Jews Against Zionism
Thank Jeff

From M. Katz
To the esteemed Jeff Rense:
In the name of the Almighty, the Holy Torah, and True Torah Jews we wish to express our appreciation to the esteemed Jeff Rense for his support, both moral and financial, of our efforts to inform the world that Zionists do not represent true Jewry.
Thanks to his generous offer to air our message during his radio program, for the first time the world press has begun to acknowledge our cause.
May the Almighty bless Mr. Rense and his family with good health, happiness, success and a long life in both worlds.
Rabbi Joseph Dershowitz
Rabbi Meyer Weberman
Rabbi Menashe Filipe
Rabbi Joseph Schmilovitz
Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss
Rabbi Jeremiah Teitelbaum
Mr. Russell Waxman
Henry Makow Ph.D.
High Game Enterprises
Winnipeg Canada
To whom it may concern:
I am the inventor of the party game Scruples and the author of four books. I have been a contributor to for almost ten years. I am Jewish, the son of holocaust survivors. My grandparents perished. My wife and family are Jewish. 
Historically, the vast majority of Jews were opposed to Zionism and preferred to assimilate. However, since WW2, Zionists have usurped the leadership of the Jewish people. 
A large minority, including myself, remain opposed to Zionism. We believe it is a fraudulent movement that puts Jews in jeopardy by creating Antisemitism. We believe our undivided loyalty should be to our country of residence. 
Over the years, Jeff has been fearless in posting criticism by Jews like myself. He has made the distinction between Zionists and Jews and eschewed comments that could be construed as racist.
Jews like myself are grateful to Jeff Rense for giving us a platform. 
Henry Makow
From: Gilad Atzmon
36 Heber Road London
Dear Jeff
I am following your activity for more than a decade and I must mention that your effort for peace is admirable.
I also must note that your attempt to give a platform to Jews who preach justice and ethics is exactly what we need in order to achieve peace in the Middle East.
As an ex Jew who was raised in Israel I do believe that criticism of Israel and world Zionism is the only peaceful means towards a change.
I would like to thank you for all you do
Gilad Atzmon
Anonymity Requested
Dear Jeff -
Judy Andreas' superb article reminds me I have been remiss in not writing the following to you earlier. I cannot tell you how much your sacrifice over the years is appreciated. YOU were the FIRST on national radio to speak out about Zionists being treacherous and how they hide behind the Jewish faith.
I have seen how you stood alone and presented the TRUTH...and took grievous punishment and abuse for it; how you were smeared on message boards and sites and other programs for years as a 'nazi' and an 'anti-semite' by sick, rabid maniacs and their sycophants who are hell bent on world domination and the destruction of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
I watched how they attacked your affiliates and your advertisers...scaring some of them off with threats of a 'national boycott' for airing your program. You've spoken about some of these things on your magnificent radio platform and on your site but have never once made an effort to paint yourself a hero. You never would.
And now, with people like the wonderful Ms. Andreas - and more and more legitimate reporters and writers beginning to take your lead - there may yet be some hope.
One can only imagine how lonely the road you traveled was. You truly walked through the valley of professional media death for all of us. And you survived. Yes, I have friends in the industry and know how you have been smeared, attacked and defamed by Zionists and their hate-driven dupes.
I am also a Jew and let me tell everyone, honest Jews have no better friend in the media on this planet than you, Jeff Rense. I don't know how you managed to survive in the face of such truly evil abuse, but you have never wavered and I cannot begin to adequately state how we are all so much the better for your incredible strength and courage.
You are, in my humble opinion, the most brave and principled journalist I have ever come across. God Bless, you sir! And know that millions love and respect you for your devotion to the truth.
Rabbi Joseph Dershowitz
Rabbi Meyer Weberman
Rabbi Menashe Filipe
Rabbi Joseph Schmilovitz
Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss
Rabbi Jeremiah Teitelbaum
Mr. Russell Waxman
From: A Former Zionist
Dear Rabbis & Mr. Waxman,
I just returned from vacation and was very pleased to read your letter.
I have known of Mr. Rense for many years and have followed his professional career closely.
It has been brought to my attention that there is the suggestion coming from a few extreme fanatic Zionists (or should we be direct and call them terrorists?) that Mr. Jeff Rense is somehow 'anti Semitic' or 'anti Jewish.'
NOTHING could be further from the truth.
