico.
Rural residents deal with greeniac terrorism, united with the UN and our government to nationalize (National Heritage Partnership Act, Endangered Species Act, etc.) every square inch of the US.
City slickers are willing dupes for sappy arguments about animal habitat, favoring animals, flowers and mosquitoes over human beings, the pinnacle of God's creation. The reintroduction of wolves and other predatory species is seen by urban dwellers as a positive thing. They don't have to live with the consequences of such decisions. They don't have a problem with making decisions about the habitat for people thousands of miles away while those affected are ignored and run off their land.
The news media is obsessed with people and feelings, having divorced itself from reality decades ago. Take away the weather, sports, traffic and presidential politics and there is no news. It's all filler, spiced up with a couple of murders and rapes, designed to make you believe it is important by the demeanor of the talking heads, but giving no adequate information upon which to make intelligent decisions.
When they do address illegal immigration, they focus on the Marxist nonsense that the lack of material possessions justifies stealing from those with more. Important issues, such as the immigration status of criminals, attacks on private property, the erosion of our national sovereignty and globalization are ignored.
Because of one alleged case of Mad Cow disease, the entire Department of Agriculture has been mobilized to implant cows with microchips to track their movements across the fruited plain. Personally, I don't believe there is any Mad Cow disease stateside. I suspect it is a government scheme to implement the UN Sustainable Development agenda.
If the government were sincere in its concern about the nation's health, it would chip all immigrants, starting with the prison population and all those arrested by INS and the Border Patrol. Catch and release would stop. Illegals are bringing far more dangerous diseases than any our bovines MIGHT carry. (Diseases such as e-coli 157 and salmonella are being pursued successfully.) Bubonic plague infests the prairie dog population in the Rocky Mountain states yet anti-human greeniacs stop their eradication based on "cuteness" arguments.
Folks, you are behaving as though you were living in a soap opera, assuming that everything will be OK, just like it was when you were a kid. All you have to do is turn off the TV and these nightmares will go away.
By time you figure out the party is over, you will be languishing in some detention camp in Alaska, hoping you freeze to death sooner than later.
This is the new world order. The next order of business will be the elimination of all those who cling to traditional morality and values. Our days are numbered. Better to return from battle on our shields than to carry them.
- Paula Devlin is a former New Englander who bolted to the Rocky Mountain West where the air is clear, the stars are brilliant and men still put their pants on one leg at a time.
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