150 Marines Witness
Strange Object

From Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
Camp Geiger, North Carolina
Date: December 1985
Time: 5:00 a.m.
Number of witnesses: 150
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Ellipsoid or Disk
Full Description of event/sighting: Five platoons of young Marines were in formation in the chilly morning at Camp Geiger. We were all facing east and answering muster and getting ready to march to the chow hall, (which was about a mile away).
From the south an object came in front of the five platoons. It was ellipsoid and it was about the size of a thimble, if you stretched your hand out in front of you face. As it raced along just above the tree tops (that were about 500 yards away) it left a trail of "sparks" that would dissipate quickly. In relation to the trees the object seemed to be about a mile away from the trees.
When the object was almost in front of my platoon, (we were the 5th platoon to the extreme left of the five), it shot up at great velocity at a 45% angle. From the point it shot up a sphere of luminous gas, (or something) expanded to fill the entire eastern sky. All five platoons let out a collective "WHOHHHH". I'll never forget that. The Platoon Sgt. turned around and looked at it, and we all, "decided" (were told to say), it was a satellite experiment.
The ball of gas was orange, and definitely was a sphere, because you could see the center was different from the edges. This thing had volume. In the middle of the sphere, I made out a shape that I've now come to recognize as a "key" from crop circle formations. There was actually the darker brownish orange thing in the orange sphere, coming from the top left edge and reaching down to the bottom right.
Then I notice another sphere is coming out of the other one. A green sphere is duplicated and is slowly moving to the left of the original. This sphere is a pastel green and seems translucent and not as strong as the other sphere. But it is identical other than color.
We are marching to "Chow" at this time and the ambient light from the morning is starting to effect the view of the spheres. When you march in the Marines you are supposed to keep your head and eyes to the front, but I got away with turning my head slightly and looking at the objects as best I could as we marched. By the time we got to the chow hall, the second sphere was right next to the other and the filled the pre-dawn sky to the east. Everybody waiting to get into the chow hall was talking about it.
By the time we came out from chow, the spheres were not remarkable in the daylight. Basically, they looked like clouds and they had lost their shape. (Chem Spheres?)
Four years later, I'm back in North Carolina at Camp Lejeune, (about 10 miles north of Geiger), and I get to my office one day, and everybody who lives off base and drives in was talking about a UFO they saw. Now the last unit I was in was ANGLICO. This stands for Air Naval Gun Liason Company. We were a special forces unit that supported other military branches SF with Naval guns and air cover. So the guys that were in ANGLICO that saw the UFO all could estimate size and speed very accurately.
The men I worked with described the same thing I had seen four years earlier. But these guys were "Forward Observers" trained in identifying and estimating an aircraft and it's speed. They all estimated that that the initial speed of the thing was somewhere in the 1200-1400 mph range. The "shoot up" speed was estimated between 3000 and 5000 mph.
Another guy said he left for work very early (4:00 a.m.), and lived near some soy bean fields. As he drove through the high way there was the faint glow of a full moon over the fields, He said he noticed a "shadow" over the fields and the highway he was on and he looked up. He told me he saw a large black disk shaped area that blocked out the moon and the stars as it passed. He estimated this object to be about 800-1000 yards wide, and flew about 2000 yards off the "deck". (as we called the ground).
If anyone from either incident can support these sighting please come forward. That was amazing to see, and it was amazing to have the sighting duplicated four years later.
There were also some guys who did a night time "Close Air Support" drill at Yuma Marine Air Base in Arizona who told me a great UFO Story. If any of you who actually experienced that sighting are reading this, please relay your story.
Thanks Brian,
I hope this helps with the US Military Base UFO research.
Thank you to the person for sending in this very interesting report. I once again would like to request that other military folks or private contractors contact me if they or they know of a UFO over one of the military installations. Thank you, Brian.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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