Jeff is an anti-Zionist, as most of us Jews are.
I was born in Israel (Palestine then) to a well-known Jewish religious family. We are living in Israel for many generations; well before the Zionists infiltrated the Middle East. Jews and Moslems always lived in peace in Palestine until the Zionists came from Europe, massacred the Palestinians (Dir Yassin, etc.) and forced them to run away from their lands and get locked into the refugee camps across the borders for almost three generations.
Studying in a Jewish religious school in Tel Aviv, I was taught that the 'bad Arabs' conducted pogroms all over Palestine killing Jews. My family told me the opposite: we lived in Palestine in peace for generations with our Moslem brothers. When the Zionists started their pogroms (Dir Yassin), the Moslem acted in revenge and started their own pogroms, killing Jews. However, our Moslem friends actually saved the lives of our family by hiding us in their own houses at a risk to their own lives.
Being intellectually lazy, I never actually scrutinized during the first fifty years of my life what is really Zionism, like most Israelis I was told that I am a Zionist, I just believed all the lies I read in the Israeli press since the fifties. I was always surprised how for 50 years the Zionist organizations were manipulating the American Jews to squeeze money out of them.
Now that I started to re-study Zionist history, I was amazed how honest our Prime Minister David Ben Gurion was when he said: "Let us not ignore the truth among ourselves. Politically, we are the aggressors, and they defend themselves. The country is theirs, because they inhabit it whereas we want to come here and settle down, and in their view, we want to take away from them their country."
Any student of history knows that as early as 1915, Britain already promised Palestine to the Palestinians Arabs if they help in removing the Turks from Palestine. That promise was broken.
I was in the Israeli Air Force and later worked for the Israeli Defence Dept., as well as the Nuclear Physics Dept. in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Nuclear Reactor at the Wiezmann Institute Of Science. I know Israelis very well, as most of my friends are Israelis and/or Jewish. I can assure you that most of my friends are anti-Zionists, just like Mr. Rense.
Furthermore, over half of Israeli citizens will tell you that they are not Zionists and most embassies in Israel are flooded for the last few years with Israelis wishing to immigrate to other countries.
I know that Jeff is supported by many Jews around the world. I have introduced him to dozens of Jews in Israel and many other countries. He has interviewed on his radio program: Israeli professors from Tel Aviv University; a former member of the Israeli parliament (Knesset); active Israeli defence forces personnel, and Israeli peace movement activists among others.
Mr. Rense is unquestionably one of the most respected international radio broadcast journalists in the world. His ethics and honesty are legendary, and he is often quoted widely on the Internet. I can also tell you that most major US and world media watch what he posts very closely as his information is often weeks or months ahead of the curve.
We Jews treasure Mr. Rense as he, alone, tries to protect us from the manipulations of the Zionists minority who highjacked our Jewish religion and are controlling almost 100% of the news media in the west. I know of no broadcaster who interviews more Jews and Israelis than Mr. Rense. Furthermore, I know of no other website which provides such a wide spectrum of articles on Jews, Israelis and the Middle East.
It is pure insanity and/or evil intent to vilify such a towering personality like Jeff Rense as an 'anti Jewish'.
Like most Israelis I participated in the Six Days War (1967), and many of my friends and family died in the defence of Israel. At that time we were told that we took the Arab lands in order to exchange them later for a permanent peace.
Shortly after, General Moshe Dayan changed his mind and said that he envisaged Israel's boundaries to extend beyond Jordan, the Golan Heights, and even to Lebanon and central Syria. At that time, I realised for the first time that the Zionists are using us Israelis as pawns in their quest for world domination. That was enough for me; I left Israel to the USA to work for the UCLA Physics Dept. and the computer industry, and returned my passport to the Israeli Embassy renouncing my Israeli citizenship.
Many waters pass in the Jordan River since then. Most of the original wonderful, innocent and idealistic Chalutsim who created Israel with their wonderful spirit and beautiful Jewish ethics have already left Israel and are spread again around the world.
Israel, today, has nothing to do with Israel of pre-1967. We have a new Israel now controlled by a coalition of former Jewish terror organizations under the Likud Party. Israel replaced the original idealists with a collection of Jews from Ethiopia, Russia,. American fanatics, etc. Now The world is equating Israel with the Nazis, even Israeli MKs calling each other Nazis in the Knesset. And last week, an Israeli newspaper published an interview with a young Israeli soldier who calmly justify his own killing of dozens of Palestinian children, something even the Nazis did not do. The IDF has him now under investigation.
Israel's reputation is in the mud, we could not possibly go lower. What hurt Jews around the world the most, is that many websites started to define IDF(Israeli Defence Force) as ITF(Israeli Terror Force). Idealistic Israel has turned into the final Zionist holocaust of Jews. Young Israelis are now travelling around the world refusing to return to Israel to serve in the IDF. They are forming communities in remote places such as India, Thailand etc.
The Prime Minister of New Zealand boldly described Zionist Israel last month as 'a nation of spies and criminals.' Jews worldwide are overwhelmed when many diplomats now describe Israel as the world?s #1 terrorist country. To add fuel to the fire, Prof. Martin Van Creveld, a Military Historian in Jerusalem said (Feb 1st, 2003): "The Palestinians should all be deported!" (from their own country?). Further in his interview, he made the interesting statement that: "Most European capitals are targets of our air force."!!! Israel is widely-reputed to have few hundreds nuclear warheads. Need I say more? Poland is now a Zionist base; they bought Israeli tanks and more, and they allow the Israeli Air Force to fly over Poland.
I know of hundreds of Israelis who are reading Mr. Rense and listening to his program daily, as he is the most accurate source of information about Israel, Judaism and the Middle East. Most of Mr. Rense sources of information are Jewish. Jeff is often interviewing Barry Chamish in Israel who is Israel's top investigative journalist. Barry is the most famous Israeli journalist in the world, and he is travelling often around the world lecturing to Jewish communities. Barry is the journalist who exposed the Zionists as the culprits behind the Assassination of the Israeli Prime Minister Rabin. He wrote a book about it which was #1 best seller in Israel. His book is credited as turning over a million Israelis from Zionists to non-Zionists, and led to a flood of Israelis escaping to other countries. Barry is one of the most 'Jewish' of Israelis and holds Mr. Rense in very high regard.
If all of us Jews are anti-Zionists, why would Mr. Rense not be allowed to hold same views? After all, we educated him.
Most of former member of Israel Knesset Uri Avneri's articles are posted on The Israeli Zionist press refuse to do it. Is that democracy?
During the many years that I am in contact with Mr. Rense, I have never heard him say anything which could be remotely considered anti-Jewish. In my humble opinion, I am definitely in position to evaluate Mr. Rense on this specific subject. My opinion is not required at all here as any person worldwide could listen to the thousands of hours of Jeff's interviews on the Internet and can easily find out the truth.
If any of us Jews ever suspected that Jeff is 'anti-Jewish' would we cooperate with him? Would the best of our Jewish intellectuals agree to be interviewed by him? Would we be sending him scores of articles to post on his website?
Jeff is posting usually twenty to forty new articles daily on his website. There are, I think, now over 30 thousands articles and I read most of them. I dare anyone to show me a single article which could be considered 'anti-Jewish'.
Jeff's articles and programs have made him the #1 reliable news source in the world. His opinions are transparent to every single person around the world who has access to a computer, or, listening to his radio program. There are no secrets, everything is in the open. How could any honest person possibly describe Jeff Rense as an 'anti-Semite' or 'anti-Jewish?
I talk and communicate with dozens of Jews every week. I have never heard anyone describing him in the above derogatory terms. Quiet the opposite. Most of us Jews are eternally grateful that he exists, as he has maintained our original wonderful Jewish Ethics that our Zionists leaders have long abandoned. Jeff is more spiritually 'Jewish' than most anyone I know. Just listen to his opinions and compare them to the very best of our Rabbinical tradition throughout our Jewish history. Jeff probably does not know it, and I never discussed it with him, but I am confident that every Jew who is aware of our Jewish history would agree with me.
In conclusion; Jeff is one of the most unique human beings I have ever met, a real treasure in our century and era who is knowledgeable in many fields. I consider him as a good friend and I consider myself as a very lucky person to have known such an intellectual giant. Jeff could not, by any stretch of the imagination be considered 'anti-Semitic' or 'anti-Jewish. It is nothing short of Hate Crime to attempt to label Mr. Rense with such vilifying terms.
I can 'see' all the Zionists terrorists in their dungeons reading this email and quickly revising their description of Mr Rense from an 'anti-Semite' to a closet 'self hating Jew'!
May Hashem bless all of you,
A Former Zionist




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